Cheri Crystal

Attractions of The Heart

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 Sam is more in love with Gwen than ever. Even after living with her partner for many years, just a glance at Gwen in her waitress uniform gets Sam wet, hot and bothered. Working her butt off trucking all over the country to bank enough bucks, Sam wants to surprise her best girl with something special for their upcoming anniversary. What she doesn't count on is that Gwen has a few surprises of her own. Imagine the couple's surprise when they discover the greatest gift of all is right under their noses.

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ISBN: 978-1-60054-293-0
CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Contemporary, Erotica
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 Rule number one: Keep the femme happy and life is good.


“No way. You just got home. Let someone else go.”

Gwen was taking my news a lot worse than I expected. Lately she seemed edgy, going off at the slightest provocation. But  even when she was angry, I couldn’t resist her in a skimpy black  waitress uniform pulled tight across her well-formed breasts. The little white apron hugged her narrow waist and the short skirt showed off her impossibly long legs. It took all my strength not to take her right then and there, but I knew from experience when to back off.

“It’s good money, babe. Just one more week and I promise I’ll be home longer.”

I worked like a dog, which meant I was hardly ever home, but I was a woman on a mission. I needed to get through the means even if it meant tons of overtime to make it to the end for enough funds to surprise my best girl with a gift she’d never forget.

“Tomorrow’s our anniversary.”

Gwen’s pout had the power to bring me to my knees even though I’d known her for most of my life. I pulled her womanly hips close and licked the cherry gloss right off her sensuous lips. “Hmm. You taste so good. Her body relaxed in my arms.

“Stay, then. Please, baby.”

I loved when she begged, but I had socked away almost enough for our dream vacation to Australia and New Zealand. We were in dire need of a second honeymoon and I was going all out, taking a month off and sparing no expense. I hoped it’d put the light back in Gwen’s eyes.

“I’d love to, but you know I gotta work.” I deepened my kiss and started unbuttoning the top of her uniform. My hormones perked up at the first glimpse of sheer black lace barely covering her porcelain skin. Her nipples hardened as I brushed her bra with the backs of my fingers.

“I can’t now. I have to leave for my shift.” Gwen took a step back.

“A few minutes.” I eased her bra up over her breasts. She held me off with her hands then pushed me away. It was my turn to pout.

“Can’t. You’re not the only one with a job, you know.” Gwen straightened her dress and smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles. “The diner’s a zoo now that Sylvia’s gone and Mary’s out on sick leave.”

“Aw, shit. I’ll be gone a week.” I didn’t start out as a trucker, but the pay and benefits were better than my last job as an auto mechanic. Trucking did have its perks, though. I enjoyed the scenery, the freedom, and, at times, the solitude, but the traveling wreaked havoc on my marriage.

I fetched my bomber jacket from the closet, pulled the printout of my route from a pocket, and handed it to her. “Here’s where I’ll be, give or take, depending on traffic and the size of the cargo we have to load.”

“Be careful.”

“I love you. Miss you, mucho.”

“I know. Me too.” Gwen kissed my cheek and called out, “Happy anniversary,” as she turned to leave.

I watched her pull the Jeep out of the driveway, shook off the ache in my heart, and headed to the dock. Once there, I rigged my truck, helped load her up, and in less than fifteen minutes, I completed the pre-trip inspection. As soon as I was on my way with nearly forty thousand pounds in my sixty-foot rig, the adrenaline rush kicked in. Religiously, I kissed my fingers and placed them on the picture of Gwen that I had plastered on the dash. I listened to the weather report and then turned up the volume on the local station to tune out the other truckers on the CB. Obviously, they were just as sex-crazed as I was, and I really didn’t need any reminders. It had been a while since Gwen and I did the nasty, and I was about to die from sexual frustration.

Not fifteen minutes into the trip the heavens opened up on the desolate highway. My windshield wipers were flapping, Shania Twain sang Forever and for Always in the background, and I thought of Gwen because she had a thing for the bodilicious country singer. Shit, I wanted Gwen in my arms. 


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