The Virgin Vagina

The Virgin Vagina

A. Mistory

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After a disastrous bdsm relationship, beautiful, submissive Holly finds her way into an online friend’s arms. Wendy is a sweet, gorgeous redheaded femme, and they settle in together for a while, but Holly is restless. She longs for more.

After a meeting at a club where Wendy introduces Holly to Gracie-”Here comes trouble!” Wendy says-Holly doesn’t understand how Wendy could find the erotic, soft-spoken woman in any way dangerous. But the pain in Gracie’s eyes, and yes, that deadly fire, draws Holly in like a moth to flame.

Holly soon learns that Gracie’s love is hard-earned, and is somehow tied in with “Father Jack”-its as if the man is constantly in bed with them-will the two of them be able to overcome the past and find a future together?

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CATEGORIES: WomanLove, BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica
KEYWORDS: lesbian, erotica, BDSM

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Nothing affected my love of Gracie, at least not negatively, nor did it make me feel fear of her. I felt fear for her, and my love was exploding in my heart even more, as was the need for more knowledge of whom this wonderful love of mine was, who my Mistress, that I could never ever think of living without, was. I was so full of love for Gracie, and wanted to be with her so much that I knew that if I could, I would crawl right into her skin, into her heart, and into her soul, and bury my love in her so deeply that I would become love in her.

“Mistress Gracie,” I ventured carefully, “may I learn some of what you did today? To defend myself if I ever have to,” I said, but not quite truthfully.

“Or to help me in case I need it?”

I blushed at being so easily discovered. My fear for Gracie’s safety was great, and we were almost never parted now. What would I do if there was ever a need to keep her from harm? I would die for her, take whatever punishment might be meant for her, but I would rather live with her as completely as we could, as we were now. That man today, and Connie, too, those were not times that she had provoked trouble, nor did she with Cal, at least not until she was left with no other option to protect me with. If Gracie ever needed help, I wanted to be there as she was.

“Yes, my Mistress, my love, that too,” I continued, giving up my ruse.

She smiled, caressed my face, then kissed me. She said no more, but we began my lessons. It was nothing strenuous, just basics, as Gracie said, and they were repeated over and over. When it was near time, I began to cook. When I saw Wendy’s car approach, I went to the door and opened it before she could knock. As we kissed quickly, she looked at me in my panties…


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