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Desperate to achieve release with a little help from her trusty toy, Marissa tries to be discreet and not disturb her roommate. Nell, however, is quick to convince Marissa to change her plans...and to share more than her battery-operated pet.

CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Contemporary, Erotica
KEYWORDS: lesbian, f/f, sex, erotica


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“Damn it.”

Marissa spotted her roommate’s car in its numbered slot right as she pulled into her apartment complex. Next to that, the visitor’s space assigned to their building was occupied by a familiar blue pickup truck. Nell and her current boyfriend—Cole, Chris, Clyde…who could keep track of the revolving door installed in Nell’s bedroom—were home. Given the cramped condition of their shared living space, Marissa knew she would probably be afforded little privacy to relieve the sexual tension building up inside her.

She applied the parking brake of her Toyota a bit roughly, and caught herself caressing the tip of the shaft in a suggestive manner. She had to get some satisfaction soon, she was going insane. She only hoped the little toy she kept in her bedside stand would do the trick. Maybe, too, Nell and Cole—yes, that was his name—had finished their alleged nude acrobatic workout and were on their way out somewhere, leaving her alone.

If they had opted for a night in, Marissa decided to just hole up in her bedroom. She’d use their cries of release as an inspirational soundtrack to see her over the edge. Whatever worked.

She entered the foyer and slung her books and purse on the already cluttered coffee table in the empty living room. She noted the muted television broadcasting a raucous afternoon talk show, and no activity in the galley kitchen. Darkness shrouded the stout hallway leading to the bedrooms Nell and Marissa used.

A sliver of natural light, however, leaked from the slightly open door of Nell’s bedroom—logical process of elimination told Marissa where to find her friend. Padding softly closer, she caught sight of the edge of Nell’s bed and saw two bare, feminine legs sliding against each other as though relishing a lover’s caress. Ecstatic moaning augmented the image, and Marissa moved on, unwilling to announce her presence.

She headed straight for her own room, unbuttoning her blouse as she went, and closed the door behind her. Flats, knee high nylons, slacks, underwear, and bra quickly slid to the carpet and Marissa took to her bed on all fours, arching her back upward in a mock yoga position to work away a sudden ache.

As she bent forward and reached for the drawer of her nightstand she caught her reflection in the full-length mirror before her bed, and smiled. Constant yoga practice and her recently acquired vegetarian diet had been kind to her, and she was pleased to see the
difference it made in her body. Her skin looked taut and tanned,
and the muscles in her arms and legs also appeared well defined.
Her shoulder length titian hair tumbled down her neck and shoulders, and she blew away several strands from her face to better see herself.

On an impulse, she shifted her body so that she could better see her bent backside in the reflection. She reached one hand underneath her and spread apart her pussy lips with two fingers, then stroked the folds and the edge of her moistened core before dipping one finger deep inside her.

How she would have loved presenting herself this way for...for, well, anybody at this point. She couldn’t remember her last date, much less her last lay.

With an ungraceful bounce on her ass, Marissa returned to the nightstand and fished out her new toy, a translucent blue dolphin attached to a wire and remote control device. Marissa had purchased it at a party hosted by one of her fellow Master’s Degree candidates—“a Tupperware party for the horny,” the event had been referred to her. Marissa recalled her initial embarrassment on seeing the selection of goods for purchase, but a few glasses of wine had given her the courage to make the discreet purchase, one she had not since regretted.

She checked the batteries, then propped a pillow against her headboard and leaned back, spreading her legs until her pussy lips parted on their own. In the mirror’s reflection, she looked every bit the hungry porn starlet, and licked her lips for effect.

“Come on, baby,” she cooed to the now vibrating dolphin as she settled it on her clit. “Give mama some love.”

A ripple of pleasure tore through her the instant the dolphin’s nose touched her nub. Marissa arched her neck and inhaled deeply, relishing the sensation. Holding the toy to her clit, she maneuvered it around so the vibrations could massage the rest of her pussy, and the tail her slick opening. She watched her reflection caress a breast with her free hand, rolling her nipple between her forefinger and thumb. It would have felt nicer to have a tongue lave that nipple, to have a nice set of teeth bite down on it. Marissa would have done it herself, but her breasts were too small to allow her to do that.

Be nice to have a huge cock slamming inside me, too, she thought with a touch of regret. She considered the many suitable candidates who floated on the periphery of her existence. Glenn, the gorgeous jock who sat next to her in Statistics, and Ryan, her fellow barista who worked the weekend shifts with her at the Jittery Bean…

Or Nell, leaning against her open doorjamb, arms folded and naked, with a shit-eating grin on her face.



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