It’s a few nights before Christmas, and

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Attractions of The Heart

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 What’s worse than spending Christmas alone? Alice can’t think of anything. She is barely surviving after her breakup with Nancy by working tons of overtime at the Christian Dior counter during the Christmas shopping rush. With the outdoor temperatures in the freezing zone, Alice doesn’t have a clue how she’s ever going to feel happy and warm again. Imagine her surprise when she stumbles upon a neighborhood bar and grill that’s been there under her nose the whole time. Will she discover more than a few things that serve to heat up her night and renew her appetite? Is there any hope that someone will come along and put the fire back into her days as well? Isn’t it time she moved on rather than wallow in despair? Find out if Alice gets her proper nightcap at Bobby’s Bar and Grill. 

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CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Contemporary, Erotica, Holidays
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 Old Country Road was brighter than usual from the snow reflecting the glow of the street lamps, but the intense holiday lights on Bobby's Bar and Grill caught her eye. She had passed the corner bar regularly on her way home but hadn't given it a second thought. Alice was not one for going out solo. But it sure beat sitting home all by herself.

Finding a parking spot was easy as most people were probably at home wrapping presents. Sadness nudged her as she remembered that she had no presents to wrap this year for that special someone. She pushed the thought aside, sick to death of dwelling, and braced herself as she left the car. She walked up to the entrance on a previously shoveled path that led to what she hoped would be a diversion.

A grapevine wreath, festooned with pinecones and a huge red bow, hung on the door. Alice entered and welcomed the rush of warm air on her face. The spicy aroma of Buffalo wings, fried onions, and beer assaulted her senses. Her stomach growled; she didn’t remember taking a dinner break.

She brushed the snow from her hair and hung her coat on one of the hooks by the door before having a quick look around. It was a typical bar with booths, tables, and a tiny dance floor. Celine Dion’s, My Heart Will Go On, played on the jukebox. Damn it. Tears sprang to her eyes for the third time that evening. Her obsession with gloom was seriously bordering on pathetic. She and Nancy had made vows of eternal love while sobbing after the movie Titanic. Alice quickly whisked the tears and searched for a seat. This was getting ridiculous, and the sooner she moved on, the better.

Three men sat nursing their drinks. In one booth, a young couple held hands and gazed intently into each other's eyes. Two empty tables sat between the bar and the booths. It wasn’t a busy night, but the establishment was as festive on the inside as it was on the outside. The ambiance was cozy. Comforting even. She admired the Christmas tree over in the far corner. Garland and lights were tastefully done with what looked like much thought and planning, as opposed to an uncaring employee hanging stuff up any which way. Alice appreciated the time and care someone had taken. Her spirits lifted in comparison to her stark apartment. There was an electric Menorah for Chanukah and even a Kinara for Kwanzaa. The owner had obviously thought of everyone. Nice touch.

Alice chose the corner table, scraping the chair on the hardwood floor as she settled in for the night. She placed her hands over the candle to warm them. It felt great. She glanced over at the liquor bottle line up to decide what to drink. The bartender had to be a bodybuilder from the looks of his strong arms poking out of the tight black T-shirt that sported the bar's logo. He held her interest for less than half a second before her gaze suddenly swerved elsewhere. Alice's heart did a little jig when she spotted the waitress making her way toward the young couple.

Although not a classic beauty, she was very attractive and very hot; her contoured torso encased in a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows defined her fine form. The top few buttons were open, revealing the swell of ample breasts and just a hint of cleavage as she leaned down to place the plates on the table. Confidence had to be her middle name. This woman moved liked she owned the place and possibly half of Long Island too. She held her head high, forcing her broad shoulders back with purpose and determination. Or was that pride? And yet, the dark tresses that fell to her shoulders were wind-blown and carefree. Her bangs were a tease as strands loosely covered one eye when she wasn’t tossing them about.

With ease she balanced two overflowing plates of food on one arm and a basket of onion rings in the other as if she’d been doing it since she was a kid.  Mesmerized by the innocent, yet seductive scene of watching this delectable beauty keep her hair at bay, Alice had her pegged in seconds just from the butch swagger that immediately gave her away. The air surrounding her radiated a heat of some sort. Maybe it shouted, don’t touch me, or you’ll get burned. Again. Or maybe, it was a dare? Whatever it was, Alice at once felt like she was on a mission. She was even up for the task. This time, her inward smile reached her eyes and possibly healed a tiny piece of her heart.


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