Loving Her

Loving Her

L.E. Harvey

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CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense, Romantic Suspense
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For the Sake of Love

She lay on the futon, wrapped up in her blue chenille blanket, not moving. Her ‘80’s ballads CD played “Every rose has its thorn.” She couldn’t even count how many times she heard it today. She didn’t care. It was a dreary, cold, rainy night. She wanted to move, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t do anything. Her bruises, wounds and injuries were tremendous. No words could describe her pain and misery; no actions could take that pain and misery away.

They met at a pizza parlor, when the cute little blonde walked hurriedly by trying to attend to all her tables. It was Philadelphia, a college city, on a Friday night. Of course, it was jammed. A male college student behind the counter handed Linda her two pies too soon. She wanted to see the blonde again, but she had disappeared into the sea of faces. Linda handed the young guy the money, took her pies and went outside. Amazingly enough, as she walked out the backdoor, there was the little blonde cutie smoking. She didn’t reach five feet tall. Her shiny, sun colored hair was pulled back into a short pony tail. Her dark blue eyes reflected the stars in the night sky. Both girls paused a moment and smiled sheepishly at each other.
“Hi,” Linda said. Linda’s voice was deep and raspy. Not very feminine, but it was somehow very attractive to Katie.
“Hi, I’m Katie,” the little blonde spoke. Her voice was as cute and bubbly as her face.
“I’m Linda,” Linda replied. She was fishing for something, anything clever to say, but nothing came to her. ”Busy night, huh?” It was pathetic, but at least it started a conversation.
“Yeah,” Katie replied. “Fridays always are. Hopefully I won’t have to put up with this for much longer, though.”
“Oh? How come?”
“I’m a third year vet student at U Penn. Next year is all my clinical rotations and being on-call, so I can’t work here much longer. Thank God!” Katie chuckled.
Linda smiled. “Good for you. I hope – ”
The young guy from behind the counter came out and told Katie she was needed inside.
“I guess I gotta go,” Katie said hesitantly.
“Wait,” Linda begged. Quickly, she grabbed a pen out of her pocket and leaned on the pizza boxes and wrote her number on a napkin. “Here’s my number. If you ever get a free moment and want to – Uhh..Ummm – hang out, just – uhhh – call me – if you want to.” She thought she must have sounded like a babbling idiot, and she didn’t know if Katie understood her level of interest, but Linda prayed she did.
Katie’s face lit up brighter than the moon that hung over her head. “Thanks!” She took the napkin, folded it, put in her pocket, and disappeared quickly.

Two weeks later, Katie and Linda were on their first date, walking through University City District after a very filling dinner at the restaurant of the Culinary School at Walnut Hill College. The conversation had been flowing smoothly all night. It was getting late, but neither girl knew it, they were enjoying themselves too much. As they walked in the crisp October night air, Katie’s watch beeped, signaling that it was midnight.
“I should get back. I have class early in the morning.”
“Ok,” Linda said softly.
As they headed back to Katie’s dorm, Katie mustered up the guts and took Linda’s hand. Now, silently, they walked hand in hand.
At Katie’s building, they turned towards each other. In a typical, predictable way, they both told each other what a great time they had, and they fidgeted awkwardly. Finally, Linda leaned in, and gently kissed Katie. It was like nothing either one had ever experienced. It was soft and gentle. It was warm and sensuous. It sent a shock through both of their spines. It was an amazing feeling that neither wanted to end.

“Ok, so how do you all know each other?” Katie asked eagerly. She was so excited to meet everyone in the group and to get to know them. All of these ladies were important to Linda, so they were important to her.
“Well, Linda’s been my mechanic since we moved here,” Liz started. Katie was surprised. Here was this beautiful, tall, slender, elegant red-head, and surprisingly, she had a strong southern accent. “I just happened to call her out of the phone book. She did such a great job on my truck, and we just hit it off.”
“So, obviously, I met Jen through Liz,” Linda said quietly to her new girlfriend. Linda was nervous. It had been so long since she had been with someone again. It had been so long since she had introduced someone to the group. The gang’s reaction to Katie tonight meant everything to Linda.
“And,” Maria with her heavy Puerto Rican accent chimed in next. Katie was starting to wonder if there was anyone in this group who didn’t have an accent. “I was neighbors with Jen eons ago. She lived here for many years, and we had a great friendship. She moved away, but we stayed in touch. I was so thrilled when she moved back. She and Liz would come and visit. And after Liz met Linda, they introduced me.” Maria was a short, heavy-set Hispanic woman. She was clearly older than the others, yet she sat there with her arm around Stephania. Although not terribly “butch,” Maria was definitely the more masculine of the two. They were an unusual, but very cute pair.
“Now, here’s where it gets interesting,” Stephania said. Stephania was another tall, regal, graceful, and exotic looking woman. “I’ve known Linda for… five years? six years?”
“Yeah, something like that,” Linda interrupted.
“So, anyway, one day, these gals were all getting together for something… Poker night…”
Linda broke out into laughter. “Steph, when have we EVER had a poker night? It was my annual Super Bowl party, dumbass!”
“Oh, that’s right.” Stephania was very animated, and even somewhat dramatic in her speech and hand gestures. She was also the joker of the group. “So, Linda invited me over, along with Liz, Jen, Donna and Maria. Well, I saw Maria, and I instantly fell in love!”
Donna chuckled, “You were just drunk. She still keeps you that way so you don’t leave!” Donna could be sharp as well, although her wit wasn’t always as quick as Steph’s.
“And Donna knows each and every one of us from having bailed us out,” Steph snapped back.
“Shit, how do I know you guys?” Donna asked between laughs.
“Donna!” everyone exclaimed.
“One name: Heather,” Linda said flatly.
“Oh shit! I forgot about her.” Donna paused and turned to Katie. “See, I was dating this girl for about 2 months. She was a client of Linda’s. She got a really good job opportunity out in Chicago, so she just left.”
“Taking pity on her as a homeless, loveless, friendless cop, we allowed Donna to stay in the group,” Steph cracked.
“Nice, thanks Steph. Next time you call me, you ain’t gettin’ shit!”
“It was a short relationship, but Linda had gotten to know Donna best because of Heather. So, kind of like Stephania, Linda brought her to hang out with us and she just stuck. The difference was, Donna didn’t hit on any of us,” Liz chuckled.
Stephania couldn’t help but notice that Katie had started looking at her rather intensely. Being the comedian that she was, Stephania just started staring back, but with a rather comical expression.
“I am so sorry,” Katie said. “You just look so familiar. I’m just sitting her trying to place your face.”
“Well now I’m gonna seem like a pompous ass,” Stephania replied. “You have seen me, I’m sure. I’m a model. You can place my face all over Philadelphia, and other cities too!”
“A model? That is so neat! I’ve never met any kind of celebrity before,” Katie said excitedly. “I’m from Iowa. There are no celebrities there,” she chuckled.
“Well, one day you’ll be the celebrity of your town,” Linda said, squeezing her new girl. “You’ll be that girl who went to an Ivy-league vet school and did something with her life!”
“I think it’s great that you’re a vet student,” Liz said.
“Thanks,” Katie said.
“Now you know someone who can care for your herd,” Stephania joked. The table broke out into laughter.
“Herd?” Katie asked.
“We have seven cats,” Liz explained.
“Seven?” Katie was in shock. “Wow. That is amazing,” Katie said with great enthusiasm. “I’ll be more than happy to help out with the troops. And maybe if you know any good rescue organizations here in the city, we can work something out there too!”
Everyone at the table started turning, winking, and even nodding to each other. Katie was a keeper.
With that, Liz raised her glass and said, “To Katie!”

Semester’s end found Katie moving into Linda’s apartment. Katie’s new “lesbian family” of Maria, Stephania, Liz, Jen, and Donna helped with the move. Linda’s circle had accepted Katie with open arms, and all were excited for the new couple. Moving wasn’t too bad since Katie did not have much to move in. She had the bare minimum, as that was all her parents would allow her to have. After getting things settled, the seven girls sat down to a pizza dinner, compliments of Katie. They just started to enjoy their meal when the phone rang. Linda jumped up and answered.
“Hello?” Her raspy voice was clearly not what the person on the other end had expected.
“Oh – uh – hi. Is Katherine available please?”
“Sure, hang on.” Linda put the phone down and walked over to Katie. “It’s for you, babe,” she whispered and she brushed a kiss on Katie’s beautiful cheek.
Katie rose, and picked up the phone. “Hello? Oh, hi Mom.” She paused. “Yes, that was Linda, my new roommate.”
“Roommate?” Stephania asked Linda.
“Yeah. Katie’s parents are tough. Her dad is a pastor, so she has to watch what she says. It sucks,” Linda whispered in reply.
In the background, the group heard Katie’s conversation. “No, mom, she doesn’t smoke. No, she doesn’t have throat cancer. That is her normal voice.” Katie was speaking tersely: she was obviously annoyed by her mother’s questions. “Yes, mom, I know she has a deep voice. But that’s – ” The rest of the gang could only imagine what was being said on the other end. Katie just stood silently, knowing there was nothing that could be said to her mother. Finally, she just yes’d her mother and eventually hung up the phone.
“Everything ok, honey?” Linda asked as she put her arm around her love.
Katie sighed. “Yeah.”
“Your father is a pastor?” Jen asked. Jen was the quiet one of group. The question, and the tone of her voice were obviously concerned, and the fact that she spoke up meant that she took this very seriously.
“Yeah,” Katie cautiously answered.
“How do you plan on explaining this to your parents?” Stephania asked.
“Well, my parents are in Iowa. If I can find work here in Philly after I graduate, then I won’t have to answer to them anymore.”
“There is a ton of work to be had around here,” Maria said. “I’m sure you’ll be fine.”
“Of course she will,” Linda said, pulling Katie close to her. “She’s bright and talented. If she can do everything she’s doing now, she’ll be fine. She’s awesome.”
“There’s no doubt that she is,” Jen said warily. “I’m still uneasy about this whole thing, though…”



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