Loving Ellie

Loving Ellie

Dalia Craig

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When banker Taylor Hendry swaps jobs and apartments with her colleague, Samantha Crighton it seems a good deal until she meets Samantha’s flat mate, Ellie. Taylor lusts after Ellie, from the outset, but is wary of emotional involvement with this tall, dark, sexy, femme after Sam warned her not to mess with Ellie’s vulnerable emotions.

Journalist, Ellie Lawrence, finds her attraction to Taylor confusing. She’s never had a lesbian relationship, not even a girl crush; but Taylor’s arrival provokes intense sexual feelings, which clamor for fulfillment. For the first time in her life, she wants to have full-on mad passionate sex with a woman.

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ISBN: 978-1-60054-382-1
CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Contemporary, Erotica
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“Oops!” Ellie giggled as she ricocheted off the doorframe straight into Taylor’s arms, a tingle of excitement shot through her body and ignited a fire in her pussy as one flailing hand made contact with Taylor’s soft breast. “We really shouldn’t have finished that second bottle of champagne.”

“We?” Taylor raised a questioning eyebrow. “You drank most of it by yourself. I hardly touched a drop.”

Ellie frowned. “Did I…?” She tried to focus her mind. A whole bottle sounded scary, and way above her normal limit of two or at the very most, three small glasses of wine. Although the ruinously expensive Bollinger champagne they’d drunk at tonight’s charity do hadn’t seemed nearly as potent as her usual tipple. Besides which, she had definitely needed something to fight off the strange desire to jump another woman.

Was the drink clouding her judgment?

No—she was sober enough to know her own mind. An icy shiver trickled down her spine as the realization dawned. For the first time in her life, she wanted to have full-on mad passionate sex with a woman. Not just any woman either, she wanted to fuck Taylor Hendry so bad it hurt.

Something incredible happened to her the moment this stunning woman walked into her life. Her heartbeat raced into overdrive again just reliving the split second when she’d connected with Taylor’s iridescent cobalt-blue eyes. Then, when her gaze had swept over that sexy body clad in a gray pin-stripe business suit a switch had flipped in her brain.

“Yes, you did.” Taylor steered her firmly across the room towards the sofa. “Here, sit down and I’ll make us some coffee.”

Already unsteady on her feet, Ellie caught her heel in the carpet and fell backwards onto the floor taking Taylor down on top of her.

Their eyes met and locked and the world stopped turning.

All the air whooshed out of her lungs leaving Ellie a prisoner trapped in a web of incredible mind-blowing sensation, unable to move or breathe, drowning in a maelstrom of erotic imagery.

Then their lips touched and the electric shock brought her world back into sharp reality.

“Oh…” Ellie expelled her mortification on a ragged breath.

Could I really have kissed another woman?

No. For a start, that fleeting touch of lips wasn’t a proper kiss, and she didn’t even know which of them had initiated it but it had happened and they couldn’t take it back.
“I’m so sorry… I…”

“Shush.” Taylor silenced her apology by resting one slender finger against her lips. After a moment it moved, circling her lips slowly until they parted under the gentle pressure. Something prompted Ellie’s tongue to snake out and touch the tip and then, emboldened, she drew the whole finger into her mouth. Sucking, savoring, sweeping its length with her tongue until overwhelmed by desire, she bit down on it.

Taylor’s groan rang in her ears, as if from a long way away—the sound echoing her own rising excitement.

How did one become so aroused from such a simple act?

Her clit throbbed. No, not just her clit, Ellie marveled how swiftly and urgently her whole body had responded to the stimuli.

Shyly she reached out to touch Taylor’s face. Her fingers drifted across high cheekbones down her neck then on through the valley between her breasts teasing open each tiny iridescent pearl button on her evening shirt as she went. All the time her gaze never strayed from Taylor’s, watching, waiting, for some sign of rejection.

Ellie moistened suddenly dry lips with the tip of her tongue. This was virgin territory; so to speak, with no roadmap to guide her way she had only a vague idea how to reach the ultimate destination. Taylor clearly didn’t intend to help her but neither had she done anything to hinder so, although terrified of putting a foot wrong and messing things up, she’d have to trust in her instinct.

The breath caught in her throat when the front fastening on Taylor’s bra gave way and both breasts spilled out into her hands. A soft fragrance, sultry yet sort of mysterious drifted off her skin, reminding Ellie of the exotic blooms in her grandmother’s conservatory.

Holy cow! I’ve really stepped over the line now.

Without thinking of the consequences, her thumbs moved to caress Taylor’s nipples. As she manipulated them into hard buds, Ellie longed to take one of the jeweled tips into her mouth, to feel them grow, and experience the sweetness on her tongue but shyness prevented her putting that desire into practice.

An all-consuming fire infused Ellie’s body. Her breasts felt heavy, the nipples both tingling and aching, while her pussy throbbed out its own message of urgency.

Now what?

Where do I go from here?



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