Does The Butch Come With The Recipe?

Does The Butch Come With The Recipe?

Cheri Crystal

Attractions of The Heart

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 Mix summer league softball, raising funds to take the team to the playoffs, a control-freak butch, and a lusty femme, and you have the ingredients for all sorts of tasty treats. Cyndy Kaplan is a butch with baggage. She’s the team’s captain who is used to getting her own way in all aspects of her life. Along comes a lusty femme in a tantalizing package, and Cyndy’s strength is tested. Tristan Rizzo is too hot to handle, and yet, too alluring to ignore. When the game is love, the stakes are high between a resistant butch and a persistent femme. 

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-362-3
CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Erotica
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 She waited while Tristan let the others out. Lucky lingered, chewing on her lip in that way she always did before going after her next prey. Short, but quick on her feet, Cyndy practically pushed Lucky out. “See you tomorrow, bro.” They worked in the same firm, only she was in distribution and Lucky in design. Cyndy might have dissuaded Lucky from participating, but a graphic designer would help the cause.

Tristan closed the door. “Well, that went well.” She clapped off imaginary crumbs. Her fingernails were well manicured and painted a neutral shade. Even though her nails did not extend past the tips, they appeared long because of lengthy nail beds. Cyndy’s hands were stubby in comparison, but once upon a time, she made up for it with technique and equipment. Back then, she enjoyed playing the field and freely indulged her kinky side, but those days were gone.

Tristan gathered the empty bottles.

“Here, let me help you with that.”

“That’s okay. I can do it in the morning.”

“I insist. Besides, I owe you an apology for scoffing at your idea.”

“I bet you a million bucks we need a second printing. We’ll get a break publishing because my uncle is in the business. It’ll be pure profit.” Tristan’s enthusiasm was contagious. Cyndy thrummed with excitement akin to a hormonal surge and fought the urge to carry this lovely woman to her chambers.

It was torture each time Tristan brushed past her to remove the leftovers from the living room. Not much for domesticity, Cyndy had an unusual calm replace her jumpy nature as she assisted Tristan in the mundane task. It was a shame when the job was done. “I guess I’ll be going then. See you at practice.” Did her voice tremble? She never got this way, ever.

“It’s only minutes past eleven. Stay a while longer. I’ll make us some coffee laced with whatever you want.”

“I can’t. Caffeine keeps me up all night.”


Tristan’s breasts were too close to her face, but Cyndy resisted temptation. If she so much as lightly touched the soft peaks, she’d never stop. Tristan’s floral scent mingled with her own musk in the tiny kitchen. The proximity of her object of desire intoxicated her senses and revived her sexual appetite. She was reminded of the lyrics she coincidentally heard on the radio driving over, “You can view the menu and you just can’t eat…” and glumly thought, how fitting.  w dly she dentally heard on the radio driving over  Not usually such a klutz, she moved away and knocked the tray of nachos off the counter.  It crashed to the floor. Guacamole and salsa went flying and created a colorful display on the stark white cabinets and linoleum.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry.” They both went to clean up and bumped heads on the way down. “My fault. Allow me.” Cyndy tried to gather the sauce in her bare hands and only made more of a mess as it dripped through her fingers. She licked the outside of her palm in an attempt to avoid getting it on her shirt. “Mmm, this is quite good.”

“I’m glad I washed the floor today.” Tristan’s good-natured laugh ended abruptly. She captured Cyndy’s wrist. “Oh, crap, your shirt. Hold still.” Tristan reached behind her for a dishtowel, which was stuck to a spatula tangled up in an oven mitt. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but in her haste, she bumped into a pitcher half-filled with iced tea.

Cyndy caught it before the glass met the floor.

“Good save,” Tristan said. “Oh, but look what you did.”

 She surveyed her surroundings.

“I don’t mean the kitchen. Look at your clothes. The stain will set if we don’t try to get it out right away.”

Cyndy peered down at her shirt. The light blue button-down resembled an art project gone wrong. A smattering of green and red glided towards her belt. Tristan caught it along with Cyndy’s hand. She ate the glop off both their fingers. Cyndy shook from a craving so powerful, it threatened to knock her out. She struggled to regain control and withdrew her hand. “I have lots of other shirts.”

“I’m sure you do, but I like the way this one hugs your—”

Tristan flushed and that gnawing in Cyndy’s gut grew. She couldn’t stop the want any more than she could stop the rain as Tristan stepped nearer. Cyndy warned, “Not too close, or I’ll ruin your dress.”

Tristan thwarted her effort to move away. “I don’t care about this old thing.”

Cyndy leaned in and ran her tongue over the lips she dreamed about. Tristan’s mouth welcomed her. Soft moans amidst spicy salsa and smooth avocado was tasty, but Tristan was delectable. She pressed Tristan’s mouth more urgently. With their breasts squashed between wet clothes, her nipples became as hard as Tristan’s.

“Let me take this off.”


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