Crossing the Line

Crossing the Line

Carolina Heat

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Skylar invites her Aussie friend, Zoe, for a girls’ weekend, and the two spend a hot night on the town together. Zoe, a newly discovered actress, has an interesting scene in her upcoming movie she wants to talk about, and Skylar discovers she’s more than willing to help her new friend out…
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CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Erotica, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: lesbian, erotica

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I wasn’t planning on an overnight trip, but luckily, I keep a bag with a change of clothes and personal items in the back of the SUV for when I go to the gym and the beach. I guess I’m prepared enough for a night of barhopping and seeing the haunted sites of Savannah!

Before we enter the lobby Zoe stops me. “I’m paying for the hotel room, so don’t fight me on this!”

I open my mouth to object and she raises her eyebrows and puts a finger up daring me to speak. I give in to her unspoken thoughts.

We continue into the hotel and find they have one room left, but it’s a Jacuzzi suite and only has a king sized bed. The front desk phone begins to ring. She tells the guy we’ll take the room before he can answer the phone and possibly sell it to someone else.

The guy nods and picks up the phone and politely tells the person on the other end that they’re full for the night.

It doesn’t bother me that there’s only one bed. There were many nights I had to share beds with college roommates or friends who were too drunk to drive home, so it wasn’t a big deal. However, I was concerned about the extra cost for the Jacuzzi suite.

I lean over and whisper to her, “Hey, let me pay for half. This is going to be expensive.”

“No way, baby. You and Kevin are kind enough to put up with me for two weeks. This is the least I can do.” She slides the guy her credit card and off we go.

We enter the room and I walk to the window to check out the view of the river.

Zoe freshens up a bit while I sit on the back of a chair and watch a small fishing boat following a few tugboats up the river. I catch the scent of Zoe’s perfume near me and feel her arm drape over my shoulder as she peers out the window with me.

“Ready?” she asks.

“Ready, willing, and able,” I reply.

“Hey what’s the name of that restaurant you and Kev like? Something about a dick?”

I laugh at her recollection of the name. “One Eyed Lizzies?”

She snaps her fingers. “That’s it.”


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