Born Into Submission

Born Into Submission

A. Mistory

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Spoiled, arrogant Nora is a rich lawyer whose first submissive, to her shame and chagrin, turned out to be a humiliating disaster for them both. Now this sexy domme is determined to find another to do her bidding — but this time, she vows, it won’t be permanent. Nora just wants a plaything, and she seeks one out with a vengeance, discarding them left and right — that is, until she meets Eileen.

Eileen’s overpowering need, obedience and ultimately, her love, win over the proud, haughty domme, although Nora fights it as hard as she can, even going so far as to introduce Meister Curt, a man known in the rich-boy circles for his sexual prowess, into the mix, just to assess Eileen’s submission.

Will Eileen pass her Mistress’ test?

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CATEGORIES: WomanLove, BDSM, Erotica
KEYWORDS: lesbian, erotica, BDSM

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The ringing of the doorbell jarred me, my head snapping up as if I had been suddenly hit. No one ever came to see me, no one ever rang my doorbell in the evening. When I looked out the peep hole, I was startled. She was here! Automatically, I opened the door.

“Hello, Eileen,” she said, shocking me that she knew my name. “Well, aren’t you going to ask me to come in?” she asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Oh, yes. Of course. Please come in,” I mumbled the words, searching for her name, though I knew I didn’t know it. Surely I should since she knew mine.

“Nora,” she said, a small playful smile on her face as she saw me fighting for something I had no knowledge of. “Actually, it’s Nora Clarice Andersen,” she said as she stepped in. “Have you ever heard of me before?” she asked softly, her assured manner total and complete.

I shook my head as I closed the door, then said, “No,” my confusion showing easily.

“Did you plan on going to the concert tomorrow?” she asked as if we were acquaintances casually talking about the weather.

“No. Yes,” I changed it, then, “I’m not sure,” I said, my head bowed in sudden shame. I was certain that she knew the reason for my thinking of not going, but by what magic, I didn’t tell myself.

“If you think you might, perhaps you’d like to attend with me,” she said, no smile, no hint of anything at all on her face, nor in her voice-no rhyme or reason whatsoever.

My astonishment raced though me, as did my instant wish that it be so. That she was really here and asking me to go with her, left me a jumble of emotions, but my mouth cleared it all up for me without any further thought.

“Yes,” I said, wondering at my agreeing as I did, but not regretting it.

“Good. Now, can you get off a bit early so we can have a light dinner before the concert?”

I was dreaming. This wasn’t happening. My mind had conjured her up. She asked me to go to dinner with her too. I knew my mouth was open, but I didn’t care as I gazed at how beautiful her face was, her luxurious hair cascading downward from her head like golden honey with sunlight, or so I imagined it. It was golden.

“I-I don’t know,” I stuttered in response to her question.

“Try, Eileen. Try real hard. I shouldn’t like to eat by myself,” she said. When she said that I knew I would move heaven and earth to do as she asked. “Call me after lunch to let me know if you can. If yes, I will pick you up at five-thirty. Will that give you enough time? If you can’t,” she went on, not waiting for an answer, “I’ll pick you up at seven-fifteen. Will all that be fine with you?”

I was nodding my head slowly, still not believing this was happening.

“That look in your eyes makes you look so lovely,” Nora said, a warm smile on her lips now, her hand going to my cheek, touching it softly.

Involuntarily, my face leaned into her hand, and I heard my moan of pure delight, but didn’t care if it was proper or not, only that I was feeling of her hand touching me so tenderly. Had I ever had someone touch me as she was? Yes, it was tender, and I loved it. The knowledge of that caused me to burn in my face, the heat spreading downward to my breast, and meeting in my heart that was so joyfully filled at that moment.

“That looks even better,” Nora said, a soft, but rough edge to her voice. Her hand moved to the back of my head, her fingers edging into my hair as she said that. Feeling it flush against the nape of my neck, its warmth was shooting all through me, and her fingers felt so sensuous that my knees became weak.

Then her hand had gripped a bunch of my hair, and her face was moving slowly to mine. I was completely spellbound, my breathing becoming short and raspy as I felt her breath hotly near to my lips. Then I felt her lips scorching me, a fire passing from her lips to mine. My knees did buckle, but I didn’t fall-Nora’s body was pressed to mine holding me up. Her lips were so delicious and warm, so tender, and engulfing of me. I felt their fullness lightly mashing, and twisting on mine, then her tongue softly licking at my lips eliciting more moans, and stifled sighs. I was vaguely aware of her generous breasts against my own. There was no world outside of us, I had no being save that of feeling Nora’s lips on mine, her body pressing gently into me.

Feeling Nora’s continued kiss, the wonderful way her lips twisted and turned on mine, imagining the loving warmth of her kiss seeping into my body, my soul, I knew I would gladly die for her. If this wasn’t love, then it was the next best thing, or even a better thing than love, Nora was filling me so beautifully. Then she ended it, and I groaned in protest…


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