Almost Blinded By Love

Almost Blinded By Love

A. Mistory

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Dumped and despondent, Mimi finds herself in The Queen of Hearts, a local club, hoping to find someone to salve her wounds. Mimi has standards - she likes her women full and lush, with a “real” body. When she spies a nervous, skinny Cali turning down a big butch’s offer to dance, she feels sorry for her, but she isn’t really attracted to her.

But as the women talk, Mimi finds herself befriending the thin woman, and slowly, their friendship unfolds. Mimi introduces Cali to more of her lesbian friends, who are much more observant and vocal than Mimi and see very clearly what Mimi cannot - Mimi has fallen for the “too-skinny” Cali.

But Cali is blooming, and while her slender form may not be Mimi’s type, she certainly draws in the attention of others. Has Mimi waited to long to realize her mistake?

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: WomanLove, Erotica, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: lesbian, erotica

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“I had a wonderful time, Cali. Thank you,” I whispered, and kissed her cheek, our bodies lightly merged, almost too politely.

It seemed to take her by surprise that I had kissed her, and quickly rushed to reciprocate, though uncertainly.

“Me too. Thanks again. It was wonderful.”

“Be careful driving back home,” I said quietly as she moved away.

Before she got in, she looked back at me one more time, and I wondered what it was she was hoping for, wishing had happened, if anything. One thing was for certain, and that was that we’d connected as friends. I hoped that was enough for her because I had nothing else on my mind. Myra was still ever-present.

Now I had to go fight the specter of her absence, her phantom in my bed, her pussy not available for my lips to gorge on. Yes, I’m a very sexual creature, but a one woman sexual creature, and Myra remained the woman my mind and body craved, though I now had to wonder about my heart. It didn’t seem to miss her, just the possibility it had hoped that might have been. Nine months later, it wasn’t to be, and never would have been.

As she drove away, Cali looked back again, and waved to me.

Going home, I was wanting to be somber, but the evening had been too sweet to let it overcome me right now. When I got home, I showered, got my vibrator, and laid in the tub. I was glad that the vibe was water proof. My relaxed state of being helped me to achieve a nice orgasm. When I got out, my vibrator came with me, but first I explored by breasts, and nipples, then played with my clit. That felt sweet, and the vibrator went unused as I got myself off again. The dreaded aloneness didn’t affect me the way I thought it would as I fell asleep…


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