Two Point Proposition

Two Point Proposition

Mary Winter

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Sydney let her good friend Blake stay at her farm with the self-imposed condition of not acting on her attraction to him. Then she meets Luke, a bisexual cowboy who wants both of them. What’s a girl to do, but make a two point proposition?

PUBLISHED BY: Pink Petal Books
ISBN: 978-0-9826023-1-7
CATEGORIES: Western/Cowboys, Contemporary, ManLove, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: cowboy, bisexual, threesome, show jumping, three day eventing

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She stepped into the barn aisle, instantly comforted by the heads sliding over the barn doors and the soft greetings the horses gave her. She went to Knotty’s stall and checked on him. Satisfied he still had hay and his water bucket was full, she then went door-by-door and verified all the other horses were just as settled. They were, so she made her way to the pile of hay by the large double doors. Sitting down, she closed her eyes and found the quiet place in her mind that she visited before shows.

She could do this. Luke, Blake, both men had made it clear, albeit in different ways, that they wanted each other. She thought both men wanted her too. She had no doubts about Luke. Blake, however, was a bit different, but she thought he was starting to see her more as a woman, then as his good friend.

A dark shadow appeared in the doorway.

“Hello?” Sydney called, assuming it might be one of the guys, though it didn’t hurt to be safe.

The shape stepped into the barn, and she instantly recognized Luke’s lean form. Besides Katie’s men, he was the only other one in boots. Blake had stood out wearing his sneakers.

“Hey,” she said, but didn’t move.

“Hey, yourself. So the horses okay?”

She appreciated his keeping up the charade, though they both knew she hadn’t come out here for the horses. “Yeah, they’re doing fine. I just like to check in on them, and I didn’t want to rush you guys home.”

“That’s good. I wouldn’t want to be rushed away.” Luke sat down beside her. He stretched out his long legs and even in the dim light Sydney found her attention drawn to his muscular thighs.

Her body tightened. An instant of want, swift and needy, filled her. Heat flushed her cheeks and her sex grew damp at his nearness. The scent of his after shave, something masculine and woody, had her nipples hardening behind the lace of her bra.

“No, I wouldn’t imagine you’d want to be rushed at all.” Sydney verbally toyed with him, letting the image of Luke laying beside her in her four-poster bed fill her mind. With his hands and mouth, he’d worship her body, so slowly that she’d beg him for some kind of release. “When you make your living eight seconds at a time, I’d guess that some things you’d want to last for hours.”

“Oh, you’re a wicked woman.” Luke turned to her. He stroked his fingers lazily up and down her bare arm, each sweep of his hand sending new shivers down her spine. “You know, I told James and Daniel I’d sworn off women.”

Sydney laughed, and to her own ears it sounded huskier than usual. “Funny, I told Katie the same thing.” She swayed toward him, lips parted, wanting to put an end to this delicious tension spiraling between them. Just kiss me. Her tongue swept across her lower lip in invitation.

“Very wicked,” he whispered. Luke cupped her chin. He stared at her for a long moment, and then dipped his head.

Yes. The first brush of his lips against hers was like lightning to her blood. Her eyelids fluttered closed. The rich, delicious taste of the chocolate cheesecake she’d picked up for desert spread over her tongue. Chocolate and Luke. Damn, that made for a heady combination.

She reached for him. The western shirt did little to conceal his hard, muscled physique. His broad shoulders created the perfect place to rest her hands as she clung to him. The hay created a bench, the perfect place for seduction. Somehow, she found herself leaning back, caught between the bales and Luke’s chest. With one hand braced next to her ear, the other found its way to her hip, and to the sliver of skin she’d deliberately left bare with her low-rise jeans. Dear God, she wanted more. She pulled away to drag a ragged breath. “Luke,” she moaned.

A throat cleared next to the door.



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