StarMyst: Forgiven

StarMyst: Forgiven

Mary Winter


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Reid Montano promised Edwin's doctor he'd keep her secret and not reveal her sorcerer heritage...until he found her in bed with his brother.

After fleeing her over protective father, Dr. Laura Ingress found a haven with Edwin and the StarMyst Conclave. Though still officially a member of her father's Conclave, the two men had an uneasy truce. But now the one man who could protect her from her father was dead, and her father's henchmen are back in town, ready to claim her back into one of the most powerful Sorcerer Conclaves still in existence.

Laura is going to have to trust the one man she loves to keep her safe and Reid will have to convince her that all is forgiven.

PUBLISHED BY: Pink Petal Books
ISBN: 9780982488515
CATEGORIES: Western/Cowboys, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: cowboys, sorcers, magic, Texas, cowboy, doctor, medical

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“Glasses or bottle?” Personally, he’d love to watch her red lips wrap around the neck of the champagne bottle, her tongue caressing the end as if it were the tip of his cock. His body responded and he wondered how long it’d be before he could peel off her clothing and they could both be naked.

“Bottle. Let’s live dangerously.” She scooted to the edge of the loveseat and snagged the cup of bath items. “Really dangerously.” Before he could say anything, she rose to her feet and hurried to the Jacuzzi. Stripping off her clothes, she leaned over the edge of the tub and stared the water.

Reid flicked open the button of his jeans. Just looking at her heart-shaped ass with its tantalizing glimpses of her pink folds, had his cock standing at attention. He toed off his shoes as he crossed the thick carpet. By the time he reached the tub, she had it filling with water and frothy bubbles crossing the surface. The fruity scent of piña colada perfumed the air.

Laura lifted one foot onto the step leading into the tub. “You’re overdressed.” She reached for his shirt, grabbing it and hauling him toward her. He stumbled, the champagne splashing over the edge of the bottle. This was a side of Laura he hadn’t seen, the devil-may-care glint in her eyes promising him a night of sensual delights.

“So I am.” With his free hand, he reached for his buttons, pulling them open. A couple pinged off, bouncing across the floor to land in the carpet. He shrugged his shirt from his shoulders, setting the bottle down on the edge of the tub, to remove it. Now this, he could deal with, a couple of secluded days in a fancy suite far away from either one of their Conclaves. Good thing it was him and not his brother. Damn, but he was a lucky bastard.

Laura stepped into the tub, activating the jets as she sat down. Water churned around her. Her breasts broke the surface of the water, the bubbles swirling around her. She closed her eyes and moaned. “This feels heavenly.”

Reid stepped into the water. After the drive, he figured anything would feel good, but as the water swirled around his calves then higher. He crossed the tub, his cock pounding with the prospect of taking her in the warm, bubbly water. Grabbing the champagne bottle in one hand, he cupped her breast in the other. He dribbled the sweet liquid over the slope. Then, he bent his head and lapped it off.

She moaned. “Again,” she breathed, tangling her fingers in his hair.

He obliged, once more dripping the fizzy champagne over her flesh. He licked it off, lifting her breast enough to wrap his lips around her nipple. He drew it into his mouth, sucking and laving it with his tongue. Her moans escalated.

He released her nipple with a pop. “Sit on the edge of the tub. I want to taste you.”

Laura hoisted herself onto the edge of the Jacuzzi. Water sluiced from her body, and he sat back on his heels simply marveling at the site. Wet strands of blonde hair hung around her face. Her skin flushed red with the heat from the tub. Droplets of water slid over her nipples and down her stomach. The neatly trimmed, wet curls between her thighs drew his gaze as did the pink flesh beneath. Wet, dry, no matter how he saw her, Laura was a beautiful woman.

Reid licked his suddenly dry lips. He held the champagne bottle above the churning water, the enormity of what they were about to do sank in. Setting the bottle on the edge of the tub, he cupped Laura’s knees. His gaze caught, and held, hers. Lips parted, she stared at him and the depth of lust and need in her eyes shocked him to the core. She might be doing this to get free of her Conclave, and frankly, he didn’t blame her, but she wanted him too. He parted her thighs.

“I bet you taste like honey,” he said as he made room for his broad shoulders.

Her fingers curled around his muscled biceps. “You know what I taste like,” she joked, though the trepidation was there too. Her voice wavered.

“Maybe I want to try you again, just to see if it’s as good as I remember.” He dipped is head closer.

“Reid.” Her fingers slid to his shoulders and she squeezed.

“Yes, honey?” He stilled, his lips just inches from her labia. Her swollen, pink folds called to him. The musky scent of her arousal teased his nose. Inching his palms up to her thighs, he drew her closer to the edge of the tub.

“I don’t feel the lussor.”

Neither did he. The power of his magic remained at a low ebb, satiated from all the sex they’d had over the last few days. “Isn’t this what you wanted? Just a chance for us to get to know each other without the magic in the way.” He grinned, realizing this would be the first time he fucked her without their powers dictating what happened. His cock jerked rock-hard and it was all because of her.

“Yeah, but…” Her voice trailed off.

Reid drew his attention up her body, over her stomach, between her pert breasts to her face. “You scared?” He cupped her chin so she wouldn’t look away.

“Yes,” she admitted. “What if you don’t want me?” Her question emerged as little more than a husky sigh.

“Don’t want you?” He struggled not to laugh. Waist-deep in water with his cock aching to be inside her, he found it hard to believe that she thought he didn’t want her. He rose to his feet, letting her see the full extent of his need. Taking her hand, he guided it to his shaft and curled her fingers around it. “Feel that and then tell me that I don’t want you.”


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