Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

Mary Winter


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Orphan. Sorcerer. Te Mulligan held many labels. With the impending death of his foster father he'll add one more-leader of StarMyst Conclave. Ten years ago he left StarMyst after a night of passion with Jacy Duwards. He always loved her, always wanted her, but had taken something he felt he never had a right to. Still, memories of her haunt his days and his nights. Jacy stayed by her foster father's side, nursing him through the long months of his battle with cancer. With his time near the end, Te's back. Ten years haven't changed anything except to heighten her desire for the man destined to take over the Conclave. The Prodigal Son has returned, and he's ready to claim everything that's his-including the woman he loves.

Note: This is a revised version of a previously published book by the same title.

PUBLISHED BY: Pink Petal Books
ISBN: 978-0-9824885-0-8
CATEGORIES: Western/Cowboys, Contemporary, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: cowboy, sorcerer, magic, foster siblings,

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EBOOKS BY Mary Winter

COPYRIGHT Mary Winter/2009

Te’s husky words drove all thought from her mind. In the harsh light of her room, staring in her mirror, she thought her breasts were too small, her body too boyish to be called beautiful. But hearing the words coming from Te’s lips, she felt more stunning than the most beautiful cover model.

He strode across the circle, his body language telegraphing his intent to fuck her. Even if his cock hadn’t been hard and ready, the glint in his eyes and the intensity radiating off him made her pussy grow wet. Her nipples hardened beneath his gaze, and when he stroked her neck with his thumb, she shuddered with awareness. And then his lips brushed hers. She leaned against him, her breasts brushing against his chest. The texture of hard against soft pushed a mewl of need from her lips. She wrapped her arms around him, pressing her belly against the ridge of his cock.

“Te, the ritual,” Jacy said in a shaking voice. If they didn’t get into the circle, they’d consummate the ritual without the proper protections and the healing energy would never reach Edwin. She stepped back and drew a shuddering breath.

Te nodded.

Together, they stepped into the circle, and Jacy quickly circled it, chanting the protection spells. She took Te’s hands in her own. Heat radiated from him.

“We come together this night to create energy to heal Edwin, our conclave leader and foster-father, of his cancer. We ask that he receives all the blessings of our ritual, and that the gods look upon him with favor. As we will, so it shall be,” Jacy said. She nodded to Te, indicating his turn.

Te spoke. “We come together this night to create energy to heal Edwin. Our bodies are our pledge, our joining our vow, that Edwin receives all the blessings of our ritual, and that the gods look upon him with favor. As we will, so it shall be.”

She stepped forward, stood on tiptoe, and pressed her lips to his. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, and his hands settled on her ass. He squeezed, bringing her even closer. A moan vibrated in his chest as Jacy traced his lips with her tongue. He opened his mouth, and she devoured him.

Her hands slid through his hair, like a curtain of silk between her fingers, as she pressed her lips to his. She tasted him, drinking him in. She wanted to savor him, to know his taste and be able to recall it at will. Her pussy ached, her nipples sensitive where they pressed against his chest. With his fingers, he urged her to wrap her legs around him, and with her secured around his body, Te lowered them to the blankets.

Jacy’s mind whirled. She’d been dreaming of this moment for so long. Te laid her back on the pillows. She allowed herself to fall against their plush support, and she sighed with contentment. He pressed his lips to the hollow of her collarbone, laving it with his tongue. Then he slowly kissed to the tip of her breast and pulled her nipple into his mouth. The warm, wet heat surrounding her flesh forced a moan from her throat. Jacy arched beneath him, wanting him to take her deeper into his mouth. She parted her legs, her pussy soaked with need. Threading her fingers through his hair, she held him to her breast. Back then it had been a coming together of need and lust. Now it seemed he cherished her body, and Jacy loved every moment of it. Her lussor rose, a need desiring to be fed, and Jacy unfurled her powers around him in a gentle cocoon. His own lussor joined hers, and he sucked harder.

“Te,” she gasped as he pulled away to turn his attention to her other nipple. His fingers slid over her abdomen to cup her hip. Just feeling him so close, yet so far away, nearly drove her over the edge. She whimpered as he grazed the edge of her nipple with his teeth, and wished she could touch more of him. She wanted to feel the steel of his cock, the planes of his chest, the corded muscles of his thighs.

He blew against her nipple, his breath chilled against her wet skin. With lips and tongue he teased the tight bud. He worked between both breasts. The sensation of his lips on her flesh nearly drove her over the edge. “Please,” she murmured, arching her hips. Arousal flowed though her, driving her harder and faster toward the precipice.

And then his hand began to move. His fingers dipped into the hollow where her leg met her torso, lightly brushing against the red curls between her legs.

“Please, I want to touch you,” she said, giving voice to her desires.

Against her breast, Te chuckled. “If you touch me, I’ll explode. I want you so much, Jacy. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” He trailed his fingers along her slit, coating them with her juices, then slid inside.

His finger brushed against her clit, and Jacy cried out with the pleasure of it. She bucked beneath his hand, and when he slid two fingers into her drenched pussy, she nearly screamed from the pleasure of it.

“That’s it, baby. Ride it.” He stroked her, curling his fingers so they brushed against her G-spot, and Jacy closed her eyes.


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