The Alpha

The Alpha

Cynthia Carole

A Cedarville Novella

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Sexy Sheriff Jackson Creed is more than the local law enforcement; he's also an alpha werewolf. He knows Deanna is trouble the moment he sees her dark, haunted eyes, but when she faints in his arms smelling of terror and exhaustion the wolf inside him won't let her go. She's going to be his mate for life, if he can just kill the nightmare hunter that stalks her.

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Sword Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936165-13-1
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Erotica, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: werewolf, vampire, erotic romance, erotica

EBOOKS BY Purple Sword Publications

EBOOKS BY Cynthia Carole

COPYRIGHT Cynthia Carole/2009

It was a long night. She fell asleep at last on the couch, Margy beside her still in wolf form. Her fears tried to haunt, but the smell of pack comforted her despite her worries. She fell asleep at last, staring in the coals of the fire and listening to Margy breathe beside her.

She awoke in a strange bed thick with Creed’s scent. No panic or fear filled her though, just comfort and security. Ugh! That was worse. Her wolf was accepting him as alpha—the very last thing she wanted. Well, second to last. The first thing she didn’t want was to be a vampire snack.

Still, the cotton sheets were smooth and rich. He did have good taste in bedding. The sound of running water made her turn her head, and she found herself looking straight into his private bathroom and shower. The glass door was only partially fogged and she held her breath while her eyes roved over his amazing body. Lean muscle wrapped in sinew bulged in all the right places, from his tight calves to his narrow hips to his broad, rippling shoulders.

He opened the door, shaking the water from his eyes. “You want to join me—or you just here for the view?”

She blushed, and gathered the sheet to her chest. “I’m not getting anywhere near you.”

“Scared, huh? All right.” He closed the door, and she ground her teeth. She listened to the hiss of the hot water while steam moved wet and warm over her face.

Scared? She had been running from a vampire for three days—she thought she had gone a long way to proving her courage. Of course, fleeing for one’s life wasn’t the same as fighting. And he thought she was scared of him? Well, to be honest, she was. The physical attraction between them was unlike anything she had ever felt. A formless panic gnawed at her. If she gave in—she could lose herself in him, in his dominance. Did she really want to be his mate, now and forever? But then, maybe it was purely physical, she reasoned. Maybe if she just got him out of her system…

Now that was a dangerous thought.

Her heart beat faster, and she went back to looking at him. Longing clenched her lower regions, her stomach tightening, her inner thighs quivering. Part of her wanted to run from the room, but instead she rose, dropped the sheet, and walked toward him.

The warm shower steam caressed her skin like a tropic mist, comforting and secretive. Her stomach fluttered as she admired him, but as he turned, what she saw grabbed her by the throat. She didn’t breathe for a moment. Old scars marked his back and shoulders, paler lines on his tan flesh—and she knew what they were. The marks from his last challenge. Had he killed the previous packleader? To wound a werewolf to such a degree must have left him near death.

He looked back at her, raising his eyebrows in question. She blinked and shook herself. The smile that widened his mouth was downright wolfy, and his eyeteeth gleamed white and sharp. He opened the door again, challenging her with his stance and expression. Her womb clenched tight with need and overruled all the doubts and questions that filled her. Pulling her T-shirt off over her head, she relished the wet air on her bare skin. She unhooked her bra and let it drop to the floor. His eyes devoured her, but he didn’t move any closer. She found his gaze heightened her arousal and seared her skin.


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