Healing the Beast

Healing the Beast

Sable Grey

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Lord Sheridan is left for dead on the battlefield; his men have all perished and he remains, wounded and unable to seek refuge. He glimpses what can only be an angel sent to bring him to heaven, although he knows he is destined for hell.

Marial searches the battlefield for survivors but finds only one, Lord Sheridan, badly wounded and on the brink of unconsciousness. Struggling to bring him back to her cottage, she discovers her want, need, for a man’s touch.

Conen Sheridan exposes himself to her for what he truly is, a beast; but one night in passion leaves Marial wanting more.

With lust lingering in the cottage, it is only natural that one submits to the other; however, who’s will shall be bent for conquering and who will be left wanting more?

PUBLISHED BY: Breathless Press
ISBN: 978-1-926771-05-2
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Erotica, Historical, Paranormal, Shape-shifter
KEYWORDS: werewolf, erotic, paranormal, historical

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EBOOKS BY Sable Grey

COPYRIGHT Sable Grey/2009

The next sound he made gave her chills. It was a deep growl that vibrated up from his chest and didn’t even sound human, more like a beast. She leaned closer and started when his eyes suddenly opened. They glowed yellow up at her and his large hand grasped her arm.

“Leave me.” They were barely words, sounding like they’d been forced out between the growls. “Go.” He released her arm and placed his hand on her chest and shoved her gently back. She staggered backward but her feet rooted to the floor when he yelled out in agony. The bones of his large face shifted, sounds of popping and cracking filling the room. Long black nails grew out from his fingers and hair began pushing up from his skin along his arms.

She held her breath as she watched the transformation continue over the span of several minutes. Right before her eyes, the wounded soldier became a beast, like the results of a wolf and human mating. In one swipe those nails tore away the bandage around his side and her eyes widened as the tender flesh around his wound reddened.

He rose up and arched in pain as the wound closed itself, the flesh coming together until it became only a thin line of scar tissue. Then he fell back onto the blankets. His eyes closed and for a moment his body only shook. She started to step forward, and then halted when once again, his body changed before her very eyes. In minutes, he was again the man she’d helped from the battlefield, only scars now where his wounds were.

She moved backwards and sat down in the chair, staring at the man. Her husband had told her of men he’d known that carried the beast inside of them but she had never before, as far as she knew, met one. Now, she didn’t know what to think. Had she not seen it with her own eyes, she might not have believed it.


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