Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day

Dawné Dominique

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Bleak, lonely centuries have passed for the bloodsucking pirate, Allix de Leon Montague, but he refuses to stop searching for his AnnaBella, not until he has righted the wrongs he has committed against her.

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Sword Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936165-05-6
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Erotica, Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: vampire, pirate, erotic romance, dark fantasy

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His eyes narrowed and his stomach clenched at what he had to do next. “Do you remember, Bella?” he whispered, trying to hold back his anguish. With a wave of a hand over her face, he brought forth his dark magic and the one memory he’d withheld from her. If she is to be mine again, she must know everything.

He cringed as terror-filled screams rang through the cabin, so clear and chilling that it felt as if he walked through the nightmare again. Every night since the horrific event, those cries still haunted him. Allix sent the memory into Annabella’s mind, knowing every minute detail. He sliced his tongue with a tooth and swallowed the minuscule fount in order to ease the gut-wrenching grief threatening to drown him.

Time disappeared and present day became the past. He saw Bella surrounded by madness and fire while scornful crowds of villagers blocked his vampiric sight. This was the memory he sent to her, the nightmare he could never escape, the same memory that had sent him on his never-ending quest to find her.

He had been hundreds of miles away when he first felt the tinges of danger emanating in the air around him, but he paid it no heed. Bella had always tried his patience and enjoyed playing cruel jokes on him, especially during his feedings. He thought this time was no different. How wrong he was. A delicious wench from the nearby village of Chäsgaard had him preoccupied at the time. When Bella’s panic-filled cries finally pulled him away from his delectable meal, only then had he sensed the true danger.

Hastening from their castle high in the Carpathian Mountains, Allix prayed he would arrive in time, yet instincts warned he would fail. He ignored common sense and propelled his body upward into the early evening sky. Every odious word the villagers shouted at Bella he’d memorized; every vile lie and insult they uttered as they maimed her nude body with stones and sticks, scorched into his soul.

He commanded the air currents, pushing himself faster, harder, beseeching gods he did not believe in that he not to fail. Over mountains and valleys he flew, seeing nothing except what was happening to Bella and despising his lack of power to stop it.

They’d lashed her hands to a thick stake in the village circle. Thick wreaths of garlic and wolfsbane hung around her neck, weakening her powers so she could not escape. Allix was still too far away. His panic worsened. When the licking flames obliterated his vision, he moved swifter through the air, pushing his dark gifts to their limits, choking on his dread. Bella’s screams pierced through him like jagged shards of broken glass. He felt the heat crisping away the beauty of her alabaster skin as the flames crept ever higher. He fell from the skies, overcome by pain and anguish. He plummeted to the earth, his ears hearing one final word from her lips.



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