Kase J. Reed

Darkwind Hunters 1

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Logan Shadowsong was created—yes—created to kill vampires for her tyrannical father, Cyrus Fenton, but in short time, she begins to loathe what she is and what she does. Fleeing her father's clutches once and for all, she runs into the one vampire her father created her to destroy.


<p>Talon Blackstone, once a Hunter like Logan, is now a vampire in exile and on Fenton's Most Wanted Dead list. When Logan and Talon accidentally meet, an attraction between them grows into an inferno. One problem stands in their way, however; if he drinks of her blood, he could die.

PUBLISHED BY: Purple Sword Publications
ISBN: 978-1-936165-02-5
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: vampire, erotic romance, dark fantasy

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Talon leaned in to kiss her, but stopped. “You drive me wild, and with all that blood splashed all over you, you are…” His hungry mouth covered hers, and she threw her arms around him, raking her fingers through his hair.

She pulled away. Things needed to be done before the sun rose. She turned and wiped her blades on one of the dead men’s clothes before hanging the weapons back on her belt. She grabbed Lars under the arms, dragged him from the chair and out into the night, leaving Talon staring after her.

The horses sidestepped as she neared them, sensing death. Logan continued to tow the body around the side of the building and deposited him in a ring where a bonfire once burned.

Talon, with a man slung over his shoulder and one he pulled behind, did as Logan had done with Lars.

“I’ll burn them before dark tonight,” said Logan. Her thoughts whirled on one certain statement. “Why did that man call you a traitor, and how did he know you?”

His features scrunched up like he’d just tasted something sour and a sudden glimpse of him meeting an older man and a boy of about five near the gates to Darkwind City settled in her mind. The man was a hunter, dressed in the black and silver uniform, like the one she now wore.

‘Where’ve you been?’ the hunter had asked Talon. An argument ensued, but the images and words faded from her mind as Talon explained.

“He was a boy, his father a hunter. I’d returned from a night of…”

A flash of flesh on flesh shot through her mind.

“…an indiscretion. One that I’d rather forget and have paid dearly for.” He stalked past her and back into the building.

Whatever happened to Talon was why or somehow connected to his being a vampire. Morgaine. The witch’s name whispered around her.

Talon returned with the last two bodies, tossing them with the others in the blackened circle. “I’ve been stupid in my lives, both of them. I don’t want to burden you with my ghosts. You have enough of your own to occupy your time.”


Sensing his reluctance to talk about it, she took a deep breath and glanced around. “We should get inside or you’re not going to have to worry about telling me anything ever again.” She led the way, hoping that perhaps once they were inside and settled he’d speak more.

The back room held several beds that lined the wall of the long, narrow space. Logan lit stubs of leftover candles until a soft glow permeated the room.

Talon’s boots scuffed the floor as he entered behind her. “In that trunk, there are some linens wrapped in canvas to keep dirt and bugs out. I’ll get some water. You’ll want to clean that blood off before you sleep.”

Logan moved to the wooden crate, lifted the lid and pulled the bundle from its place.

Talon returned with a bucket and proceeded to unroll the mattress, waiting at the end of one of the other bunks.

“There’s bedding only for one.”

“I know.”

One of her auburn eyebrows rose.

“We sleep together.” He spoke without turning, but she sensed his sly smirk. “I’ll be able to restrain myself. Sleep is too near.” He shifted to her. “First, we must rid you of this.” He stepped across the room, removed his jacket and pulled a white cotton handkerchief from a pocket. Leaving the coat hanging on a bedpost, he dipped the handkerchief into the water and wrung it out. With a gentle, yet firm hand, he wiped the blood from her face. Cupping her jaw, he ran a thumb across her lips, and a surge of desire blossomed within both of them.

“Your jacket, Hunter. Give it to me.”

She pushed the silver buttons through the holes and handed him the garment. He wiped the blood from it as well and hung it over his own. Her heart thudded in an odd cadence, keeping in tune with the desire singing through her body. “Are you sure it’s a good idea for us to sleep together?” She swallowed to wet her parched throat.

“I told you sleep is too near for me to be much good to you. Unless?” He shot an image of her ravaging his inert body.

“No, absolutely not.” The flush of embarrassment heated her cheeks.

He helped her make the bed, then sat down and pulled his boots off while she shut the door leading into the room and blocked it with the last bunk. She wanted to ensure no one would surprise them.

Talon lay down and patted the spot next to him on the narrow bunk. She smiled. “You’re not going to shove me on the floor, are you?”

After removing her boots, she snuggled against Talon. When he pulled the covers over both of them, she couldn’t remember ever feeling this safe and content, even though the cold of the dark room seeped into her bones. “You’re so warm,” she whispered.

“Mm. That’s what a good meal does for me.” He kissed her forehead. “You are so beautiful.”

She pressed closer to his warmth. “Shh. Let’s not ta—”

He smothered her words with a passionate kiss. Involuntarily, she parted her lips and opened to him, his tongue dancing with hers. Control slipped from her grasp. Talon’s hands roamed down the length of her body, tugging her shirt from the waistband of her pants. She sighed against him, weaving her fingers into his hair. I said we can’t…we shouldn’t…

His throaty laugh echoed through her head. Don’t worry, Hunter, I won’t be… His body relaxed and his breathing became steady.

He fell asleep on me? She wanted to be angry, but all she could do was smile. Kissing his forehead, she snuggled against him, pulling the blankets up over their shoulders to keep warm. Her mind reeled for a long time before sleep finally claimed her.


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