Embracing the Darkness

Embracing the Darkness

Shiela Stewart

Darkness Series Book 3

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One upon a time Jonah Moore had it all. Then his wife and unborn child were taken from him, leaving his life darker than when Chaos and his evil vamps stole the sun. Now, Jonahs lost the will to face another day, which could be a problem, considering he’s just been turned into a vampire and is now destined to live for eternity.

As a nurse, Raven Moony was used to tending to the needs of others. Until an accident changes everything… When she is abducted and forced to tend to Chaos’ needs, she is more than ready to give in and willingly accepts her role as his slave.

Then Jonah enters the picture and she finds herself fighting for his safety and freedom as well as her own. Can she convince Jonah he should go on despite her own doubts? Can they open their hearts to love and learn that there is indeed life after death?

PUBLISHED BY: Breathless Press
ISBN: 978-0-9782744-6-7
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Contemporary, Paranormal
KEYWORDS: vampires, darkness, lust, immortal, witch

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COPYRIGHT Shiela Stewart/2009

There was blood, all around him, pools of it, teasing him, calling to him, and all he wanted was to drink it. Yet the closer he got to it, the further it was away. The scent of it, like strong copper, filled his nostrils and tantalized his tastebuds.

He wanted it more than life itself.

Bolting awake, Jonah stared wide eyed into the room. Every part of him hurt.

“Jonah? Are you okay?”

He could smell her as if she were beside him. Her scent, her blood, called to him. “Stay away from me!” He felt his teeth ache and the urge to take grew tenfold.

“What’s the matter? Do you have another cramp?”

“No! Please, stay away from me.” Then she stepped up beside him and all he could think was take. He could hear her blood rushing through her veins, her heart as it pounded in her chest. With each whoosh his body responded. “Please, just stay away from me.”

She clicked the light on over his bed and it was all he could do not to lunge at her and bite that supple vein at the side of her neck. “For God’s sake, Raven. Get lost!”

She stopped, tilted her head, then laid her hand on his head. “You need to feed.”

“Just leave me alone. Please. I beg of you.” If he could run away from her right now, he would.

“This won’t get any better unless you give your body what it wants. Here, drink.” She thrust her wrist out to him.

He slapped it away. “No!”

“What you’re feeling right now will only become more intense the longer you wait. Just take my vein and drink. I’ll be fine. I’ve done this before.”

He pushed her aside, then rolled himself off the bed. He fell with a thud onto the cold tiled floor but the pain was nothing compared to what he felt inside. It was more intense than anything he’d ever felt before. It felt like fire ants were clawing through his veins, his mouth was so dry his lips stuck to his teeth and his head…all he heard in his head was the whooshing of her blood pumping through her veins.

It was going to drive him insane.

“Take it, Jonah,” she demanded, falling down beside him on the floor.

“I won’t drink from you.” He’d rather die.

“If you don’t drink now, Jonah, you’ll go insane and I refuse to let that happen.” She jumped up onto the bed and when she came back down, she had the knife in her hands.

“Now, drink.” She slid it across her arm by her elbow then thrust it out at him.

“Stop it! What have you done?” But the blood, so red, so thick, so…juicy, called to him.

“I can stitch myself up after. Just drink.”

“Please don’t make me do this,” he pleaded.

“I have to.” She grabbed his head and thrust her arm to his mouth.

The instant the blood touched his lips he was compelled to take it in. He couldn’t help himself. She was delicious, so smooth, so gloriously sweet that he wanted to drink her up.
And as he sucked on her arm, drawing in her blood, the ache began to subside.

“Good, that’s it, drink from me.”

Her voice was soft and soothing, so similar to her blood. She was nectar and he was parched. Then he felt her go limp and when he looked up, he saw her beginning to sway. Jonah pulled his mouth from her arm and captured her before she fell backwards onto the floor. “Damn it! What did I do?”


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