Blue Moon

Blue Moon

Kiyara Benoiti

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Each All Hallow's Eve, Anvahn must pay the price for wielding magic. This year a werewolf appears to her instead of the usual demon, monster, or spirit. But will this time prove too costly for Anvahn to bear?

Graylich only wants his life back. Having drunk from a werewolf's footprint, he's cursed forever more. However, a warlock tells him that if he can bed a witch and impregnate her, the curse will be lifted...only Graylich discovers that he has a price to pay, too; one which sends Anvahn on a journey of revenge.

PUBLISHED BY: Breathless Press
ISBN: 978-1-926771-13-7
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Paranormal, Romantic Fiction, Shape-shifter
KEYWORDS: Paranormal, romance, werewolf, shape shifter, magic, witchcraft, erotic, fantasy

EBOOKS BY Breathless Press

EBOOKS BY Kiyara Benoiti

COPYRIGHT Kiyara Benoiti/2009

Living as a witch wasn’t easy.

Her gifts, her familiars, and various other aids in black or white magic never came free. There were prices to be paid. Oh, yes. Many prices for those services and their gifts.

On each All Hallow’s Eve, Anvahn was required to pay for everything she’d requested beyond her natural powers during that twelve-month cycle. Last year she had been required to fuck an incubus. That hadn’t set well with Anvahn. In fact, after six hours of constant fucking, whether in her anus or her pussy, she’d managed to hold her revulsion back—or down—until the thing had had its fill and had left her as the first bloody trace of dawn marred the sky. Anvahn had vomited for an hour after the demon had left her, then laid on this very boulder for the better part of the day in exhaustion.

So she sat on the boulder overlooking the valley and waited for her next price she had to pay. They were always male and needed fucked. Last year the incubus, the year before that an old wizard, who yelled at his member so it would stay hard long enough to put it inside her. And before that there had been the warlock’s apprentice who had to couple with a witch in order to make his first serious spell work. Oh, and there had been the ménage. One vampire had pummeled her ass as the other vampire had pumped into her cunt.

The sun set. Scarlet, pink, orange-gold, and sapphire bled into the heavens as if cloth dyers had spilled their color pots on the horizon. The sun lowered its round bottom into the earth. The moon rose higher...higher still. It hung pregnant in the periwinkle sky. The twilight deepened, and the heavenly sphere transformed from white to silver to robin’s-egg blue.

Anvahn drew her cloak closer about her body and tugged the cowl of it up over her head. This autumn had brought cooler-than-usual temperatures. She’d read the season’s signs, so she knew that this All Hallow’s Eve would bring a full moon, but she hadn’t counted on it being a blue moon.

That meant a strong power was afoot.


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