Blood of the Beast

Blood of the Beast

Tamela Quijas

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There is a scent that fills the night, far more delicate than the beat of the human heart, more fragile than the whisper of breath that escapes the lungs. It is the scent of the blood that pulsates through the mortal body. Commonly overlooked by those among the living, it is a sound so fervently sought by those that reside on the fringes of the world that exists between the living and the undead. It is what the beast craves.

The dead have littered her old neighborhood, unjustly murdered and drained of their lifesource, each victim has been left as a calling card. The killer has meant to call to another, an individual that exists on the fringes of society, his secret well hidden from those that live. Valentina Kureyev has been assigned to the case and her encounter with those that crave the blood of the beast will drive her to the edge of sanity.

PUBLISHED BY: Tamela Quijas
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Vampires / Werewolves
KEYWORDS: tamela quijas, vampires, murder, serial killer, russia, police detective, police, crime, suspense, drama

EBOOKS BY Tamela Quijas

EBOOKS BY Tamela Quijas

COPYRIGHT Tamela Quijas/2009
The detective's lips tightened as she moved the beaming ray of light over the stones, lowering it slowly to the ground as she shook her head. She huffed with apparent irritation as radio static erupted from the side of her hip. The distorted sound of her name echoed through the building and she dipped her head to speak into the mike clipped to the collar of her jacket.

“What do you have, Wisitzki?”

“….rousted three vagrants from this end….” came the distorted response.

“Were you able to detain one or obtain some sort of statement?” She questioned brusquely, her brow furrowing in thought. “Did any of them know the last victim?”

“….nah, nearly ran me over…”

“What?” She managed, her confusion apparent.

“….shot out of here like their asses were on fire….”

Demetri heard the muttered explicative she murmured aloud but didn't transmit.

“Make certain your level of the building is empty.” She commanded in a firm tone. The woman shrugged, her eyes narrowing in the darkness as she waited for her partner's response. “Dispatch said there was a complaint about the noise level in here.”

“….fuck noise, Kureyev. Place is as cold as a crypt….”

“Just do it, Wisitzki.” She huffed again, turning about on her heel. It was obvious she agreed with her colleague but refused to voice her assent aloud. “I don't want another complaint from the civvies about us not being thorough.”

“….always were a hard ass, Kureyev….”

Val flipped off the transmission switch the radio and shook her head.

“You ain't seen a hard ass yet, Wisitzki. I'm just getting warmed up.” The female detective grumbled aloud to the emptiness around her. She paced to the edge of the warehouse doorways and halted, her swift intake of breath her only betraying sound of trepidation.

Val knew the building had previously been a furniture warehouse. In the old days, the inventory would have been lifted from the ground with the assistance of cranes and pulleys, instead of employing the narrow staircases. Val peered upwards, the decrepit pulley machine remained where she suspected, suspended over the gaping portals.

She sighed heavily and lowered her head. The revolver hung slackly in her grip. Val swung about on her heel, her intent to leave the premises in the forefront of her mind. The building was empty, the place secure and it was time to report in to headquarters.

Abruptly, a shrill and savage shriek filled the air upon the floor. Val's head darted upright as the sound was repeated, echoing from the high rafters of the building. She was blinded by the darkness, her flashlight swinging wildly in the direction of the sound. She turned rapidly on her heel, uncertain as to the direction of the sound she had heard. The screech was repeated once more, low and guttural at first before issued in a high and grating tone. Val was unaware how defenseless she was, her small body silhouetted in the gaping doorway, her back to a virtual chasm of nothingness.

Demetri knew the sound for precisely what it was, a vampire. His jaw ached as he clenched his teeth tightly together, preventing himself from uttering an answering cry of defiance. His hackles rose and he crouched low to the ground, his palms pressed flat to the filthy stonework. His movements were surreptitious, premeditated and precise.

The other wasn't aware of his presence. The keening cry of intent wouldn't have been issued had he been detected. The sounds that began to fill the building were those of a new creature of blood, unlearned as to the ways of the night and hungry for the detective's tender flesh. Demetri was grateful for the small allowance.

The shrill and ear splitting screech was repeated in a nearly deafening pitch. There was an abrupt burst of indefinable motion, a dark shadow of a blur racing across the floor, rising dust and debris high into the air. The unidentifiable male form's obvious intent was focused entirely upon the detective's defenseless form.

Demetri rose from his tense crouch upon the building's floor and he sprung into rapid action. A savage and forbidding rallying cry of sound erupted from deep within his chest as he shot into the direction of the lone human. His scarlet hued regard was fastened upon the speedily approaching figure that the detective would fail to notice until the moment was too late. She wouldn't have been aware of the other's existence until her own lifeblood had spewed across the warehouse floors. By then, it would be too late.

Val lifted the beam of her flashlight to the roars that appeared to fill the vacant loft. Her ears rang, echoing with the deafening sounds. There was an explosive and blasting rush of frosty air that accompanied the shrillness of the ear splitting screeches. Val reeled back in apparent horror. A single pair of eyes, glowing a stunning shade of red and beaming, were illuminated in the shining glow of the flashlight. The image startled her and the light fell from her numb fingers, clattering to the ground unheeded. Val hastily raised her pistol, uncertain as to what she had truly seen.

Val exhaled a startled gasp. The heaviness of another figure, more solid and defined, struck her in the side as it pushed past her. She emitted a low grunt of pain as she was shoved relentlessly to the hard ground, her elbow striking the floor. There was the issuance of a long and deafening growl of fury, almost territorial in tone, which shook the building to the very foundations. The sound drowned out the enraged screech that had previously filled her ears. Dazed and more than a little bit afraid, Val twisted around onto her back, the flooring cold and hard beneath her. Aghast, she observed the pair of indefinable figures shoot into the open space just beyond the warehouse doorways. A strangled gasp caught in her throat as she recalled the four-story drop outside, knowing the pair of individuals would fall to their certain deaths. She leapt quickly to her feet, her revolver still drawn, wincing in pain.

In a rush of sudden and coherent thought, she realized she was helpless. Even though, in the inky darkness of the autumn night, she moved forward to seek the bodies that would be displayed far below the open doors. In the solitary glare of streetlight that illuminated the deserted street far beneath the open doorway, Valentina Kureyev witnessed something that caused her to doubt her own sanity.

The pair of darkly clad figures, both apparently male, had shot out into the void. Another enraged cry and a piercing shriek filled the night air, the duo entangled in a macabre dance in midair. Even in the darkness of the night, Val could ascertain one male form was larger and stronger as he sought to restrain the other, more limber and struggling figure.

A raucous and high-pitched laugh echoed shrilly into the night. The smaller form twisted and writhed, a tangle of clawing hands and flailing feet that struck effortlessly at the air. It was clear his intent was to escape the grasp of the larger man. A ferocious and horrifying growl echoed from the larger figure as the smaller one made one desperate lurch and slipped free from the crushing grasp. A gruff shout of ill humor sounded as the more diminutive form effortlessly disappeared into the shadows of the night, as easily as if he had been created by the mists themselves.

Val sank limply to the rubbish-covered floor, her stunned eyes wide in disbelief. The lone individual shot upwards on the breeze that filtered between the buildings, catapulting with the inherent grace of a skilled acrobat. The heaviness of his large body lifted high, hovering for a moment before twisting about. He turned toward her shock form and remained where he was, forty or fifty feet from the ground as the gust of wind whipped at his figure. Val was unable to discern his features, a cloud having chosen to glide over the moon at that precise moment. Although the clarity of her view was hampered by the shadows below, Val detected the curiously airborne figure had the audacity to salute her trembling form.

As swiftly as his hand had risen, he placed his arms across his chest. Slowly, he glided to the ground, landing far below with effortless grace. She gulped loudly as he lifted his shadowed features, obviously staring up at her before disappearing into the shadows.


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