A Prophecy of Destiny

A Prophecy of Destiny

Leiland Dale

Ancient Prophecy

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Will Stanton leads an ordinary life working with his grandfather in the family bookstore. From the moment he uncovers a trunk full of ancient papers and his grandmother's diaries, his life changes. He is soon thrusted into a world of werewolves and vampires where he uncovers the truth of his heritage and it's more than he ever imagined.

Eric Bryce is a werewolf whose pack members are slowing dying. As the first sign of the prophecy unfolds, the Ancient Ones guide Eric in search of his mate who is to play a key role in the future predicted long ago. He finally finds his mate, Will, working in a bookstore with danger not far behind. Together, they must fight both the vampires and the illness that is spreading across the pack.

Can Eric and Will fulfill their role in the prophecy or will time run out?

PUBLISHED BY: Silver Publishing
ISBN: 0797734801330
CATEGORIES: Vampires / Werewolves, Erotica, ManLove, Paranormal, Romantic Fiction, Shape-shifter
KEYWORDS: m/m, gay, romance, paranormal, werewolf, vampire

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It was still dark outside when Eric woke to leave the community. Getting out of bed, he grabbed a shoulder bag, packed the necessities, and headed out to his alpha’s home.

As he approached the front steps, Blake opened the door smiling at him. “Good morning, Eric.”

“Morning, Blake,” he replied, “I need to leave for a while.” Eric looked up at Blake, hesitantly.

“I know my friend. I had some very interesting visitors last night.” Blake said as he walked down the front steps and pulled Eric into an embrace. “Look after yourself brother.” Blake pulled away and looked at him. “You have a lot on your shoulders but I believe in you.”

Eric was surprised at Blake’s response but he should have expected the Ancient Ones to inform his alpha. “Thank you.” Eric said softly almost inaudibly.

Eric wasn’t sure how long his prophetic journey would keep him away from his pack, but he knew he had to leave. He was torn. He loved his pack and had never been separated from them, but knew everyone was at risk from this unknown sickness. If there was any truth to the prophecy and his role in his pack’s survival, he needed to take that chance.

He heard Blake clearing his throat, “It’s time for you to go. The sun is just about to rise.” Blake attempted to smile but Eric knew Blake would miss him just as much as he would miss his pack. Slapping him on the back, Blake turned away and walked back up the steps.

Eric left and headed over to his car. As the rays of the sun cast a reddish hue of color across the land, pack members began to emerge from their homes. He quickly jumped into his car before drawing too much attention and drove away from the community.

He drove for hours passing through small towns and heavily wooded areas, making only essential stops when necessary. As nightfall drew near, Eric passed a sign saying Welcome to Watson. He drove through the town looking for a motel where he could spend the night before continuing his journey the next morning. A flickering red sign ahead with the words Hotel 6 caught his attention. Pulling into the parking lot, Eric then headed into the reception area.

The building was quaint with a homey feeling to it. The brightly lit lobby caught him off guard and he had to blink a few times to adjust his eyes. His senses heightened as the scent of another were hit his nose. Eric scanned his surroundings and found only the young woman standing behind the counter. The rest of the place was completely deserted. Eric walked up to the counter and recognized her distinct scent as a werewolf.

“Good evening. Do you have any rooms available?” Eric asked, cautious of her reaction towards him. It was obvious he had entered into another pack’s territory.

“Yes, we do.” The woman looked up at him and smiled. ”It’s not often that we have one our kind coming in here for a room. How long will you be staying?”

“It will be just for the night.” Eric replied as he pulled out his wallet and handed over some bills.

“What’s your name?” the woman asked as she handed over a key.

“My name’s Eric.”

She stalled him as he was about to leave and go to his room. “I suggest you stay in your room. The vampires have been very restless since late last night.” Eric looked at her over his shoulder. “If you want to go for a run, you can use the woods behind the motel. Just watch your back out there.”


Leaving the reception area of the motel, Eric walked over to his car and grabbed his backpack from the back seat. Looking at the numbers written on the key tag, he headed towards his room.

As he approached the door of his room his senses flared and his wolf howled alerting him to danger. Before he had the chance to insert the key in the lock, Eric was flung around and pushed hard against the wall with a hand tight around his throat as his backpack and room key fell to the ground. The distinct smell of sulfur surrounded him and burned his nose. Vampire!

Eric struggled to breathe as the hand clamped tighter around his neck. The vampire with short curly black hair stared at him through ruby colored eyes. “So you are the chosen one?” he sneered as he cocked his head to the side. “And you’re all alone?” The vampire’s breath sickened Eric as he whispered in his ear, “they didn’t choose very wisely now, did they?”

Eric took a deep breath as his anger boiled and his wolf growled. Reaching out, he pulled the vampire by his hair to have the few inches of space he needed to clamp his hand around the vampires’ throat. The vampire started wheezing as he struggled to breathe. His eyes began to bulge out and the fingers around Eric’s neck began to relax their grip. Eric released the vampire’s throat and kicked out, hitting the vampire in the chest and sending it flying through the air.

Shifting quickly into his wolf, Eric ran into the wooded area behind the motel as the vampire followed at lightning speed. As he arrived at a secluded area, he spun to face the vampire.

“So you think you can fight me and still walk away alive, do you?” The vampire snarled at him, unsheathing his talons. “We’ll see about that! You’re precious prophecy will come to an end tonight and so will the existence of your pack!”

The anger and protective instincts rose inside him. Growling and baring his teeth, Eric lunged forward, flying through the air towards his target. Unsheathing his claws, Eric struck out with a fierce blow, scraping his claws across the vampire’s face. A loud cry of pain came from the vampire as Eric landed a few feet away.

The vampire and Eric circled each other waiting to pounce. The blood trickled down his face from the claw marks. A movement at the edge of the trees distracted Eric for a moment. The vampire took advantage of his split second distraction and lunged at him at the speed of light. The vampire jumped into the air aiming for the Eric’s throat. Eric tried to evade the attack, but the vampire’s talons engraved itself into his side. The pain was so intense he nearly passed out. Lying there, his blood seeped out of the injury and coated his silver-grey fur.

“Look at the little mutt,” the vampire mocked with an evil laugh that echoed through the woods. “And you thought you could beat me!”

Eric opened his eyes and looked over at the vampire standing there with a trail of blood running down its face from his claw marks. Slowly Eric got up and was ready to attack when he noticed four wolves approaching the vampire from behind.

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