The Purrfect Man

The Purrfect Man

Mary Winter

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For Dante, his nine lives were running out.

Cursed into the form of a tom cat by a scorned lover, Dante has nine lives to get a woman to love him in order to break free of his spell. When he sees Althea, he knows she's the one. There's just one problem - she's allergic to cats!

Althea starts dreaming of a handsome man who caters to her every fantasy. Their dreamtime interludes become increasingly hotter. And she wishes that she could meet him in the flesh. Wishes he were weaving his way into her heart, instead of the stray feline who has taken up residence in her yard.

But when the cat is taken to the pound, Althea knows she has to act. Allergic or not, she won't let him be harmed. One act of compassion can make Althea's dreams a reality and show her that no matter what form he wears, Dante is her perfect man.

PUBLISHED BY: Pink Petal Books
ISBN: 978-0-9820050-5-7
CATEGORIES: Shape-shifter, Paranormal, Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: feline, cats, allergies, stray, rescue, curse

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EBOOKS BY Mary Winter

COPYRIGHT Mary Winter/2008

Water pounded the tense muscles of her back. Standing in the shower, Althea let the massaging showerhead work out the knots in her neck and shoulders. She had pushed herself, but all the paperwork was caught up for another month. Bending down, she picked up a bar of patchouli soap and began to lather her body. She closed her eyes and smiled as she inhaled the soap’s exotic aroma.

“Here, let me.” Dante stood naked before her. He took the soap from her hands, his fingers brushing hers. Tiny tingles of awareness darted through her body. A quick glance showed his hard cock, and Althea couldn’t deny the rush of wetness that filled her pussy.

Droplets of water slid over his skin, running in the valley between his pectoral muscles and over and around each defined abdominal muscle. He set the soap down, then cupped her hand in his and began to massage the lather into her fingers, the muscles of his arms, the deft movements of his fingers easing her tension away.

Althea opened her eyes. She stood alone in the shower. She closed her eyes, and Dante returned, standing before her. “If I’m going to have a daydream, at least it’s a good one,” she said.

His low masculine chuckle sent shivers down her spine. “Turn around.”

Althea ducked her head to keep the spray from her face and braced her hands on the wall under the showerhead. Strong hands gripped her shoulders. Thumbs kneaded sensitive flesh, working the base of her neck and down into her shoulder blades. Althea moaned in appreciation.

She leaned into his strong hands, arching her back. An image of the stray cat lifting his body into her touch filled her mind, and she shook it away. The only pussy getting stroked here would be hers. The thought made her chuckle.

He pulled away for moment, and then soapy hands slid around her sides to cup her breasts. He tested their weight in his hands, murmuring against her neck. His lips grazed her flesh and turned her knees to jelly.

“Dante,” Althea murmured as his thumbs brushed the turgid peaks of her nipples. She leaned against him, all pretenses at supporting herself gone.

One hand trailed over her flat abdomen to the thatch of curls between her legs. Long fingers stroked her outer lips, delving into the slick wetness they concealed. Shocks of awareness raced through her body. He stroked her clit, the pressure of his fingers increasing until Althea lifted her hips and moaned. She wanted him harder, deeper, his cock filling her until she thought she would rend in two. After flying to heaven on the strokes of his long shaft, she didn’t want to deny herself again.

“Dante,” she breathed as he slipped two fingers inside her and thrust gently. He massaged her breast with his other hand, the actions combining with the pulsating spray of the water to turn her into a boneless mass of pleasure. Wet strands of hair hung in her face. His cock pressed against her ass. The demanding pressure forced a whimper from her throat.

She wanted to turn around. Dante’s vice-like grip kept her pinned against him. Rubbing her buttocks against his cock, he moaned against her flesh.

“You’re going to make me come,” he whispered.


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