Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others

Nick Stark

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Tom, an ordinary middle-aged single male, led an utterly unexciting life. He fantasized about having sex with the beautiful girls that he ran into at the office and around town, but they never even gave him a second look. So when he googled Alternity, the appeal of cybersex with gorgeous avatars seemed like a viable option.

One quick call, and he was set up and entering the fantasy realm of his lifetime. The avatars were like real girls, and he was hooked up to an avatar that he could change to be whatever he wanted. Best of all, with the direct connection to his brain, it wasn’t a third-person experience, IT WAS REAL! Tom could feel every penetration and every incredible orgasm.

This fantasy world gives Tom the unimaginable power to do whatever he wants to whomever he wants, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even as he wields his 14-inch purple engorged penis in an orgy of frightening sexual encounters, Tom doesn’t notice his sanity and social constraint slipping away, until he’s past the point of no return. No longer is this just a sexual romp.

Without social conventions and legal ramifications to stop it, every private sick, twisted fantasy he has ever had comes to life, and Tom sinks into the person he really is, but never believed he was.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Science Fiction, Erotica, Fantasy



COPYRIGHT Nick Stark/2009
“I’m guessing the first thing you want to do is have sex with me,” she said. “My name is Amber. What’s your name?”

“Tom. Tom Harris.”

“Ummm, Tom. I love that name. I notice you’re looking at my wet pussy. I know you’re going to like that. Do you like my breasts?”

Tom said, “Yeah, I do.”

Her breasts were the perfect size for Tom, young and firm, but not too big. She had the most beautiful pink nipples with small areolas surrounding them. Her nipples were placed right on top, her breasts swelling a bit more before beginning to curve back into her body, what is commonly known as “upturned nipples.”

“I can tell you really like them, but if I’m reading you wrong, don’t be ashamed to tell me,” Amber said. “I’m here to be your perfect girl. If there’s anything you don’t like about me, I should be able to sense it. I’ll ask you if you want me to change it. For instance, do you think my feet are too big?”

A little hesitant, Tom said, “Actually, yeah, they are.” Over the last few years, Tom had grown quick to outline any faults he saw with a girl’s body, especially after he had had his way with her. Usually he was quite crude and vulgar, pointing out little flaws, enjoying it more when he could see the girl was hurt by his review of her. His therapist would say it was his way of making himself feel better about his own deficiencies, but Tom didn’t believe that. He was more than a little surprised to find himself embarrassed now.

“Okay. Is this better?” Amber asked. Her toes had shortened slightly and had become impossibly cute.

“Oh, yeah,” Tom said. “Those are the cutest feet I’ve ever seen.”

“Of course they are,” Amber exclaimed. “You can make me anything you want. I’m actually just an avatar. You’re looking at me on the wall, but when we finish doing the setup, I’ll appear right in front of you like I’m a real person.”

Tom was amazed. He had been so taken aback by having this incredibly gorgeous nude girl talking to him, that he hadn’t even considered that she could be standing in front of him.

“Look at every part of my body. Come up to the wall and smell any part of my body that you want. If you don’t like something, I’ll sense it immediately and change it to what I think you want. If you don’t like it, I’ll know. When we are done, I’ll appear in front of you.”

Tom walked over to the wall and began to sniff her body. She smelled like a very subtle perfume, one that you knew were actually her pheromones instead of actual perfume. He could smell the muskiness of her vagina even more strongly now. As he thought about what part of her he wanted to smell next, her image shifted where that part was in front of his nose. He smelled her lips and breath, and she smelled slightly of warm vanilla. Her hair had a clean, fresh smell, as if she had just washed her hair.

“I think you’re perfect,” Tom said.

“Great,” Amber said. “And if you don’t like my name -”

Tom interrupted saying, “Amber is a very sexy name.”

Suddenly, Amber appeared in front of Tom, completely nude, her perfect, slightly rounded buttocks jiggling slightly, that kind of jiggle that was the youthful jiggle instead of the old, saggy jiggle his ex-wife had.

As he watched her, Amber began to shrink slightly. Then she grew in size slightly, her flesh filling out in certain areas, growing slightly taller in height.

“Do these proportions seem all right to you?” she asked.

“Perfect,” Tom thought/said. He realized that whenever he thought something to himself that he didn’t want to say out loud, it stayed in his head.


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