Yes, No, Maybe

Yes, No, Maybe

Emma Hillman

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What would you do if your husband cornered you one day and asked you to fill out a list asking for your thoughts on every sex act under the sun? Would you think "Fun! I can steal some of these ideas!" or would you get scared that he's trying to tell you something? That maybe your sex life isn't spicy enough for him, that he wants more?

Soon after Mia McIntyre completes her list and hands it out to her husband, her life gets turned upside down. At first it's fun. A lot of fun. Their fantasies are suddenly becoming reality and they both get a kick out of it.

But when other people start getting involved, things turn complicated. Mia pushes on, intent on pleasing Kevin. She loves him after all and she'd do anything for him...wouldn't she?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, menage, some elements of non-consent and anal sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Rubenesque, Contemporary, Erotica, Multiple Partners

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EBOOKS BY Emma Hillman

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“Close your eyes,” she admonished and he did as ordered. “Very good. Now think of something relaxing, like the beach or your favorite place on earth. Anything that will make you unwind.”

“That’s gonna be difficult,” he couldn’t help but comment.

“This isn’t a request, Mr McIntyre!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s better.” She settled down onto his lap, her dress riding up on her thighs exposing the lacy tops of her stockings. “Close your eyes and let your mind wander.” Her voice was soft, her fingers even more as she started kneading his scalp.

He sighed as he let his head hang down, loving the way she was massaging his tension away. He loved his wife really. Loved the fact she’d gone and bought a nurse costume, just for his pleasure. Loved that she was role-playing with such splendid aplomb. For someone who was usually shy in unknown environments, she was amazing.

“That’s it. Think of something that makes you happy.”

“I am.”

“Shush!” She squeezed her thighs around him. “Do not talk.”

“I’m not allowed to talk?” he asked, opening his eyes to stare at her.

Her lips were pursed at his disobedience. “No! Close your eyes and do not talk until I tell you so!”

His left eyebrow rose. “Really?”

Her eyes turned dark. “Do not make me punish you, Mr McIntyre.”

He wouldn’t have thought it possible but her response made his cock grow even harder. “Or what?”

She leaned down until their mouths nearly touched and said, her voice low, “Or I’ll go upstairs and leave you here, unable to move. And I’ll get myself off and make you listen to my moans of pleasure, knowing it could have been you making me come.”

“Fuck.” His hands grabbed her hips.

“No touching!” she admonished yet again, jerking his hands off of her. “Now, where were we? Ah yes, close your eyes, Mr McIntyre.”


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