Roxanne Sackville

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With trembling hands, Lily Ronin holds tightly to the Smith and Wesson she swore never to touch. In the darkness she aims towards the one person she fears will kill her if she does not act. The ominous letter she found earlier that evening on her kitchen table runs through her mind. I’m watching you and I haven’t forgotten you, even though you've tried to forget me’. Is this person stumbling in the darkness towards her its writer? Tears fall freely from her eyes as she shakes her head in disbelief. With no options left, Lily closes her eyes and pulls the trigger.

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ISBN: 144959252X
CATEGORIES: Romantic Suspense
KEYWORDS: Hind, Sight

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Chapter 1

The white piece of paper folded in half on the kitchen table emitted evil.
A feeling of dread began to overwhelm her.
Minutes earlier the paper had not been there; in fact, the house had been empty. Now, as she scanned the room, she wondered who had been in her home. She knew that there was no way the paper had just appeared there. Someone had to have placed it, but why? With unsteady hands and weak knees, she took a step closer to it.
A loud crack sounded at the kitchen window directly above the table where the paper lay. The noise startled her. She screamed and jumped back. Terrified, she backed up towards the counter. She wanted to run from the room, into the living room, up the stairs and into the bedroom. She would lock herself in and hide inside the closet while she called the police.
Yet even as her mind escaped to the safety of their bedroom, her body did not. It was frozen in place, frozen in fear. She hoped her husband Rick would hurry up, but the sound of the shower upstairs told her otherwise. She wanted to wait and have him touch the letter first, yet her body did not concur. Hers was an inquisitive mind—a mind that never went with better judgment, but against it. She knew that one day this would be her downfall as her mother had warned, yet she could not stop it.
Regaining her courage, she walked towards the note once more. Her eyes reverted briefly to the world outside the room. Darkness had fallen quickly on that cold November day. The leaves were almost completely gone and the wind had taken on a bitter chill. Day turned to night by five pm, which signified an end to the bright and warm summer and the beginning of a cold and lonely winter.
Lily Ronin enjoyed winter, but she always missed the warmth of the sun. Looking out the window, a chill came over her bones--not one brought on by the brisk wind outside, but one from deep within her heart. She felt something terrible was going to happen, something that would forever change her life.


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