Deadly Desire

Deadly Desire

Vivian Vincent

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Tina Mackenzie, a dispatcher for the Iosco County Sheriff, suspects her new neighbor is a murderer. She’s in love with him and wants desperately to believe he’s not, but evidence against him keeps piling up. When she learns the truth, she confronts the man responsible, only to be tied up and held captive in his basement.

Michael Burns doesn’t know how to handle the fact he’s being accused of the rape and murder of two women. He has to convince everyone, including the woman he’s come to love, that he’s innocent. When he’s kidnapped, he knows it’s only a matter of time before the truth is out in the open. Until then, he has to figure out a way to get himself and Tina out of this madman’s basement, alive.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Erotica



COPYRIGHT Vivian Vincent/2009
Brenda’s gaze focused on the box of condoms again. She knew she was in some serious trouble based on what he’d told her earlier. He’s gonna rape me! Tears filled her eyes and a whimper escaped her before she could stop it. The man turned to look at her. She couldn’t see his face but the pure hatred and anger she saw in his eyes caused another shiver to race down her spine. “Why are you doing this?” she asked softly.

“I told you why. Now shut up and let me eat my dinner in peace.”

“But-” Brenda closed her mouth and cowered against the wall when he turned and pointed the gun at her.

“I said shut up.”

She nodded and reached up to wipe away her tears. She watched as the man finished his burger and fries, put the empty containers back into the bag then dropped it into the small wastebasket by the refrigerator.

He turned to look at her then, reaching for the snap on his jeans. He lowered the zipper and let them fall to his ankles, his erection tenting his boxer briefs. He smiled then pulled his shirt over his head and toed off his shoes before stepping out of his jeans. He left his ski mask on. Brenda’s traitorous body responded to the nearly naked man standing before her. A light smattering of blond hair covered his chest and a thin strip ran down his belly to disappear beneath the waistband of his boxer briefs. He had a tattoo of what looked like a dragon high on his chest near his left shoulder. Her gaze traveled down his body then back up and met his again. She watched as he reached for the box of condoms and opened it, never breaking eye contact with her. He pulled out a small foil packet then returned the box to the table.

Breaking eye contact with her, he lowered his boxer briefs and stepped out of them, allowing his straining erection to spring free and rest against his belly. He took his cock in one hand and slowly stroked it, and then opened the condom wrapper with his teeth. He rolled the condom over his shaft, dropped the wrapper on the table, picked up his gun and approached her.

He saw utter fear in her eyes as he came closer and felt a sense of satisfaction. He knew, if scared enough, she’d do whatever he asked. He set the gun down on the table beside the bed then took a seat on the edge. He reached for her and pulled her to him. He placed his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her mouth close to his.

“If you bite me, I’ll shoot you,” he whispered a split second before he pressed his lips to hers. Brenda fought her gag reflex as he forced his tongue into her mouth. She wanted desperately to bite him, but she thought better of it.

Maybe if I give him what he wants, he’ll let me go.

The man broke the kiss and gazed into her eyes. He could see desire there. Desire and fear. Good, this makes my job easier.

“Lay back on the mattress, Brenda.”

She closed her eyes and complied. She felt his weight as he positioned himself over her. Brenda kept her eyes closed tight while he kissed her neck, then down to her breasts. She cursed her body for responding when she felt his lips wrap around first one nipple then the other.

“You like that,” he whispered.

“No,” Brenda pleaded.

“Your body says otherwise.” She felt his hand trail down her belly to the curly hair at the top of her thighs. She was soaked and she hated it. “You’re wet and ready for me, Brenda. Deny it all you want, but you want me to fuck you six ways from Sunday.”

Brenda whimpered when he rubbed at the hard nub of her clit. Pleasure and fear coursed through her. This is so wrong! I can’t want him! Unconsciously, she opened her legs wider for him and heard him let out a quiet chuckle.

“Oh yeah, you’re ready for me.”

He pulled his hand away and positioned himself over her again, his hand on his throbbing cock. He teased her opening with the head before slowly pushing inside her.

Brenda dug her fingers into his arms and held back her moan of pleasure when she felt him fill her. She tried to hold herself still while he took what he wanted, but it was a fruitless effort. Her hips began to move with his. She raked her nails down his arms when he increased his pace. She closed her eyes and prayed this would be over quickly. When she felt his teeth bite down on her nipple, she opened her eyes and nearly screamed at what she saw.

I know him!

He’d removed his ski mask and put his hand over her mouth when he saw the recognition in her eyes. As he continued to thrust hard and deep inside her, he reached over to the table and grabbed his gun. With reluctance, she let her orgasm rock through her. His body tensed when he reached his own peak. He put the gun to her forehead and released her mouth. Dazed and unable to scream, she uttered only one word before he pulled the trigger.



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