Awakening Allaire

Awakening Allaire

Margie Church

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Allaire West threw away her marriage to Jeff West when she bedded the handsome and powerful Devon Mercer. Pregnant with Devon’s twins, she tries to pass them off as her husband’s, only to have the ugly truth end with a gunshot.

As Allie puts her life back together, she finally admits the man she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with is Devon Mercer. She secretly attends Devon’s Halloween masquerade party and they share a sizzling reunion.

Allie’s life is turned upside down again when she is kidnapped after the party and held for ransom by two drug-crazed, ex-convicts. Allaire endures starvation, isolation, and drug addiction. With time against him, Devon makes a deal with the devil to find his beloved.

PUBLISHED BY: Margie Church
CATEGORIES: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Erotica, Mystery/Suspense
KEYWORDS: erotic suspense, thrillers, contemporary suspense, romantic thriller, romantic suspense

EBOOKS BY Margie Church

EBOOKS BY Margie Church

COPYRIGHT Margie Church/2009

At the penthouse elevator door, Allaire faced Devon. He gently rubbed her soft cheek with his thumb. “Your face is flushed; are you okay to drive?”

Allie closed her eyes and raised her chin slightly, in an unmistakable invitation for Devon to kiss her.

He didn’t wait; he didn’t want her to change her mind. Devon cupped her face tenderly in both hands and softly touched her lips with his. He heard Allaire’s low moan. Her hand rested lightly on his hip as his lips moved slowly across hers, but when Devon deepened the kiss, her fingers knotted in the fabric of his shirttail. He opened his mouth wider and licked her lower lip. As their tongues met for the first time, Allie sagged against him. He put one hand on the elevator door as he kissed her harder, beckoning a more passionate response, awakening Allaire to the desires Devon flamed.
The stubble of Devon’s scruffy beard scratched Allie’s face. She kissed him like a sex-starved woman, deeply, insatiably. Her throaty moans sounded foreign to her. His rock hard body felt so unfamiliar and so enticing. Everything about Devon was big and strong. His tight jeans revealed his hidden length as she wantonly pressed her hip against him.

Devon’s touch sizzled as he caressed her breasts and unbuttoned her blouse. She panted for breath, and panted for more of him when he nuzzled his face in the soft, deep valley he found between her full breasts. Each lick, each love bite on her sensitive skin, provoked a sensual response, the depths of which Allie never experienced before.She unbuttoned his crisp shirt, eager to explore the hard planes of his body. His definition was superb. She ran her fingers along the muscular outlines of his broad neck and shoulders. She wriggled her fingers in his dark chest hair and teased a nipple with her lips and tongue.

Devon grabbed Allaire by her curvaceous hips and pulled her tightly against his. His body moved purposefully against hers, “Do you feel that?” he asked in a ragged voice. “I want you.”

Her blue eyes grew wide with wonder. “Take me,” she whispered back.
Devon opened the buttons on Allie’s jeans and then jerked them down. After she stepped out of them, Devon lifted her onto his hips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her fingers in his thick hair while he devoured her with his lips. With one hand, he held her firmly against him and from behind with the other, he stroked the lacy, damp fabric between her thighs. Her moans fueled Devon’s passion.

“Wait, wait,” he said in a hushed voice. “Not like this. I want to make love to you, not fuck you like a rutting stag.”

Devon saw the questions in Allie’s eyes. He wondered if she knew the difference between being made love to and just having sex; if she’d ever been with someone other than her husband. His uncertainty only made him more determined to do this right.

He set her down, took her hand, and led her to his bedroom. Large windows provided spectacular river views and a massive skylight created the illusion of being outside, especially at night. “It’s like lying in the park on your back, looking up at the sky,” he said as they approached his king sized bed covered in a forest green comforter.

His gaze never left hers while he finished taking off his shirt. When he started to unbutton his jeans, Allaire brushed his hands away. Her initiative pleased him. He wondered what she would think of the Mercer family jewels. Gar sometimes said he wished he was as large as Devon, but many of Devon’s partners couldn’t accommodate his size and sex with them was not very satisfying. Nothing felt better than to be able to sink his long, thick cock completely into a hot, wet woman. He hoped Allie wouldn’t be intimidated and even more so, he hoped she could take all of him.

The lust he saw in Allie’s eyes excited Devon. His breath hissed through his teeth as she ran her fingernail along his length. His cock spontaneously jumped in his silk, maroon boxers and left a wet streak on the thin fabric. When she cupped his balls and firmly rubbed them, Devon started wondering who was seducing whom.

He reached behind Allie and unfastened her bra. Her 40DD breasts were a sight to behold as he watched her peaks ripen before his eyes. Two can play at this game. He suckled one nipple while caressing the damp fabric still between Allie’s legs.

She groaned and let her head fall back as she held his lips against her breasts. She begged him not to stop and spread her legs wider to illustrate her growing desire.

He hooked his thumb in her panties and pulled them down. Then he knelt and took them off. When he looked up, Devon again saw uncertainty in Allaire’s eyes. He ran his hands down her flat tummy and lower to her trimmed, tight, blonde curls. Her full, round hips and ass were made for love. He imagined how sexy her heart-shaped ass would look as she bounced up and down on his hard cock. The idea turned him on. “You’re absolutely stunning,” he said in a husky voice.

Devon silently urged Allie to sit on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. He looked at the pink, wet flesh splayed in front of him. “You’re so beautiful,” he said before he captured her lower lips in an Aussie kiss.
Allaire gasped at the sudden intimate contact and thrust her hips forward against Devon’s powerful tongue. She looked down at the dark head eagerly lapping her private crevice and felt helpless to stop him although she knew she should. Jeff never approached oral sex with any enthusiasm and she always wondered if it could be as amazing as her girlfriends’ claims. Devon skillfully proved it was more than amazing. In minutes, he had Allie nearly screaming in pleasure on the verge of an orgasm.

He stood before her with a wet smile on his face. His erection strained the maroon fabric still holding him in.

Nearly mindless with need, Allie wanted nothing more than to free the hidden beast and feel it deep within her. She removed his boxers and his fully engorged cock stood before her. His size made her even wetter. She always wondered what it would feel like to be full of cock. Devon Mercer certainly owned the tool to show her.Allie went down on Devon.

His knees buckled slightly and his breath left him with a hiss.

She felt delicious satisfaction knowing she could put his libido in overdrive so quickly. She licked his length and when she reached his full, round tip, she looked up at Devon and then tickled the wet tip with her tongue.

Devon groaned in pleasure. “Take my cock into your mouth, Allaire, taste me like I tasted you.”

She held his muscled ass as she swallowed him.

“God, yes, Allie, like that. You look so hot going down on me. It feels so good, your mouth feels so amazing.”

Allie cupped his balls and took more of him. Her throat strained. She kneaded his ass as she pulled and pushed him between her luscious lips.

Devon’s body started to shake as he held back his release. “Come here,” he beckoned. He took Allie by the hand onto the bed with him. They kneeled facing each other, and his long cock willfully throbbed against her stomach as Devon kissed her again.

“Dev, please don’t make me wait any longer. I want you so much.”

“Straddle me,” he whispered. Devon held his cock in his hand as Allie positioned herself on his narrow hips. He ran his wet tip through her dripping heat. Allie tried to get Devon to plunge in but he held her back. His voice sounded raspy, “Don’t move too quickly, darling. Have you ever been with a man as large as me? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Allaire gazed into Devon’s hazel eyes, now so smoky with passion. “You won’t hurt me. I’ve waited my whole life to make love to you. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

Devon let Allie choose her own pace. Half way onto his shaft, she stopped and closed her eyes.

“Are you all right? Am I hurting you?” he softly asked. He was afraid she was going to say she couldn’t take any more of him.

Allaire responded by sinking fully onto him in one aching motion. A fresh gush of Allie’s silken wetness engulfed his throbbing cock. The sensation made both of them cry out loudly. They panted for breath and tightly held onto each other. And then Allaire began undulating against Devon’s hips, pulling him even deeper into her until his balls pressed snugly against her tight asshole.

I wonder if she was as tight as a virgin there, too.

As she rocked against him, his wiry pubic hairs rubbed against Allie’s clit, making her wordlessly moan. Devon suckled and caressed her breasts dancing before him. She rewarded him with small pulses and more moisture around his masculine length.

Devon couldn’t hold on any longer. Anxious to mount this gorgeous creature, he held Allie hips and laid her on her back. Her ankles rested on his shoulders and Devon entered her again.

“Harder,” she quietly begged.

“I’m not hurting you?”

“Shut up and just give me your magnificent cock.”

Her words were his undoing. At the end of every forward stroke, Devon ground his hips against hers and then he pulled completely out. Allaire’s face portrayed a perfect mix of pain and ecstasy. “You are the sexiest woman, Allaire,” he moaned as she lay beneath him.

Devon stroked more vigorously. Every penetration brought loud monosyllabic cries from Allaire’s lips. He kissed her hard and stabbed her mouth with his tongue the same way his cock did. It was an exotic death. His breath came in short pants and his hair curled as perspiration glistened on his forehead. Devon’s balls ached. He felt her inner walls gripping him so firmly he had to press even harder to make his way in. He couldn’t get enough of her wet, tight canal.

“Dev, I need you! Make me yours!” she cried as she powerfully came. “Come hard, harder than you ever have!”

Her requests startled Devon. This wasn’t just lust. It felt like the flare of something more. He already felt a deep connection to Allie in friendship. As a lover, she held nothing back from him. Her precious sexual innocence captivated him. He doubted he could completely let her go after this. Even if he never made love to Allie again, she already owned an emotional piece of him like no other before her. It was a powerful realization for Devon.

He studied Allaire while his body forcefully moved in hers. Her eyes squeezed shut and her brow furrowed in concentration. He wanted to claim her as his own. What have you done to me, Allaire West?
Allaire felt more alive and more sexual in Devon’s arms than with any other man, including her husband. It was intoxicating. She couldn’t get enough of Devon’s hard body against hers, his voice in her ear, his long fingers on her—in her, his sensual lips, his powerful manhood filling her completely. How will I let him go? She heard his choked breaths when Devon reached his orgasm.

“Allaire!” he shouted as the spasms claimed him.

Allie rode him even harder then, to milk every drop of his male virility from his body. She took everything Devon could give into herself. She brought her legs down and wrapped them tightly around his waist as his thrusting slowed. His breath came in gasps against her soft, creamy shoulder and she held his damp head to her, clinging to him, becoming one with him in a very different way.
Afterward, Devon held himself up on one arm so he wouldn’t crush Allie with his weight. He felt exhausted, utterly spent, and deeply satisfied. Many lovers shared his bed before Allie, but she set a new standard. The idea bothered him. He didn’t want to become attached to Allaire or anyone else for that matter right now. He had different plans.

He felt her soft lips on his neck and shoulders, still seeking affection even though the act was complete. Her strong legs still held him tightly, claiming the man and his flesh still nestled within her.
He knew she’d struggle with her infidelity, especially since Devon didn’t think she was unhappily married. He sensed her marriage to Jeff turned rather boring or vaguely unsatisfying somehow. He held her and gently rolled onto his side, falling out of her as he did so.

“Allaire, darling, are you okay?” he quietly asked. He pushed away her hair and lifted her chin to find her face tearstained.

She kissed him then, gently like their first kiss, and then more passionately. Allaire thirsted for more of everything Devon just gave her. “If I have to let you go, Devon, then I want to remember every inch of you, every moment with you, because it can never happen again,” she said through her tears.

“Is that why you’re crying? Because we cannot be together again?”

Allie nodded. “I’ll deal with this tomorrow but tonight is not for regrets.”

Devon searched her face for the truth. “Are you sure this is a mistake, Allaire? I don’t think this is just sex. I care about you deeply and I think you feel the same,” he ventured.

“I don’t know exactly what I feel and I don’t want to waste the precious minutes I have with you figuring it out now. Just remember I wanted you. I wanted to give myself to you utterly.” Allaire spoke in a hushed voice as she gazed into Devon’s eyes. “I have never been this way before. I’ve never been so completely naked with a man.” She kissed him again. “No more talking now, Dev. Make love to me again; make me yours so I can’t forget either.”

Devon made love to Allaire slowly, completely. He worshipped her with his lips and she did the same. When they joined as man and woman, he again felt a flare of emotion he had yet to name. Their cries united as his seed flowed into her chalice. The emotion crystallized. He loved her.


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