Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Shannon Pearce

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His business consulting firm has just made Drake a partner when his ex-wife informs him that their two little girls will be living with him until she returns from her two month long singles cruise. Drake is scheduled to work with a very important client this weekend and has no idea what to do, until he thinks of Ben. Ben has been at the firm working with Drake for two years now, and loves Drake’s little girls. Ben had begged Drake many times to let him take his little girls to the playground or some other fun place, to give Drake a little time to himself. Ben is more than happy to watch Drake’s two little girls, and moves in for the weekend. There is only one possible problem that Drake can foresee with this arrangement. He has had feelings for Ben for two years now, from the moment Ben joined the firm. Drake knows that Ben is gay, but what Drake does not know is that Ben has fallen in love with him over the past two years while at the firm. Drake is certain that he can ignore his feelings for Ben for three days. He will be much too busy with his client this weekend to even notice the sweet young god of a man he met two years ago, and who he has fantasized about for the past two years.

Note:   This was formerly "Making Up for Lost time." The story has not changed much, only the title, character names, to fit well with print book.

PUBLISHED BY: Beau to Beau
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica, ManLove
KEYWORDS: gay fiction, fiction, gay erotica, erotica, gay romance, romance, short story

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Drake had a very important client to meet with this weekend during the day, both Saturday and Sunday. If the kids were older they could take care of themselves somewhat, but they were only five and three. Drake had just moved to a townhouse and had only two beds, one for the girls and one for him. He thought about what he would do. He couldn’t cancel his meeting with the client. It was much too important to the firm. He had just made partner at his business consulting firm and had worked too hard to jeopardize that.

He then thought of the young man who had joined the firm two years ago and who he had been working closely with the entire time. Ben loved the girls and they loved him. He had been begging Drake to take the kids to the playground or something. Maybe I could get him to stay over, at least for the weekend, thought Drake. He hated for anyone to see the mess his house was in, but Ben wouldn’t mind. He had seen his house in disarray before. “I would love to take care of your kids. I can take Monday off, too, and that will give you three days without worry. I’ll get some stuff together and be right over,” Ben had said. That was a relief. There was only one thing wrong with the situation. Drake had worked with Ben now for a couple of years and was pretty sure he was gay. As attracted to Ben as Drake was, he thought that he might be gay as well, despite having been married. I’ll be too busy to even notice him with all I’ve got to do, he tried to convince himself.

The only bed left was Drake’s, and having Ben in bed with him was almost too enticing to think about. “I guess you’ll just have to sleep with me,” Drake heard himself say anyway. “Sounds great,” he said, and followed Drake to his room. Drake was definitely aroused by this idea, and hoped to make it into bed before he showed this arousal too much. Ben climbed into bed and went right to sleep. Drake took off his shorts and joined him, but had a hard time sleeping. The thought of this young gorgeous guy in his bed made him hard.

Drake had been asleep for awhile when he felt his cock being fondled. He opened his eyes just enough to keep Ben from knowing he was awake, and looked down at Ben gently massaging him, forcing his pre-cum to ooze freely. He moved slowly and then began to fondle Drake’s balls in his hand. Drake loved it and pretended to be asleep so that Ben would not stop. Drake closed his eyes as Ben ran his hand upward to his chest and to his nipples. Drake thought he was going to explode. He waited as long as he could before speaking. “Why don’t you go down on it, Ben? That is what you want, isn’t it?” Ben just looked at Drake. He wanted to deny what he had been doing, but he had been caught.


Ben got up off the bed as if giving a morning blowjob was an every day activity for him. “I’d better take a shower and see to the kids, and let you get ready for work,” he said, and left the room. Drake heard the shower running, and walked into the bathroom. He wanted to see the young silhouette of the man who had so eagerly prepared him for the day. He could see all of Ben, including his huge mass of meat which was hard and thick just as it was last night.


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