Wolves of East Anglia: Mate for a King

Wolves of East Anglia: Mate for a King

Marisa Chenery

Wolves of East Anglia

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PUBLISHED BY: Noble Romance Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60592-099-3
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Shape-shifter, Vampires / Werewolves
KEYWORDS: Werewolves

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EBOOKS BY Marisa Chenery

COPYRIGHT Marisa Chenery/2010

 Raed walked her to the door that opened into the stairwell. He opened it so they could pass through, but didn't close it behind them. In response to Lexi's questioning look, he said, "I think I may have to take a rain check for the rest of the evening. There is somewhere else I have to be tonight. I’m sorry I have to cut our evening short. I really would like to see you again, perhaps sometime soon?"

Once they reached the flat's door, Lexi gave him a small smile as she reached inside her purse and pulled out her keys. "Thanks for supper." She took a deep breath. "Look, Raed, don't feel as if you have to see me again. I can tell you didn't exactly enjoy yourself at the pub. You wouldn't be the first date I've bored to tears."

Raed crowded Lexi with his body until he had her backed against the door. He bent his head so he could look her in the eyes as he placed his hands on the door on either side of her head, caging her in. "Is that what you think? That I found you boring and I only said I wanted to see you again to be nice?"

Lexi swallowed as her gaze locked with his. "Well, yeah. We didn't exactly have a lot of stimulating conversation. I'm boring; I know that."

He crowded closer and pressed the bulge in his jeans against her. She sucked in a sharp breath, and he smiled. "You stimulated me very much. I haven't found you boring at all. If anything, you stir me more than you should."

As the scent of Lexi's arousal grew stronger, Raed knew he either had to taste her, or die from longing. He wrapped one hand around the back of her neck as he lowered his mouth to hers. He ran his tongue along the seam of her lips before he pushed inside and groaned as he got his first real contact with Lexi. The taste of her went straight to his head. He stroked her tongue with his as Lexi reached up to fist her hands in the front of his shirt. The keys she still held dug into his chest, but he barely felt them as intense arousal thrummed through his body.

Raed rocked his erection against her as he cupped her breast. He stroked his thumb across her pebbled nipple. Lexi moaned and sucked on his tongue. She pressed closer, rubbing up against his hard cock.

Lost in a sexual haze, Raed kissed Lexi deeper and he brought his hands down to her ass, lifting her off her feet. Positioning her so his aching cock was lined up with her pussy, he ground against her. Lexi moaned into his mouth. Her arms came up and wound around his neck as she pushed down on him.

The howl of a werewolf in the distance broke through Raed's lust-clouded brain and he stiffened. He let Lexi slowly slide down his body as he pulled away from her lips.

Lexi looked up at him, her eyes full of desire, her lips swollen from his kisses. "What's wrong?"

Raed knew she hadn't heard the werewolf's howl; the sound had been too far away for a mortal to hear at this distance. "I have to go. What's your phone number?"

She blinked as if she were still in a daze. Slowly, she said, "I can't remember."

The howl came again. Raed knew he couldn't linger much longer, no matter how much he wanted to stay and continue what they had started. "Never mind. I'll find it."

He gave Lexi one last quick, thorough kiss before he bounded down the stairs. He hoped he could find more than one werewolf tonight. Frustrated beyond words, he would gladly take his agitation out on the ones he hunted.


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