Wait Four Me

Wait Four Me

Milena Gomez

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In this follow up to "Moan For Me", vivacious Leslie and her lover Tom Parker, the former bartender of Parker's Place, are challenged on their sexual but serious relationship. Tom's parents don't agree on their love, but things get out of hand when ex-boyfriend Mark is in for revenge. Who will win and who will lose, when there's more than a crowd? And are both Leslie and Tom willing to wait for each other?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica

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COPYRIGHT Milena Gomez/2010

Leslie waited anxiously in her bathrobe for the moment the door would swing open and Tommy would arrive. It was always a daily affair for her and the T-man. T-man? She laughed. If he heard that, he would flip!

He never liked being called T, and T-man didn’t help, either. Sometimes she joked to him about him being the next Mr. T. “I pity the fool who calls me T again!”

“If I don’t punch you, it’s because you’re a woman, Leslie,” he said with a grin. “My woman.” He would bring her closer to him, pulling her face to his, and take her into total sexual abandon.

Tommy always managed to strip her of her inhibitions—and her robe—as he nibbled her ear, caressed her breasts, and stroked her womanhood to her ultimate delight.

Leslie, however, had been waiting for a while now, but despite that, she was still just as eager as ever to see him. He was not only her hero, but she believed him to be her soul mate.

“Soul mates.” She smiled at the sound of those two words. “Leslie and Tommy, soul mates.”

* * * *

“Soul mates?” Tom froze just outside the door when he heard Leslie. He checked his watch, and knew that by now her fingers might already be moist from stroking her most private part. He knew that Leslie was a woman who wore her sexual desires on her sleeve. The man he had been before he’d met her and the man he still was did not belong with a woman like her.

Maybe I pushed things by bringing her home that day. I shouldn’t have slept with her even if she wanted to. He sighed, looking down at the keys in his hand. How did I get caught up in her web? “I want you to moan for me?” Was I delusional when I said that? What was I thinking?

His thoughts turned to the call he’d had with his mother.

“You weren’t thinking, son. You hadn’t had a woman for almost a year. Now you have one, and your life has gone to hell.”

“Mother, you haven’t met her yet.”


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