Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

Bryn Wallace

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Anne Ferguson had almost everything she could want or need.


She had a loving husband, three wonderful grown-children, and a satisfying writing career.

But scars, seen and unseen, hollowed a space filled only in her fantasies-to be sexually desired again by her first love, Michael-to experience the intimacy they craved, but never got to share.

It was a fantasy she didn’t expect to realize, until a chance meeting one spring weekend.

Would the sex be all she had day-dreamed? Would it be enough to fill her latent want? Would Anne’s beloved husband understand her need to complete this unfinished business?

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The sun-washed Florida sky was so blue it almost hurt to look at it. A soft, offshore breeze caressed Anne’s skin, and the warm gulf-stream waters bathed her in its glow. At a Miami youth conference, she and her first love, Michael, had frolicked hand-in-hand, in the gentle Atlantic surf.

As gulls wheeled overhead, the couple slowly and playfully moved farther from the beach, away from the crowds.

Along the way, their adolescent fun had evolved into full-grown passion. Light kisses had deepened and lengthened, embraces had tightened, until the thin fabric of Anne’s top couldn’t hide her nippled excitement, and Michael’s suit no longer restrained his growing erection.

This new intimacy sparkled Anne’s body like ocean spray in a westering sun, enflaming already heated hormones, and lighting her desire for more. She longed for Michael to touch her, there and there. Her wish was soon granted.

Crossing deeper water to a sand-bar, Anne had turned her back to Michael’s chest and reclined in his arms. Tall and strong, he had crouched and pulled Anne onto his knees where she had become buoyant, riding the swells that sauntered toward the strand. When a wave lifted her from his lap, Michael unexpectedly slipped one hand under her top, cupping a pearl-white breast, while his other hand plunged inside yellow bikini bottoms and began stroking her clitoris to nature’s rhythm. And nature had pretty good rhythm.

With each crest his finger would ease down her virgin cleft, and as the wave passed, would glide back to the top; every swell stoking new-found heat.

Between each set of waves Anne would ache with yearning for the next one to begin. It was never long in coming, yet too tardy for her hungry flesh.

Without a word passing between them, wave after wave, Michael’s fingers skillfully played to the ocean beat, and Anne’s body danced to the song. The crescendo and diminuendo of the deep matched the rise and fall of her breasts when, at last, she exhaled a shuddering gasp as an ocean of pleasure washed through her. Wrung out by the sensual ballet, she sunk deeper into his embrace until it was time to go.

A happy ending to a sublime swim. For Anne.

In her naiveté she neglected to reciprocate for Michael. A gentleman, he hadn’t demanded, or even asked, for his own release.

Unknown then, that swim was to be the pinnacle of their passion. Once, while petting in a secluded park, Michael had lifted her dress to discover she was panty-less, and had freed his manly-member from its textile confines to rub it into her slit, but fearing discovery, and to Anne’s great disappointment, he never penetrated. In fact, they had never been completely naked with each other, and never reprised the ocean dance.

Her senior year, time and circumstance had conspired against them. Michael, thirteen months older than Anne, left for college, met and married Beverly, and started a photographic career in Gallatin, a nearby Nashville suburb. To Anne’s surprise, two years later, he had attended her own wedding, and then disappeared from her life-but not from her thoughts.

Unfinished business.

She wondered if he reflected on those days-that Florida day-like she did. She wondered if he ever desired to do it again. She wondered if he might still desire her.

Not that she had been deprived of earthly delights. After graduation, Anne had chosen a different college, and there discovered the love of her life. Her beloved husband, Rob, had not only given her three beautiful children, but screaming orgasms, and unalloyed love as well.

No, she wouldn’t trade Rob for Michael at any price, but she would still like to have one more “O” at Michael’s hand…or another appendage. Moreover, she wanted to give him one he would never forget. One that would show him the expert lover she had become.


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