The Master Series Book 4: Devil’s Torment

The Master Series Book 4: Devil’s Torment

Sarah Masters

The Master Series

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 With the reopening of Devil’s Spawn upon them, Julian and Vincent have much to prepare. However, the past haunts Vincent, tormenting him day and night. One morning, Vincent is roused from slumber and drawn to the bedroom window. Someone stands in the forest surrounding his home, and he ventures outside to see who it is—only to find more horrors awaiting him.


Intent on revenge, Vincent vows to confront the forest figure, but events once again spiral out of control and someone loses their life.


A shocking revelation regarding Julian shakes Vincent to the core, but he remains loyal to his lover, hoping his conscience will leave him free of torment.


Will death and destruction always plague the couple, or is Vincent destined to carry past’s burdens forever?

PUBLISHED BY: loveyoudivine Alterotica
ISBN: 978-1-60054-409-5
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Erotica, ManLove
KEYWORDS: Sarah Masters, Masters Series, loveyoudivine, alterotica, m/m manlove, gay, queer, homosexual, malexmale, historical, action, intrigue, sex, erotic, erotic

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 The master leaned forward, and his breath’s tickle formed a rash of gooseflesh over Vincent’s skin. Cock stiffening, Vincent pulled his man closer, hands caressing his back.


“And I have missed you,” he murmured into the other’s ear, breathing in the scent of outdoors, ale, and cheroot smoke. “I should have gone with you tonight. I…I allowed my mind to drift.”


Julian drew back. “Do not do that.” He ran the backs of his fingers down Vincent’s cheek and brushed soft lips across his. “It does you no good—us no good. To dwell on what is in the past…we cannot change it, only learn from it, you understand?” His eyes moistened.


Ah, so he does feel guilty. Vincent nodded and stifled another sigh, something he did too often now. His chest against Julian’s stirred desire, and he sought out his beau’s mouth, wanting the kiss to erase the hurt inside him. Their tongues twined, hands roamed, and a low groan rumbled in his throat. Julian’s hands ventured beneath Vincent’s shirt, fingertips tracing the contours of his back, his shoulder blades. Urgent need gripped them, desire so raw in Vincent he wrenched open his lover’s breeches and shoved them to rest on the muscled thighs he adored. Julian’s thick cock in hand, he began a rhythm—fast, tight—and bollocks whispered over his palm, their softness sweet on his skin. Julian did likewise, their kiss deepening, quickening breaths coming harsh. The doorjamb pressed into Vincent’s spine, and he pumped cock and gripped the master’s arse. He raised his hips so his balls met Julian’s, his man’s hand relinquishing Vincent’s bollocks to clasp his waist, thumb and fingertips biting. Their hands bumped, movement frenetic, and Vincent looked down.


Two glorious cocks swelled, the sight drawing a spear of lust from Vincent’s sac to his cockhead. He ground his teeth, and Julian’s forehead touched his. His lover fisted harder, and a pearl of seed seeped from each cock, Vincent’s bollocks so taut he feared they’d burst. He slapped the master’s arse, surprising himself and Julian, for they looked at one another. Lust filled Julian’s wide eyes—for hadn’t he requested such an act before?—and wantonness spread through Vincent, infusing him with the courage to repeat the strike.




Author Bio:


Sarah writes in many genres. Her love of fantasy and historicals often features in her work, and she leans toward the highly erotic. She lives in England with her adorable husband and children.


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