The House of Silver Oak

The House of Silver Oak

Nix Winter

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Cain's problems didn't get smaller in Iraq.

Whiskey doesn't fix anything long enough.

A last chance gets him a job in an old mansion.

A triple homicide made the house notorious.

Shelly is the celebrated murder suspect.

Cain can't believe the smiling, cheerful ghost hurt anyone.

Mistakes can be deadly.

CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: yaoi, romance, gay, ghosts, paranormal, homosexual, reincarnation

EBOOKS BY Nix Winter

EBOOKS BY Nix Winter

COPYRIGHT Nix Winter/2010

Sunlight filtered through the lace, mottling over Shelly's hair, over the white shirt he wore. The door to his room closed, but his response was just the slightest move of slender fingers, under soft and layered lace. Well-tailored black slacks concealed and informed the firm lines of his body. It was late morning. Any one of real status would be asleep still. The servants were focused on preparing for the evening's party.


"Oliver," Shelly replied, smiling over his shoulder, blond waves framing his face. "I was hoping you'd arrive early."

Oliver grinned, short dark hair neat around his face, side burns neatly trimmed. Black slacks, white tuxedo shirt, he twirled a long stemmed rose in one hand. Dark eyes glittered wickedly. "I brought rose wine."

Shelly let his shirt slip from one shoulder, revealing a strong and well build body, healthy and pale. "Are you saying you need to get drunk to want me?"

Oliver turned the key in the lock and pulled it out. Very familiar with his lover's room, he set both the key and the wine on the floor at the foot of Shelly's bed. "The only thing I need to desire you is breath."

Shelly took a step back from the window, as much as he loved the sunshine, he wanted just a touch more privacy with his lover. Oliver traced his fingers slowly down Shelly's bare shoulder, leaving goosebumps. "I want you, Shelly."

"How badly do you want me," Shelly asked, turning, letting his shirt slip from both shoulders and down, soft cotton and lace caressing over sensitive skin as it fell. Voice lower, sultry, inviting, he asked again, "How badly do you want me?"

Oliver licked his lips, trembling fingers, pushing Shelly's shirt the rest of the way free. Fingers traced slowly back up Shelly's arms, shivering so lightly, their eyes locked, searching each other's soul, until his strong hands grabbed hold. Pulling his lover to him, Oliver joined them, lips caressing lips, diving deep into forbidden intimacy with his love. Shelly melted open, pressing up, drinking his love down as if this might be the only moment they might have.

The world around them was decadent, gilt, but tainted with the end of Mr. Lincoln's War. What promises forbidden love could give came to little more than what kisses held the moment. Oliver growled into the kiss, his tongue caressing Shelly's tongue, cherishing him. His kiss moved to Shelly's throat, kissing down towards his shoulder.

"Today. I want… today." Shelly's voice was breathy, light. One slender leg hooked around Oliver's, pulling him closer, groin to groin.

"Are you sure?" Oliver whispered, kisses low enough to be warm and wet against Shelly's nipple. "I'm happy with your mouth."

"More," Shelly moaned, hands working under Oliver's shirt. "Now. I want it now."

"Wicked boy," Oliver growled, hands undoing the buttons of Shelly's pants. "I love you, Shelly. I really love you. We'll go together, to San Francisco, so far away. We'll live together."

"Together," Shelly promised, a hand sliding over the front of Oliver's pants. "You do want me."

"Of course I want you," Oliver said, hands now cupping Shelly's bare ass cheeks, lifting him up. His own pants fell, letting him step easily free of them so he could carry Shelly to the bed. "I'm nervous too, you know. It's not like I've ever, before, you know."

"Touch me," Shelly begged, scooting back on the bed, knees bent. "Just touch me......"

Neither of them knew it would be a hundred years an a different life before they'd get the chance....


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