The Black Pouch Crusader

The Black Pouch Crusader

Jasper McCutcheon

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Here's a tale from the old American West. Set in the Idaho and Montana Territories of 1880, it's a story of mining, railroading, blossoming romance, kidnapping, extortion and erotic interrogation.


Our heroes, Pete Radcliffe and Jack Hutch, are semi-retired railroad detectives in Idaho summoned by an old friend, Marjean, to solve the case of miners under her employ who've gone missing. While Jack works outside the scene and protects Marjean, Pete ventures into the bowels of the Montana mining community. He finds the missing miners, all right, and in the process is taken prisoner by the perpetrators of the plot -- two ladies who run the town's bordello. They have questions for Pete, but he'll have to answer them while stripped naked and bound up in their dungeon of evil delights. Cover image is conceived and designed by author at 1800x2700 pixels, a screen-filler.

PUBLISHED BY: Jardonn's Erotic Tales
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Action/Adventure, BDSM, Erotica, Fem Dom, Historical, Multiple Partners, Western/Cowboys
KEYWORDS: erotica, bondage, female dominants, historical fiction, american west

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What Pete didn't know couldn't help him until Jack and them got to Jarboe, and the two ladies standing on either side of his torture table probably wouldn't be offering much help either.

"Oh, Pete, you should have seen the show," Loretta beamed. "Those salty miners ate it up."

Cassie agreed. "Loretta's girls are going to be busy tonight."

"I just hope the cleaning staff can keep up with all those soiled sheets." This brought much laughter from the two ladies and Purcell, but not Pete.

"I'm real happy for you. Seems to me if you're making so much money selling female services you wouldn't need to be thieving Elwood's hard work."

"Screw Elwood," barked Loretta.

"And screw Marjean Hoodenpyle, too, for that matter," Cassie chimed while proceeding to remove her clothing. "And screw you, Pete Radcliffe."

"Interesting subject," Loretta said while unbuttoning her blouse. "I've been wondering exactly what Marjean told you about our little enterprise here."

"Ah, hell. She never told me anything I haven't found out for myself since getting here."

"Really?" Loretta sneered. "Nothing about maps? Or combinations to safes?"

"She doesn't know any of that. And neither do I."

"Purcell?" Cassie summoned in a voice sweetly sickening. "He seems to enjoy our methods of persuasion. Better give him some." With a circling of the table, Purcell cranked the ropes to a tension slightly less than before. Tight, but tolerable. "Now, Purcell," she continued. "Since we have a special visitor, I've decided to hold a midnight mass rather than our regular Sunday morning service. Go tell Briscoe, and stay up there to help him with the rowdies until it's time to do what you need to do."

"Yes, ma'am."

"And don't forget to pass it around to the girls," Loretta reminded.

"Yes, ma'am."

"And get me something to eat, for Christ's sake," Pete gave it a try. Purcell raised an eyebrow to Loretta, who shook her head no. "Damn, ladies," Pete growled through clenched teeth. "Can't you get me a cooked egg or something? Haven't had a bite since breakfast with Marjean."

"See, Pete? That's a sore subject with us." Loretta, naked, climbed onto the table left of Pete's chest.

"That's true," Cassie, naked, did the same on Pete's right. "You'd be better off not mentioning that bitch's name again unless we ask you."

"What about my egg?"

"Very funny," Loretta chuckled. "Sorry, Pete. We like you lean and mean." From her knees she lowered her face to his belly, kissed it, licked it between words. "You... mmm... denied us once... mwah... but not tonight."

"That's right, Pete. You just don't know how bad you broke our hearts." Cassie reached across his chest, grabbed his left tit between finger and thumb. "Leaving us with that old man." She lowered her lips to his right tit, sucked and licked on it between words. "While you devoted all your... uhhm... attention... oh yeah... to that harlot."

"You two shouldn't be holding grudges," he remarked, trying to ignore what those mouths were doing to him. "Bad for your health. Besides, I never said you couldn't join our little party that night."

"You ignored us, Pete. Hurt our feelings," Loretta slurped.

"Life's for living, ladies. Gotta take what you want for yourselves."

"That's exactly what we're going to do, Pete." Cassie's lips clamped onto him like a leech. Gave his tit some serious suction.

"Yow! Careful there, sweet cakes."

"One thing's for sure, Pete." Loretta raised up from his belly. "That penis of yours is still ignoring us."

"Well, he's kinda halfway in between. I can't help that. You two've got me feeling a bit vulnerable. Not to mention the fact I'm tied up to your torture rack. What the hell am I supposed to think?"

"There's your problem, Pete," Loretta explained. "Too much thinking." She crawled to the foot of the table. "Not enough feeling." Reaching under the surface by Pete's left foot, she turned the wheel two clicks. "We've never had a man of this caliber on our rack." She crawled to his right foot, gave a couple clicks to that underneath wheel. "We're going to find out what a man like you can do."

"That's right, Pete," Cassie concurred while crawling toward his wrists. She cranked his right rope two clicks. "We're going to take your suggestion." She cranked his left. "Take what we want for ourselves."

Pain returned to Pete's joints and sockets, but still not so severe as his earlier session. Nonetheless, Pete's muscles were again called into action, trying to keep ligaments from pulling apart. His deep breath and groan, "Uhhh, torture," expressed what he felt.

"That's right, Pete. Torture." Cassie knelt just beyond his head. She leaned forward. Put her nails onto his belly and lightly laid down tracks, slowly scraping up his compressed stomach and toward his expanded chest. She purposely dragged her nails across his stretched tits before repeating her move. She again started at his belly, her body undulating, her motion dangling in progression directly above Pete's eyes, nose and mouth -- first, her bulbous breasts and pink titties, next, her firmly smooth belly, and finally, her vagina, its wetness confirming her excitement, her clittie engorged and vibrating.

Pete strained against his ropes. He clenched his teeth, clenched shut his eyes. Didn't want to see her hovering above him like that, all those female body parts so close, yet so out of reach. He struggled against the inevitable. Tried to control his excitement. Tried to deny them his erection, but they teamed up against him. "How does it feel, Pete Radcliffe?" Loretta knelt between his thighs. "Here you are, bound and helpless, stripped of everything." She positioned her groin above his penis, his mass now halfway filled with blood but still resting comfortably atop his nuts. "Every inch of your body is at our mercy." She lowered her vagina, made contact with his cock head. She pressed him between her dripping labia, inner and outer, squeezed him with wet muscle. "No man can take torture such as this."


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