The Amorous Weekend

The Amorous Weekend

Kathryn Gerbert

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Tony and Lori Johnson have settled into married life. On the outside, everyone thinks they have a good marriage. But they have one major problem spot - sex. Lori is reticent when it comes to sex, not quite feeling comfortable with the act itself. While she wants to have a happy marriage with her husband, she would be more comfortable if it didn't include sex. Will Lori finally be able to let go and enjoy herself? Or is she doomed to be a reserved lover...
PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
ISBN: 1448645573
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Chick Lit/Hen Lit, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy
KEYWORDS: sexual frustration, romance, contemporary romance, Kathryn Gerbert, intimacy issues

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“Tony,” she mumbled against his lips.

The only time Lori talked during kissing was to tell him that she had her period. Talking was the kiss of death during kissing for them. “Hmm.” He was still kissing, not doing his best work when he was handicapped with only one lip.

“Sex doesn’t make everything better.” She was pushing the TV Guide against his chest.

“Oh, yeah, it does for me. War, pestilence, global warming... all better.”

“No, I’m watching this program.” The TV Guide was taking a beating. Thinking this might turn into a no-holds-barred wrestling match, Ernie hopped up on the sofa next to Tony. He was doing little pawing things on Tony’s arm.

“I hope you’re not waiting for William Petersen to magically appear. He’s doing Sara in the jungle.” Bravo for Gil, at least he had a willing partner. Lori did a twisting thing and removed herself from intimate contact.

“I am aware he’s gone, I’ve moved on.” She tried to re-engage herself with the show.

“No, you haven’t. You have the hots for him. Admit it.”

“I am watching this program.”

“Okay, we both are then.” Tony was on his best behavior now. Ernie burrowed under Tony’s arm in order to be scratched.

Tony tried to watch television, but he had his beautiful wife next to him and he loved the way Lori looked. Her brown hair had been clipped back and curled for school; it was in a pony tail now, some wisps escaping the rubber band around her face. Her make up was nearly gone, she either scrubbed it off when she changed her clothes or it came off as the day wore on. She was beautiful without it. She still had darker eyebrows and lashes than natural; that part of her make-up stayed on the longest.

He remembered the first time he met her, dressed all in white, her voice and demeanor refined. Her clothes were tasteful, never much jewelry, she made a statement about who she was by the way she looked and the way she acted. She was polished.


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