Sweetest Songs

Sweetest Songs

Katriena Knights

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Ty Richie is a wannabe musician, but he can't quite seem to get his big break. Brin O'Meara has had a soft spot for Ty for years, but he only has eyes for her stunning stepsister Liz. When Ty gets the chance to make Liz jealous by weaseling his way into a camping trip with Brin, Liz and her boyfriend Gavin, he jumps on the opportunity. But a freak snowstorm in the mountains changes everything, and suddenly Ty finds himself looking at Liz, Brin, and even himself, in an entirely new light.

PUBLISHED BY: Katriena Knights
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary
KEYWORDS: romance, contemporary romance, novella

EBOOKS BY Katriena Knights

EBOOKS BY Katriena Knights

COPYRIGHT Katriena Knights/2010

The Ground Zero coffeehouse was packed tonight. Brin O’Meara sipped her decaf non-fat hazelnut latte and stared blankly at the empty stage. Next to her, sharing her table, her stepsister Liz and her boyfriend Gavin talked and laughed enthusiastically.

Brin heartily wished they’d go sit somewhere else, but when they’d come in and caught sight of her sitting alone, they’d taken it upon themselves to provide her with company.
Brin wasn’t here for company. She was here to see Ty Richie play his usual set, just like she was on most Wednesday nights. She missed his performances from time to time, because of other commitments, or just because she’d decided that day that dragging out of the house just to watch Ty was too pathetic, but usually she was here at this table from seven to eight, listening to Ty play and sing.

It wasn’t that he was that great a performer. He had a pleasant enough voice, dark and a little gravelly, with whisky undertones. It was a sexy kind of voice, and if he’d ever bothered to take voice lessons, it could have been killer. Ladies swooning in the aisles kind of killer.

His guitar playing was similarly mediocre. Oh, he could play, and sometimes he popped off a riff that made her nod and smile in appreciation, but mostly he stuck to a few tried and true picking patterns, chord sequences in C or D, just enough variety to keep the songs from being hopelessly bland.

It was perfect for the Ground Zero coffeehouse, but not for anything bigger or better. Which was too bad.

Brin had known Ty for nearly fifteen years, and as far back as she could remember, he’d wanted to be a rock star. Not just a guy who made a living with his voice and his guitar, but a star. He’d nearly accomplished the former—though she knew he wasn’t quite making enough money to make ends meet just by singing—but she had a feeling he was never going to achieve the latter. He just didn’t want it enough, regardless of what he told himself.

She took another drink of her latte and glanced at Gavin.

“So, this guy’s a friend of yours?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Liz answered, then looked at Brin. “More a friend of Brin’s, really. She’s known him longer. She and Ty were already buds when my dad married her mom.”

“He any good?” said Gavin.

Liz shrugged. The heavy, brilliant waves of her golden hair shifted against her shoulders. “He’s okay, I guess.”

“He’s good,” said Brin.

Liz gave her a broad wink. “Brin has an itty bitty crush.”

Brin sneered at her—the joke was too old for her to be truly annoyed by it, but it still made her uncomfortable. “He’s a friend.”

Gavin grinned. Liz had only been seeing him for about a month. This was the third time Brin had found herself in his company, and she’d decided she didn’t like him much. He was too pretty, for one thing, and you could tell by looking at him that he was very aware of this, and went to great effort to maintain it. She had never seen so much hair gel on one human being.

“He may be good, but he’s late,” Liz said. “Typical.”

Brin curled herself into her chair and sipped her latte. She had given up defending Ty a long time ago, mostly because he so rarely deserved it. If she said right now, “He’ll be here soon,” it would practically guarantee he’d be twenty more minutes late, and probably deliver a sub-standard set to boot.

Still, she really did have a crush. She’d nurtured it for nearly ten years. It didn’t seem to matter how irresponsible or unmotivated he proved to be, there was still something about Ty that made her like him.

She even knew what it was. He had a good heart. Deep down, he was the kind of guy a girl could fall in love with. He just needed a little…tweaking.

He’d never looked twice at her, though. Who could, as long as she was standing in her sister’s tall, blonde, buxom shadow? Ty had made no secret of the fact that he had every intention of winning Liz no matter how long it took him. But Liz had no interest in him.

Brin couldn’t blame her. Ty was shallow and poor and kind of a jackass more often than not. But Brin still had those warm, fuzzy feelings for him. She kept hoping they’d go away, but they didn’t. If only Ty could see her, standing there small and dull and brown, next to her statuesque, golden step-sister—

Well, then things might get interesting.


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