Strapped Tight

Strapped Tight


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 As told through the weekend encounters of an obsessive young businessman, Strapped Tight provides an unabashed glimpse into the compulsive cycle of domination and fulfilled arousal of gay male coupling in the fetish-driven world of bondage. Here nonviolent, consensual sexual pleasure is attained from dominator control, the tight squeeze, and strapped entrapment and taking.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
ISBN: 9781609823047
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Erotica, ManLove, Multiple Partners
KEYWORDS: gay male, older-younger, fetish, domination, anal, BDSM, toys, interracial, threesome, leather, coercion

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 We engaged in small talk for a bit while we waited for a waiter, with me creeping ever closer to him along the vinyl bench. I was up close to him, with my arm around him and my fingers stroking one of his nipples through his shirt when he zeroed in on the question of whether I really was eight inches. When I told him the truth, I could feel him trembling under the palm of my hand. He expressed disbelief, and I gave him permission to find out himself, right then and there. His hand went to my fly below the table surface, and he lowered the zipper to my pants and rolled out my hose. I could hear the intake of breath and feel his tremors increase as he found out that I had told the truth.

I hadn’t told him what I really liked, though. I wondered if I should tell him or just let him find out for himself. The waiter appeared, a pert young man, short of stature, but very well built and with freckles and golden-red hair that would have hung to his shoulders if he didn’t have it tied up in a pony tail. He could tell in an instant what Chris and I had going on under the table top, but this was that kind of bar, so he just gave me a shy little grin as he took our orders. Chris ordered a domestic draft beer, and I ordered a martini.

As soon as the waiter disappeared, Chris sank under the table and had the head of my dick between his lips. He ran his tongue around my glans, at the rim and pushed at my piss slit with the tip of his tongue. After a bit of this, with my cock responding by beginning to harden, he took in about four inches of me and squeezed his mouth tight over my rod. It was time for me to give him a taste of what I expected, what turned me on. I wrapped my legs around his back tightly and grabbed his head between my inner thighs. I reached into the pocket of my jacket and took out a leather strap from a shoulder bag, one with padding where the strap would rest on the shoulder. I wound the ends of the strap around my fists and brought it over his head, as it was being tightly squeezed between my thighs, and lowered the padded shoulder pad to the back of Chris’s neck and pulled his head into my crotch.

I held him close there, guiding his mouth up and down with the pressure on the leather strap, and ever deeper on my cock, which had sprung to life when I had taken control. This tight closeness was what I liked, what I responded to sexually.


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