Spirit by the Falls

Spirit by the Falls

Donna Crocker

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Chapter One

In a large, mystic castle in a foreign land, where the building tops were covered in gold, lived a young woman. She would stand and look out of the tower bedroom window and look out over the sand-covered land. All her life she had dreamed of having someone to love her for herself. She would watch and dream every day that her true love would come. Her grandmother had always told her that they lived in the land where magic happened; that if you wished and dreamed hard enough your dream would come true.
How many days had Destiny stood there waiting for that dream to come true? All she wanted was someone to love her for herself, not the money her father had. Sometimes she wished she had nothing because with all of it she couldn’t find happiness.
Sometimes during her lonely days she would go for long walks deep into the woods. Once there she would sit by her favorite place by a small waterfall she had found one day. No one knew about her secret place. Not even her father knew about this very special place. Sometimes she would just sit on a rock near the water and watch. When the sun hit the waterfall it was like seeing a rainbow of colors. Some days she would lose herself in the magic of the colors and the fall.
One day, as she sat there soaking in the peace around her, just as the sun was going down and she knew that she had to go back to the castle before they knew she was gone, Destiny was staring at the water when she looked up to see a figure standing in front of her surrounded by a mist.
“Why are you so sad?” the woman asked. “You have everything at your fingertips: beauty, riches, and a kingdom all around you,” she said.
Destiny looked up at her and said, “It’s not enough. I would give it all up if I only had someone to love me.”
The angel-looking figure said, “You have always had your true love within your reach; you just have not grasped it. All you have to do is look around and you will see what you’re looking for.”
As Destiny listened to her, she saw that she was fading into the mist. Looking around her to see where she had gone, Destiny couldn’t find her. Seeing the sun go down further, she started the long walk home.
She had never been afraid to walk through the woods, but this evening it felt different. As she walked quickly to the opening she kept looking back to see if she was being followed. She felt as if someone was watching her. Seeing nothing around her, she continued her journey home.
Going in the back entrance and up the long stone steps, she returned to her room. Once there, she undressed and got ready to have dinner with her father. She had not seen him since early morning, but that was how most days were. Her father was a very busy man; being king of the country was a demanding job. He was also away a lot. He had told her that morning they would be entertaining a guest tonight and he wanted her to look her best.
As Destiny washed and dressed, she kept remembering what the figure by the falls said to her. Maybe she had fallen asleep in the sun; that would explain thinking she had seen something.
Walking down the hallway, she met her father coming toward her with a smile on his face. It had only been the two of them her whole life. Her mother had died during childbirth, so her father and grandmother had raised her by themselves. She’d had the best teachers and nannies that money could buy. Her father was the king and ruler of this small country. This made her a princess.
The only thing missing was the prince that was supposed to love her.
Her father watched as she walked toward him. She was beautiful, dressed in a long white sequin-covered gown, her hair hanging free and held back by clips .Her hair was a rich black color, her eyes the color of the sky. Smiling at him, she stood on tiptoe to kiss him on the cheek.
As he offered his arm, he asked, “Are you ready to meet our guests for dinner?”
As they entered the dining room, everyone who sat at the long table turned toward the door. She was introduced to everyone; then, looking down the length of the table with candles lit all the way down it, a pair of eyes found hers. Time stood still and Destiny couldn't breathe or move. Something had happened in the room--it was as if time suddenly stopped and they were the only two people in the room.
Robert felt as if he had been hit by lightning. She was beautiful. He had never seen anyone like her in his life. When he had been informed by his company that he needed to make this trip to check their investment, he hadn’t wanted to come. Now he was very happy he had.
But how did someone meet a princess? Oh, he was wealthy for his thirty-two years, but her father was a king. What could he possibly have she would be interested in?
All through dinner, Destiny kept looking down at the end of the table to find the eyes that had been on her all evening. Every time she would look up, she would see him staring at her. Who was he and what was he doing in her home? She would have to find a way to ask her father.
After dinner, everyone went into the den for drinks. Feeling restless, Destiny walked out onto the patio to get some fresh air and just stood staring out into the darkness. This was one of her favorite times. As she was standing there, she felt the presence long before she turned around. Slowly turning around, she saw the figure of the woman in her glowing, floating gown.
“You only have to believe to get what your heart desires,” she said in a whisper. She then disappeared right before her eyes.
As Destiny stood watching, a shiver went down her arm. Why did she keep seeing and hearing this woman?
Robert looked around the room. Where had she gone? He couldn’t find her. Maybe she had gone to her room. Needing some fresh air, he walked toward the double doors that led outside. Softly closing the doors behind him, he walked outside into the warm night air. There, standing all alone by the rock wall, he saw her.
Walking over to her, he said, “Hello, your highness. I’m Robert.”
Destiny put out her hand for him to shake, but to her surprise he brought it to his lips and kissed it ever so gently. He knew that he held it much too long but he didn’t want to let her go. He was sure she would disappear again.
Destiny just stood there staring into his eyes. Finally, in a soft voice she asked, “Who are you?”
“I’m here on business from the United States,” Robert said. “Your father invited me here.”
“How long will you be here?” she asked.
“Three weeks,” Robert replied, never taking his eyes away from her face.
“I hope you have a very nice visit,” she said politely. “I guess I’d better go back in. I don’t want to appear rude to my father’s guests.”
Together they walked back inside. Destiny walked over to her father.
“Hi, sweetheart,” he said, putting his arm around her. “Is everything all right?” he asked, looking at Robert.
“Oh yes,” she said with a smile, “everything is fine.”
His guests stayed for another hour, then one by one they all started to leave. Turning to her father, she said, “I think I will go on to bed.”
“I will walk you up,” he said. “I’m tired too. It has been a long day.”
Together they walked upstairs. At her door, he kissed her on top of her head and said, “Have pleasant dreams, my dear.”
As Destiny walked into her room, she saw that her maid had laid out her nightgown and pulled back the covers on her bed. The candles were lit and the french doors were open. She could feel the warm summer breeze coming through them. The room smelled of wild honeysuckles and beeswax from the candles. The moonlight came in through the open doors and fell across the bed. As she got ready for bed, she kept thinking about Robert and his kiss on her hand. It was so gentle…she only wished that it had been on her lips.



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