Soul Kiss: The Confessions Of A Homoerotic Vampire

Soul Kiss: The Confessions Of A Homoerotic Vampire

Alexander Renault

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Cuthbert is an immortal, gay, and sexually ravenous member of the undead. Historically accurate, Soul Kiss tells an enthralling story set against backdrops of differing cultures from ancient Egypt to the Greco-Roman era, from medieval Cornwall to Civil War Philadelphia, as Cuthbert searches for identity through erotic pleasure. From musings on existential questioning to the value of immortality itself, Renault guides his reader through a gripping maze of passion, lust, and sexual obsession. The tale of Cuthbert’s journey ends in modern America at a dwelling on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. After a series of emotionally empty sexual encounters, Cuthbert must face the truth of what he has for so long been searching -- who he is and what it means to be both gay and immortal. The renowned contemporary poet Antler says Alexander Renault's work shows a "heightened eros awareness." We think you'll agree.

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CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, ManLove, Vampires / Werewolves
KEYWORDS: vampire, undead, m-m, male-male, gay

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Recovery sometimes took many days, walking in the sand at night. The cool evening air soothed my bruises and burns. Some men would be overcome by the spirit of cats and would bite into my flesh without apprehension. Then a thin rod marking my back and buttocks, or a binding of cloth around ankle, wrist, and neck burned into my flesh. It always faded, all of it. But it took time. As I have said, the guards knew my limits but they also knew I loved to be taken violently.

* * * *

The day I died I lost a tooth. I cannot recall all of it but I will tell you of my pain. I had lain beneath one-hundred men following a feast day in the temple. I lost all liquid in the night after toomuch wine and sweat.

I soaked in the bath, sitting up and falling asleep against the cool stone. My feet hurt from a night of dancing, my body raw like a shaved, gutted lamb. The jewel of my anus bled into the waters but not badly. One could only see the slightest tinge of pink in the bath but I could feel it burning, my tenderness against the stone. I ached and my thick muscles were sore. As I sat falling asleep in the bath I could feel the hard, dried semen caked upon my torso loosen and jiggle into the water as if I were sweating out the love from my tribe of old men.

I leaned my head back against the edge of the bath, licking my lips, enjoying the taste of my benefactors. Two fingers of my left hand massaged my third eye while my other hand was stunned to find my own intensely hard erection.

I laughed out loud. Even after five orgasms in a single night of pleasure my cock reacted to the smell and taste of old men. I dragged my fingers down my forehead and over my handsome nose (in a facetious mood I might be tempted to report that I had a "Roman nose," but of course you realize that such a thing did not yet exist on the day I died). I was unimpeded by facial hair for I had the jaw of a lion and full lips, traits that were gifts from Aten.

I smelled and tasted the men of my tribe on my hand. Yes, I realized in that instant, my tribe, for they all belonged to me. I was their god of unimaginable beauty. I deserved admiration, glory, and worship. I–

My legs violently scraped against the submerged stone as I was dragged beneath the water by hands that felt like powerful claws.

I wish I could tell you the details of my death but I recall little after that. Strong hands holding me beneath the water, my struggle, banging my head against stone and the pain in my mouth. My tongue felt as though it were thickening and I could feel the gap where a front tooth had been lost. I fought courageously while my lungs filled with fluid.

Then a kiss. It was forceful yet tender as lips and an open mouth met mine, the darting of a tongue. The mouth breathed life back into my burning lungs and as I struggled for my life, the pain in my body began to diminish, then disappeared completely. The ache in my muscles, my burns and bruises, my bleeding mouth and asshole, all tingled. I thought I was dying because I stopped breathing and began to feel lighter, expecting to awaken to the shadow land.

I recall fleeing the temple like a hunted animal running into the night under a full moon. I pleaded to Aten to save me but still I ran and ran.

I did not know on the night I died that my lungs were forever filled with dust older than time.


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