Second Chance

Second Chance

Jude Mason

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Jonathan Drake, once hell raiser bad boy, returns to the institution where he was saved from a life of crime. This time he's there to ask for his son's admittance. A son who seemed bent on repeating Dad's mistakes.

Headmistress Catherine Bynder, turns out to be the daughter of a previous principle and remembers him with more than fondness. She's after more than school fees, and isn't afraid to go after him. What begins as an interview and application, soon turns into so much more.

Sparks fly between the two, but will too many unfulfilled years keep these two from their second chance?

PUBLISHED BY: Silver Publishing
ISBN: 0797734794618
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Chick Lit/Hen Lit, Erotica

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EBOOKS BY Jude Mason

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Funny, I'm almost as nervous now as I was seventeen years ago. The Headmistress' office was the inner sanctum of the first woman he'd truly feared. John’s mother, and any other women he'd dealt with up until his 'sentence' to the Bradford Institute, had been easy to get around. He'd been able to coddle and coerce them into doing his pretty much whatever he wanted them to. Once he arrived at the institute, he’d quickly learned, even as a six foot plus, hulking teenager, he wasn't too old for corporal punishment.
Now, his son was in trouble and the courts had sentenced him to Bradford. Derek seemed hell bent on following in his father's footsteps, and John was just as determined not to let it happen. When he got the call from the police, saying his son was in jail for breaking and entering, he'd been close to the end of his tether. Then he'd visited the boy and found out how bad it really was, he'd been near tears, as he assumed his own parents must have been all those years ago with him.
It hadn't been just the one instance of B&E, but several, and Derek could be looking at several years in juvenile detention. The boy was supposedly close to adulthood. The very thought made John laugh. Adult? The boy couldn't keep a job, or his drivers' license. That had been confiscated months ago when he'd racked up thousands of dollars in fines he couldn't pay.
It was late in the day. John had made the appointment for after work and seen no one about when he entered the administration section of the building. He glanced down the empty hall, and memories of his own time spent navigating the dark, tomblike corridors brought a smile to his lips.
Cone-shaped sconces placed every ten feet or so high on the walls lent the only softness to the otherwise dim surroundings. The tall, medieval looking windows were dark; the hardwood floors the same as he remembered. He'd definitely tested the limits while he was there. But he had learned his lesson, and vowed to give his son the same chance as he had, if he could.
When it had come time for the judge to pass sentence, John had begged him to send Derek to the same institution that had saved him. The judge finally agreed. Now, he had to convince the headmistress that his boy deserved a chance. The entire building seemed to wait, holding its breath with him. Sitting, staring blankly down that long dark hallway, he was lost in memory when he heard footsteps.
The door behind and to his left opened. A deep, feminine voice said, "Mr. Drake, please come in." There were no pleasantries or introductions, nothing but the abrupt command to enter, and he got to his feet immediately.
* * * *
Catherine Bynder stood just inside the door, one hand on the knob, the other firmly planted on her hip. She'd been looking forward to this meeting ever since she realized, Mr. Jonathan Drake was in fact, John Drake, bad boy, heart throb from years ago.
He strode into her office, which was unchanged from when she'd visited as a young girl, and he'd been a resident of the institute. Oak bookcases lined two walls, and a large picture window opening onto the institute's well-tended gardens took up most of the third. A large antique teacher's desk with neatly piled folders and papers sat in front of it. A door leading to her private lavatory was to the right of the desk. Her high backed leather chair sat behind the desk, and several more waited for visitors in front of it.
He turned toward her. She fought to keep a straight face when she realized he was struggling to retain his cool demeanor, and was failing, badly. His eyes widened. The muscles around his mouth clenched, but only for a second.
She'd dressed carefully for their meeting in a snug fitting burgundy suit that she thought worked well with her dark hair. The skirt barely brushed the top of her knees and accentuated her curves perfectly. Leaving the jacket open, showed off her semi-transparent white silk blouse, and the lace accenting the upper portion of her bra. She'd purposely left the top two buttons unfastened after a little experimentation in front of a mirror. She knew he'd see just a hint of cleavage, which was where his eyes came to rest.
"Getting a good look?" she asked.
He tore his gaze away. His face instantly turned bright red. Dark eyes found hers, finally, and blinked. He was tall, towering over her five and a half feet by at least six inches. He wore the charcoal suit easily, as if he spent a good deal of time in it. No blue collar worker there, but he also looked fit. Slender, like a swimmer, and when he rose from the chair in the hall, there was a grace she hadn't expected. His hair was a little long, falling in dark waves over his shirt collar.
"I asked you if you got a good look?" she repeated sternly.
"Uh," was all he managed. His face grew even redder. His eyes flickered around, as if he was searching for an escape route.
"You are Mr. Drake, father of a boy who may need our attention?" She took pity and turned away from him, walking around her desk. It also gave her a moment to collect herself. She'd been very close to laughing at his befuddlement.
She felt his eyes on her and she accentuated the sway of her hips. Would he be excited? She hoped so. The tapping of her heels on the hard wood floor came to a halt when she turned and sat in her swivel chair. His eyes were on her, but didn't seem focused.
"Mr. Drake, are you all right?" She looked at him and couldn't help but smile at his confused expression. She really had caught him off guard.
"Uh, yes, I'm fine, thank you." His voice sounded like he'd swallowed the Sahara. Clearing it, he focused on her again. His inner turmoil was becoming more obvious by the second.


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