Reflections of a Stranger

Reflections of a Stranger

Vivian Vincent

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Kenny Rosnoski finds himself having dreams of a beautiful young woman. He feels a connection to her and can't explain it because he's sure they've never met.

When he inherits an old house from his grandmother after her death, he decides to renovate it and discovers an old mirror in a room he'd never been in. After he sees the same woman from his dreams in his room, he goes to investigate, only to discover the mirror is a portal to another time and the woman is most definitely real-and living 150 years in the past!

Annica Miller was treated more like a servant than a daughter by her own mother. She spends time in her room to try and escape her mother's harsh treatment. When she discovers the magic of the mirror in her room, she uses it as a way to hide away from her own life. Little does she know she'll meet the man of her dreams-a man who lives 150 years in the future!

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and explicit sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica, Paranormal

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Summer 2007

Kenny couldn't get the image of the girl from the mirror out of his mind. He'd only seen her face once in his dreams, but it was enough to have him remembering every detail. Her hypnotic blue eyes, her full, kissable lips and her high cheek bones along with her long, flowing blonde hair and curvaceous body had his head spinning and his heart beating furiously every time he thought of her. Not to mention what it was doing to other parts of his body. He had to know who she was.

He walked into the small grocery store on Joseph Campau Street, just up the road from the house. It'd been three weeks and the contractors were finished with the renovations. He'd made a deal with his landlord about his apartment, then loaded up his car with as many of his things as he could—things he definitely couldn't live without. It was time to move in to the house, but he needed a few groceries first.

As he pulled into the driveway of the old Victorian house, he paused while getting out of the car. Jack and his crew had done a wonderful job on getting the house restored. He was a little surprised at how quickly they had finished, but was happy the work was finally complete. Now he could explore without interruption.

He walked into the kitchen with the box of groceries under his arm. He placed them on the table then turned to get more things from his car. Once everything was unloaded, he headed back into the kitchen to put the groceries away. He paused when he thought he smelled the same feminine scent he'd smelled a few weeks before. He shook his head, thinking his mind was just playing tricks on him.

Once he finished putting the groceries away, he went to the sink to fill up a jug with water. He held the jug under the faucet and froze when he saw traces of water in the sink. He knew no one had been here in three weeks and wondered where the water drops came from. He looked up at the ceiling for any signs of leakage, knowing the new bathroom he'd had built was partially over the kitchen.

When he saw nothing, he shrugged it off and filled the water jug. He put the jug in the refrigerator and went to inspect the rest of the house. He saw the lamps in the sitting room on and thought that odd as well, but again brushed it off, then walked over and touched the bases of each one before heading upstairs.

He stopped as he reached the top of the stairs. The delicate feminine scent was stronger here and he felt his heart beating wildly. He walked to the doors of the new bathroom. Kenny opened one of the doors slowly and felt a mugginess hit him. It was as if someone had recently been in there. He took a few steps into the bathroom and was surprised to find the mirrors fogged up and droplets of water in the tub. He discovered this was where the scent was coming from and realized someone had been in his house!

He left the bathroom and made his way down the hall to the room with the mirror. He opened the door quickly and rushed in to find nothing. The bed was made, but there was still that soft feminine scent in the air. The curtains were open and the late afternoon sunlight shone brightly through the windows. He turned to the mirror when he thought he saw movement, only to find himself staring at his own reflection.

He stood directly in front of the mirror and ran his hand along the surface again. He stepped back slightly when he thought his fingers went through near the center. Kenny placed his hand directly in the center and pushed gently then watched his hand disappear into the mirror.

"Impossible," he said aloud, but continued to push his arm through the mirror despite his disbelief.

As more of his body was engulfed by the mirror, the whole surface liquefied and he was able to walk through with little effort. He stood in the same room he'd just left. He glanced over his shoulder to see the ripples in the mirror slowly fading and wondered exactly what had just happened.

He looked around the room and noticed it was the same room, but some things were different. The quilt on the bed was different. It was old and worn and looked as if it had been handmade. There was a kerosene lantern on the small table next to the bed instead of the touch-sensitive lamp. He took a few steps to the door and opened it slowly. He could still smell the scent he’d smelled in the bathroom and inhaled deeply, committing the scent to memory.

Kenny walked out into the hallway and noticed the floor didn't creak beneath his feet as it had just a few minutes before. He opened a door to his right and discovered instead of the bathroom, it was just another bedroom, the room which used to be his when he was a child. He closed the door quietly and walked down the hall to the stairs. He paused at the top when he heard voices.


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