Once and Once Again

Once and Once Again

Phillip Sweeny

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Broken in body and spirit, twelve-year-old Luke lies in the mud at the bayou’s edge after being brutally beaten and thrown from a speeding train. Guided by a mysterious unseen force, nine-year-old Marie stumbles upon his near lifeless body-their souls bonding as he awakens and stares into her crystal blue eyes. Marie and her parents nurse him back to health at their bayou home, deep in the Louisiana marsh. There is one problem-he has lost his memory. Marie treats him as ‘brother’, yet deep inside, her love grows. However, all is not clear in the path to true love as Luke recovers his memory, moves away and grows to manhood, marrying another who wants him only for the act of procreation. Will Marie recover from the shock of losing her secret love as she retaliates by marrying the first man who shows an interest in her? Will Luke, searching for the difference between sex for lust and sex for love survive as his marriage crashes? Will the bonds Marie and Luke developed during childhood bring them together? What is this mysterious force that intervenes at each crises point in their lives?

Warnings: This title contains graphic language and descriptions of sex.

PUBLISHED BY: eXcessica publishing
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica

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“Come on, Doc. Time to get busy. Let’s go deliver another one. Looks like she’s about ready.” Linda pointed at the soon-to-be mother groaning on the delivery table.

“I can feel the baby’s head,” Luke said as he stood between her legs with one hand on her abdomen and the other up into the gaping vagina. “It’s coming down perfect. It’ll take another ten minutes or so.” He spread his legs apart to steady himself.

“Mm-you’re getting pretty good at this.” Linda edged next to him and pressed one of her breasts against his arm, moving her chest back and forth so her breast rubbed firmly against him.

“Linda-don’t!” Luke tried to move his arm.

“I want to watch it come out from this end. That is, if it’s okay with you?” Linda pressed harder against him.

“Five more minutes.” Luke tried to move again, but Linda moved with him-not breaking contact.

“Oh, here it comes now. I can see it!” Linda reached between Luke’s spread legs and grabbed his balls-squeezing gently.

“Linda!” He tried to move away, but couldn’t because of the delivery. “Linda, stop! That’s not funny!”

“Just deliver the baby, Sugar,” she cooed into his ear as she continued to work her fingers. “Dear boy-you’ve broken out in a sweat. Don’t worry, Sugar. I’m not going to squeeze them enough to hurt. I just want to rub a little and see what you’ve got.”

“I don’t want to drop the baby. Stop-Linda.”

“Oh, I have the utmost confidence in you, Doctor Luke. I’ll stop when you finish the delivery and put the baby on the table. I want to give you an invitation. I want you to come see me tonight after the shift is over. We can play. I know you want to, Sugar. You’re hard as a rock. Oh my—I’m getting wet just thinking about how it’s gonna’ feel.”


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