Namaste, My Love

Namaste, My Love

Sam Cheever

Cougar Club

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Attractive divorcee, Felicia Jeffries is turning 45 years old and her friends have dragged her to a male strip club to celebrate. Classy and shy, the last thing Felicia wants is to sit in a crowded bar with a bunch of drunk women, stuffing twenty dollar bills down the thongs of sexy young men on stage. The last thing she expects is to find herself incredibly drawn to one of those sexy young men. And the last thing she needs is to deal with the consequences. But deal she will. Because the alternative is unthinkable...losing the heart and body of Bris Holcomb, uber-sexy exotic dancer, popular yoga instructor, and the man who’s grabbed her heart and won’t let go.

PUBLISHED BY: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-272-7
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction
KEYWORDS: Cougar, cub, m/f, older woman, younger man, romance, erotic romance,

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EBOOKS BY Sam Cheever

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Suddenly a large, square hand appeared in front of her face.

The crowd went crazy. They screamed and started chanting again. At first Felicia couldn’t hear what they were saying, but soon she realized they were chanting, “Go for it!”

She shook her head, her eyes lowered to her feet, but Sis wasn’t gonna let her get away with that. She grabbed Felicia’s arm and pulled her out of her chair. Before Felicia knew what was happening the hunk on the stage had grabbed her hand and she was flying upward, onto the stage with him.

She hit his broad, naked chest with an undignified “umph!” and felt the jolt to her system through her whole body.

The first thing she noticed was his scent. It was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. He was all warm musk overlaid by clean sweat and something that she couldn’t quite identify which reminded her of hot sex.

The next thing she noticed was the smooth warmth of his naked chest. His well formed pecs were right in front of her nose, a small triangle of dark gold hairs nestled between them.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her body into his, swaying to the decadent pulse of the music. Felicia held herself stiffly in his arms at first, but the combination of hot, sexy man and the throbbing beat of the music quickly overcame her natural resistance and she felt her muscles softening and molding to his.

She closed her eyes and swayed with him, feeling every hard line of his long body against hers. His hands slid over her back and shoulders, soothing, caressing, until her muscles felt like the softest butter under his fingers.

Felicia realized suddenly that her hands were moving over his body. She slid them across his narrow waist, up his sides, and then drew her fingertips across his broad chest, past the strong shoulders and thick neck, to a square jawed face with just the hint of dark gold stubble across it.

The room erupted as he lowered his head and laid his lips over her throat.

Felicia gasped at the moist heat of his mouth resting on the pulse at her throat and threw her head back. His tongue slipped out between his teeth and he licked her.

Feeling as if she’d been drugged, Felicia pressed herself against the hard thigh between her legs, humping it shamelessly as she felt her body climbing, incredibly, toward release.

His tongue was replaced with the sharp points of his teeth. He bit her, gently, and then followed the tiny nip with a swipe of his hot tongue.

The room fell away. Felicia was aware of the music and the room full of friends and strangers only as a dull throb at the back of her consciousness. It disappeared under the all encompassing aura of the man in her arms.

His was a sensual sphere, filled with promises and forbidden delights. And Felicia suddenly realized she wanted it all.


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