My Purr-fect Alphas

My Purr-fect Alphas

H.C. Brown

Pride Brothers Series

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ISBN: 978-1-60592-088-7
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Erotica, Fantasy, ManLove, Multiple Partners, Shape-shifter
KEYWORDS: shape-shifters, Male/Male, multiple partners, M/F/M, BDSM, erotica, erotic romance

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COPYRIGHT H.C. Brown/2010

  Beth welcomed the warmth of the sun on her body and sat on a ledge to dangle her feet in the pond. She tipped back her head to watch water tumble from the rock face. It glistened as it passed between the mossy boulders and fell in a constant trickle. A cool breeze rustled the palm trees; she turned her head and froze. A naked man lay stretched out on a massive boulder, only a few feet away. His face broke into a grin at her astonishment.

Beth took a deep breath to steady her nerves. This man had cat-like fangs. Another Pride male. He rose gracefully and swaggered toward her. She trembled, looking around furtively for escape. He stood well over six-foot-five, with a body of burnished muscle. He moved closer and tossed a ponytail of angelic hair over one shoulder. The bunch of long, cherubic curls were drawn back at the nape and curled around elegant, pointed ears.

A wave of panic gripped her, but when he drew near and fixed his attention on her with a sultry gaze, she relaxed. He doesn't look too threatening and at least he's not a Ram. She bit her lip, aroused by the mist of sweat glistening across his glorious, sun-kissed skin. She noticed he had precisely the same muscle bulk as Zandor. White scars traced his right arm and numerous battle scars on his torso added intrigue to his magnificence. She licked her lips. This man is all male.

She trembled when he stopped a breath away, lifted his head, and sniffed the air, mouth open as if to taste her scent. He flashed a brilliant smile and indigo twilight eyes, beneath long tawny lashes, considered her with a touch of amusement.

"Well, Elizabeth?" His deep, sultry voice extended each syllable in her name.

Beth jumped up and glared at this naked perfection.

"Well, what? Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"You want to touch me, don't you? Come now, sweetness, don't be shy." He inclined his head regally at her and held out his hand in encouragement.

Beth stared into his hooded eyes and he began to emit hypnotic sandalwood pheromones, making her knees turn to jelly. He's doing that thing Zandor does with his scent. She looked up at him and smiled, drawn to him with a ferocious intensity, as if he were her lover. Good Lord, what’s going on? I'm a doctor and I’m twenty-five years old. I'm not a gullible virgin and I should not feel like this. Should I?

"Your skin is like peaches and cream," he said, reaching out and trailing one finger down her cheek.

She resisted the temptation to turn and suck his finger into her mouth. She groaned with need when he pulled her against his hard chest and his large, warm hands splayed across her back. Her intention to object to his touch had dissolved with incredible speed. Sighing, she drew in more of his delectable scent. She wanted this man, in bed, or on the ground, right now.

"I'm Thryll of Lonza," he purred in her ear.

"What's happening to me?"

"You need me, Elizabeth; does not my scent entice you? Haven't you searched for one such as me all your life?"

"Well, I . . . ."

She gasped when he chuckled and the hospital gown fell from her shoulders. She couldn't make her mouth form the words of protest as he stripped the garment from her body. She felt intoxicated and her entire body trembled with craven desire for this stranger.

"Come bathe with me; I can smell Zandor on you," he insisted as he led her toward the pond.

"You know Zandor?"

"Very well." He sighed and stopped at the edge of the pool. He turned toward her, cradled her head in his large palm and pressed his lips against her ear."They watch us. Hush and all will be well." He whispered softly then traced her earlobe with his tongue. He lifted her into his arms and strode into the deep pond.

The cold water did nothing to cool her passion. She wanted him; she craved him. Has he cast an erotic spell over me? Did she care? No.

He bent his head to kiss her.

Hungry for his embrace, she opened her mouth to taste him. His luscious, full lips slid across her own. She twisted against his superb body, wanting more, sucking in his probing, masterful tongue. Delicious, hot, and spicy. His lips drew a silken caress over hers. She moaned and pressed against him, drawn like a moth to the flame, and released a shuddering breath when he pulled her closer, grinding his hard body against her entire length. His hands slid down her back in a move so filled with passion, it was as if he caressed her intimate heat. Waves of pleasure surged through her core. Oh . . . my . . . God. His mouth closed over hers again, drawing her into a sexual vise. She mewed. Deep, carnal sensations rippled through her, so intense, so fantastic, his kiss alone drew her to orgasm. What are you doing, Beth? She untangled herself from his grip and gasped. Oh, this is not good. His deep blue eyes had changed to molten amber and he looked down at her with ferocious intensity. She pushed her hands hard against his chest. Under her palms, a tremor rushed through his body, his heart pounded against her fingers.

"Thryll, are you okay?"

"This is not possible." He reached out to touch her face, rough fingers so tender in a sweet caress. A low growl rumbled from deep in his chest and he shook his head slowly. His head jerked up toward the glass doors to the bedroom. "You've sent me my bond mate. What depraved joke is this? This is not in our agreement, Pic." He bellowed and stormed out of the pond. The water swirled and great waves crashed against her legs in his wake.

Beth waded from the pond, grabbed up her hospital gown, and threw it over her nakedness. A deep voice boomed loudly over an intercom.

"My terms were any females of my choice. If this one is your bond mate, it's an unfortunate inconvenience. However, if you continue to meet our agreement, I'll allow you to take her with you when you leave."

"I'll not allow Zandor to mate with her, Pic; she's mine, given to me by the Goddess Boda. I want her all night." Thryll lifted his chin defiantly, his hands balled into fists at his side.

"She lives in close proximity to Zandor, but he's caged. I'll agree only if you keep to our bargain."

"Grrr." Thryll turned swiftly and glared at her.

Beth pushed down the desperate need to run. She took a step backward when he began to walk toward her very slowly.

"They show their usual cruelty. Don't fear me, Beth; come and I'll explain everything." His voice sounded strained, tired. He reached for her hand and led her along a leafy pathway, deep into the rainforest.

They walked until they reached the rock wall. Her body still trembling, she followed Thryll along a narrow pathway. After a few steps he stopped, cleared leaves from a rock, and indicated for her to sit. She sat in silence and watched him glance around slowly, sniffing the air before he sat beside her.

"I doubt they can overhear our conversation this far from the complex. Do you understand why I refused you in the pond?"

Beth looked into his eyes. They were deep blue again now. His brow wrinkled in a frown.

"Yes, I think I do. Zandor maintains they've altered my scent to make him believe I'm his mate. They most likely did the same thing to you. He mentioned he might kill me if we mated; is that why you stopped?"

"I was going to make love to you, sweetness." Thryll's eyes narrowed. "Mating was the furthest thing from my mind and I might add impossible, since they sealed my fangs. In case your Human mind cannot distinguish the difference, I will explain. When we mate, we bite, inject venom, and drink blood. It's intensely erotic and sends the female into a rapture that lasts four days. The females call this insatiable need Moon Fire."

Beth rolled her eyes. Good Lord, he's as bad as Zandor; do these men ever think about anything but sex? "Right then, so why would the same scent attract both you and Zandor?"

Thryll smiled and shook his head ruefully.

"Well?" asked Beth impatiently.

"It's not possible; it would cause males to fight to the death, unless . . . ."

Beth jumped to her feet and stood over him.

"Come on, Thryll, spill it. What the hell is going on here?"

She gasped when Thryll slipped his arms around her waist, pulling her onto his lap and cradling her to him. His scent encircled her like a warm blanket. His hand rubbed deliciously up and down her back. She moaned, melting against him.

"Zandor and I have been friends for many years. We like to share our females. Mayhap the Goddess has given us you for that reason." He chuckled and his hot breath tickled her ear. "This would make fine sense, seeing as She sent me here to rescue both of you."

"You don't make a whole lot of sense, Thryll. Who could give me to two men? I'm a grown woman and I make up my own mind who takes me to bed. If you think I'm prepared to take on both of you . . . together . . . well . . . I . . . .”


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