Moonlight Guardian

Moonlight Guardian

Jessica Coulter Smith

Ashton Grove Werewolves

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Michael Andrews is the last of his brothers to find his mate. He's played it tough, trying to convince his family that a mate is the last thing he wants, that he enjoys having a different woman every week. In reality, he's afraid. He wants to find his mate and thinks he may already have, but what if he won't be a good husband? Maybe he just isn't made to love someone.

Chloe Stevens is on her last leg. She found a guy she thought was great, only to end up pregnant and have the guy vanish into thin air. Then she lost her job and consequently, her car. Now she's facing eviction. Five months pregnant, no job, no car, and now no home have forced Chloe to do the one thing she swore she wouldn't... contact the father of her baby. She may have just been a fling to Michael, but their few days together had meant more to her.

When a pregnant Chloe shows up looking for Michael, he's stunned to find out that he's going to be a father. It appears that fate is determined to put the woman in his path. But is Michael willing to fight for Chloe when another werewolf decides to claim her?

PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
ISBN: 1448622786
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampires / Werewolves
KEYWORDS: werewolves, shapeshifter, Jessica Coulter Smith, Ashton Grove Werewolves, Georgia

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*NOTE: This excerpt is unedited*

She glanced up at him. Her mouth went dry. He was every bit as gorgeous as he had been the night she’d met him. His tall, muscular form was every bit as delicious as she had remembered. His blue eyes contrasted nicely with his inky black hair; his strong, full lips made liquid heat pool between her legs. For whatever reason, Chloe seemed to lose the ability to think when Michael was around, which was obvious since she was pregnant. The man was sinfully handsome, of that there was no doubt. It was also obvious that she still desired him as much as she had five months ago. This was definitely a mistake! Finding Michael was more dangerous than she had thought.

“I shouldn’t have come here,” she told him, pushing herself to her feet.

Before she could reach the door, Michael reached out and gently took her arm.

“Wait, you had to come here for some reason. Just tell me what you wanted, Chloe.”

She shook her head. “No, this was a mistake.”

Pulling her arm free, she tried to walk out the door again, only to be stopped – again.

“What was a mistake, Chloe?”

Shaking her head, she tried to go around him.

Michael put his arm out, effectively blocking her path. In the process, her cardigan was pushed aside, revealing her stomach.

Grabbing the edges of the material, Chloe tried to cover the small bump. She wasn’t quite fast enough if the shocked expression on Michael’s face was anything to go by. She sighed, resigned to her fate.

“You’re pregnant?” he asked, unable to believe his eyes.

“Yes, five months.”

His eyes darted to hers. “Are you sure it’s mine?”

Anger filled her, eyes flashing she pushed past his arm and out the front door. She was down the steps and part way down the sidewalk before Michael even registered what had just happened.


Chloe was fuming! How dare he ask if the baby was his? As if she slept around all the time! The nerve of the man! He’s the one who walked out on her, who quit calling and coming by. What right did he have to question her?

She had just reached the bus stop and sat down when a Corvette pulled up to the curb. Leaving the car running, Michael got out and walked over to her.
Hunkering down in front of her, he tried to catch her attention. Chloe was looking everywhere but at him. “Chloe, would you look at me?”

She stubbornly stared at the ground.

“Chloe, what do you want me to say? I’m sorry okay. You kind of blindsided me.”

She had to grudgingly admit that he was right on that point. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

“Why didn’t you?”

She shrugged. “I’m not sure I had planned on ever telling you. You left and stopped calling. I figured you had gotten what you wanted from me and had moved on.”

Michael’s heart cracked a little at her admission. It wasn’t entirely true, but it was close enough. In all honesty, he had run as fast and as far as he could – not because he didn’t care, but because he did. He had a strict rule that women were for fun only. Once things started to get serious, it was time to get out. Chloe had been the only woman he’d actually been tempted to stay with, which scared the hell out of him.


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