LIFTING SPIRITS: A Novel of Homoerotic Romance

LIFTING SPIRITS: A Novel of Homoerotic Romance


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"Ben waited a few minutes for Eric to fall asleep. His thoughts ran all over the place in his mind. Where would this go? Was it just a one-night thing? Could he get attached? Would they know each other outside of this encounter? Finally, sleep won out as the last thoughts Ben had were of being loved finally."

PUBLISHED BY: Renaissance E Books
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, ManLove

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There he stood at the squat rack with over 400 lbs on the bar, powerful thighs flexing to manage the weight.
That tight ass was the first thing Ben saw when he walked back into the gym from getting water. He hadn’t noticed Eric come in but he sure picked up on the other man’s presence now.
Watching the muscles in Eric’s back strain, Ben saw just how well the spandex shorts fit the other man.
Like a second skin.
His form was perfect. Back remaining straight, thighs lowering until they were just parallel to the ground, ass out, begging for cock to fill it…
Wait, that wasn’t what Ben should have been thinking.
He sighed and returned to the flat bench to finish off a last set of presses before he left for the day. Rap music blared loudly from speakers that hung in each corner of the room. Other students milled out and worked out but Ben could only think about Eric.
He lay down on the bench and settled himself to lift the nearly 300 lb bar. Inhaling a breath, he gripped the bar and pushed it off the rack. Lowering it to his chest, he exhaled that same breath while pushing the bar up. Repeating the motion, he closed his eyes, felt the strain in his arms start to slow down his rhythm and realized he needed to rack the weight before he crushed his chest.
One last repetition brought the bar down on the rack with a grunt. Ben groaned and wiped the sweat from his forehead with a towel before sitting up.
Eric turned to face him at the same time.
Their eyes met.
Ben’s cock responded faster than he could close his spread legs. His face flushed. Lowering his head, he shook his curls and chided himself silently under his breath while waiting for the throbbing in his dick to cease.
No wonder he couldn’t finish the set.
The hottest guy in the gym had been there all along and Ben’s body must have known. He didn’t recall seeing Eric come in earlier.
Slowly, he stood and made his way back to the water cooler. Eric was still doing legwork; only he had sixty-pound dumbbells in his hands while he lunged forward. His back tensed, the black tank top stretching over the wide expanse of back and shoulders to make anyone paying attention aroused.
At the end of his lunge, Eric squeezed his ass muscles to get that last little burn in and work them that much harder.
Ben’s mouth went dry all of the sudden.
It was definitely time to leave.
With his home across the street from the school, the walk was short. And the weather outside was definitely perfect California weather with the bright sun perched high in the sky and a light breeze blowing. What he wondered was, why would someone with a physique like Eric’s waste time in a college weight room when he should be somewhere else training with more weight, surrounded by hard bodies like his own. Would those bodies be women or men Ben wondered?
It didn’t matter. The man was an enigma until Ben made a move.
* * * *
The midday sun hung high in the air and a cool breeze from the bay kept temperatures comfortable for the most part. The streets were busy with traffic while people milled about the campus and the streets of Lake Merritt district of Oakland. Laney College was set near Lake Merritt, a manmade lake that provided tons of people with a jogging and walking trail while others found the lake to be a sanctuary.
Ben needed to visit the lake and sit for a while. He had a lot to think about lately and this was his most favorite spot to do so. The serenity of the water always helped sooth his mind and clear his senses.
Recently his boss had offered him partial ownership in the nightclub he worked at in downtown Oakland. The raise in pay would certainly help in the tough economy. Rent was being raised all around to compensate for vacancies and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find comfortable living near the downtown scene.
The only thing was, he’d have to go back into the corporate side of things.
His skin itched at the thought of having to play straight with other men just for a buck.
This was California after all, where mainstream wasn’t like anywhere else.
Then there was his mother who had been on him all last year to finally get over this "gay fad" and settle down with a nice woman. Except that out of the women his mother had practically shoved down his throat, all but one had become fast friends with him the moment they had met.
"You’re gay!" Alisha and Katrina had both remarked with a hint of distaste in their voices. Rejection was rejection, no matter where it came from, lover, friend, Mother; it all hurt the same in the end.
When he tried to play straight and kiss either woman in front of his mother, it felt so awkward that he almost threw up. Katherine had been the only one of the three that had understood after hearing that his father left his mother for a man.
"Fuck," it always made him bitter to remember.
Ben reached into his pocket and pulled out the key to the main door for his building. Pushing the heavy oak door open, he stepped inside the 1920’s style building and inhaled the scent of incense. Someone was always burning something nice that reminded him of lilac and dark fruits.
Thinking back on things, his life wasn’t bad. He had a good job, a few close friends and a roof over his head. But … he sighed and plunged the key into the lock to open the door. His life was dull. All he ever did was workout or work. And sleep.
Ben made his way into his apartment, threw his keys on the dark cherry wood desk and looked at the stack of papers waiting to greet him. His studio was a modest size that allowed him plenty of space as a single. His shoes echoed loudly against the floorboards when he made his way into the kitchen.
Opening the refrigerator, he pulled out a pre made muscle smoothie, complete with whey protein, frozen fruit, milk and yogurt. It’d replenish his energy, help supply him for the coming hours at the bar and help him sleep as well.
Quickly finishing off the smoothie, he wiped his lips with the back of a hand and headed for the shower.
Mildly hot water cascaded down his body, ran in tiny streams across his smooth flesh. He always enjoyed watching water rivulets run down the length of his arms, chest and thighs. He wasn’t vain, but he knew he looked good.
Reaching for the soap, he lathered up a healthy handful of suds with the bar and ran the pine-scented soap all over his arms, shoulders and abs, wishing that someone else was doing the rubbing.
Eric to be exact.


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