Elise Hepner

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 It's not easy working as a small time office clerk for the Honolulu Zoo in Hawaii. Candie occasionally substitutes for her co-worker as a zoo keeper when he's too busy with his whiskey bottle. But this time she finds herself in a bit of a bind as a new recruit comes in for an interview and some field training.

Candie is captivated by Sadie who is unabashedly sexual. The way she flirts her way through the interview makes Candie think she's been paid off by her friends for a practical joke. It's not easy making it through tourist season at the night clubs when you're a celibate lesbian looking for tail with chemistry and brains. Candie's had a dry spell a mile long and it's about to rain all over her parade. Sadie won't settle for anything less than Candie on her tongue.

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ISBN: 9781609823085
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Erotica, WomanLove
KEYWORDS: Lesbian, Romance

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 Candie's worn out voice rhapsodized onwards as the petite blonde in front of her continued to fiddle with anxiety. Anyone who was nervous about getting a new job fiddled, it was par for the course. But this little darling was engrossed with exploring every crevice in her outfit. Candie's generic speech stopped just so she could watch her explore. Her small hands smoothed over her barely there hips, skimming along her hipbone, then back up her stomach between her breasts, fiddling with a necklace. Sadie was either the most self aware person Candie had ever met or she was completely oblivious.

The way she touched herself it made Candie wonder if she'd been paid by some of her lesbian friends. A harmless straight girl sent to give the undersexed lesbian a hard time. It wasn't Candie's fault that her idea of a good time didn't involve an air head tourist from one of the local clubs. She preferred something chemical rather than forced by alcohol. Earth shattering over a zero on the Richter scale.

Yep, Sadie must have made some nice cash.

Though, that wouldn't explain all the little squeaks coming out of the trainee's mouth during their introductory interview. Sadie had played coy, flirting and blushing her way through screening. Every word was attached with a stumble, a trace of flesh, or a small companionable smile. The questions really hadn't been that hard. Candie had made sure she only threw her the easy ones for people who watched Animal Planet but had never worked in a zoo. Not everyone was so lucky to have a degree in zoology. Sadie's past work history included stripping and 7Eleven. But sometimes the zoo needed keepers-- and fast. Especially with tourist season lingering with longer hours and more screaming babies. As long as they didn't have a drug history they were on board.

This is why Candie was still talking to this gorgeous little misfit. Sadie was either the world's best actress or Candie really did make her that nervous. Even though the pressure part of the interview was long over she was still twirling long strands of her thick honey hair between her fingers. Candie watched as she put the pieces in her mouth and sucked on them. It had always seemed like a disgusting habit to Candie. Except when Sadie did it her lips pressed into the sultriest pout. The vamp lip gloss she wore shimmered in the light making her lips plump, irresistible. When she tripped her hand reached out to grab Candie's waist with a squeal. She left it there for several seconds longer than it said to in the employee conduct handbook. Candie breathed heavily as Sadie squeezed her heated flesh under several layers of clothing. She could still feel the sizzling tingle of pressure.

Apparently, Sadie had just been warming up.


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