Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends

Dakota Trace

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Seth Anderson and Isabella Carnetti have been best friends since grade school. They live and work next to each other and are content with the status quo until the day that Seth realizes that Isabella is a desirable woman. She is leery of a relationship with him especially when she finds out he’s into tying up his lovers. He won’t rest until he has her in his bed. Then his ex shows up wanting to him back. Can Seth and Is have a relationship or will Seth’s ex be enough to tear them apart?
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CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Contemporary, Erotica

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Is was reaching up into the cabinet above the stove for plates when a warm pair of arms surrounded her and the hands attached to them cupped her breasts. Freezing in mid reach, she gasped.

“That wasn’t a very nice thing for you to do, Is,” Seth whispered into her ear.

“What? Calling Garth?” she whimpered as he squeezed the ends of her nipples between his fingers.

“Oh, I know a certain woman that’s going to fix that for me. But I was referring to walking out on me this afternoon.”

“What?” she fumed as she attempted to turn around in his arms. Futilely – as he held her still with her back against his chest.

“Shh,” he whispered as he continued to hold her against him. “Don’t turn, just stay like this.” he growled as he gently nipped her earlobe. “Now, as I was saying, Is. You left me in your bedroom, holding a towel that smelled like you with a raging boner.”

“Seth!” she protested hotly as she felt heat flood her face.

“Shh,” again he soothed, as he continued to rub and squeeze her nipples. “Why did you stop me, Is? From the sound of your breathing right now, I bet I could have made you come from just nursing on your nipples.”

“Oh… please stop,” she gasped as she felt the tugging of her nipples deep in her womb. If she wasn’t careful, he was going to make her come from just that tugging on her nipples.

“Stop? I don’t think so, Is,” he whispered as he started to turn her in his arms, lifting her shirt up at the same time. Behind them, the bang of the front door echoed through the house.

“Pops…” she protested, meeting his gaze. Sighing, he looked down into her frantic eyes. Sighing, he pulled her closer, comforting her.

“Relax, Is. I won’t do anything in front of your dad,” he assured her before slowly releasing her. Stumbling away from him, she turned back to the sink. Walking up behind her again, he just leaned over enough to whisper in her ear.

“But don’t think that let’s you off the hook, Is. The next time I get you alone, I’m going to strip you out of that t-shirt and lick and suck to my heart’s content - or until I make you come several times,” he promised before giving her nipples one more gentle squeeze.

Isabella gasped as pleasure exploded between her thighs. Holding her breath she waited for the pleasure to ebb away, hoping that Seth wouldn’t realize that she had just creamed her panties.

Seth stared at his best friend’s expression in the reflection of the window over the sink. She was holding her breath and a flush had spread up her chest to her face. Narrowing his eyes with suspicion, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back against him.

“You naughty little girl!” he taunted. “You just came in your panties, didn’t you, Is?”

“Seth, please,” she gasped as she tried to pull away from him.

“Answer me, Is or I’ll find out for myself,” he threatened as he slowly slid the tips of his fingers into her waistband.

“Yes…” she finally gasped.


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