Hidden Magic

Hidden Magic

Ashlynn Monroe

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Alexia is happy with her life and feels that it is ordinary, until a strange magician threatens her family and exposes her brother’s secrets. Discovering that nothing that she believed about herself is true she is confronted with a family secret that has left her at the mercy of her brother’s nemesis and the man who believes she belongs to him…

PUBLISHED BY: Wild Horse Press
ISBN: 9781453612750
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, Fantasy
KEYWORDS: magic, fairies, fairy tale

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COPYRIGHT Ashlynn Monroe/2010

Sitting cross-legged on her bed, the maniacal magician smiled at her calmly as if he had ever right to be invading her intimate space and place. Paralysis had held her frozen in place for a very long moment, but as the shock gave way to fury, she felt her body release its tension and she was finally able to let out a blood-curdling scream that would make any B movie actress in a slasher film proud!

His smile faltered a second and he looked at her with his head cocked to the side as if he were confused, squinting his eyes as if he could make her stop screaming by adjusting his sight. This annoyed her.

Throwing all caution to the wind Alexia managed to sputter, “How dare you come into my home, into my room, and squint your beady little mean eyes at me! I am going to call the police and you are going to leave right now!”

Grabbing the telephone off her dresser, she began to dial 9-1-1 but just as she began the number sequence that would insure swift justice, the phone flew out of her hands, surprising her because she had such a tight grip on it that she was amazed it did not disintegrate into dust. His hand had flicked at the moment the phone flew, and it made her suspect he had either anticipated her calling for help and rigged the phone, or he really could do some type of telekinetic thing with his mind. Swallowing her fear, she stepped back rapidly out of the room and slammed the door shut; grabbing a chair, she slammed it under the door handle causing him to delay his pursuit. She grabbed her cell off the kitchen counter yanking it charger and all out of the wall.

Still wrapped in the fluffy towel, her slippers had fallen off her feet and without shoes or anything she ran from her apartment and dialed her brother as he was the first contact in the phone and she was too freaked out to rationalize that the police should have been her first call.

“Anthony Douglas Todd, you get your butt over to my apartment and bring the gun you use for hunting I have a crazy man in my apartment!” She screamed the words at her brother never stopping for a moment as she ran down the street mostly naked.


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