Handling Gwen

Handling Gwen

Allure Van Sanz

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PUBLISHED BY: Noble Romance Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60592-094-8
CATEGORIES: Romantic Fiction, BDSM, Erotica
KEYWORDS: BDSM, short story, role-playing, forced seduction, age play

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EBOOKS BY Allure Van Sanz

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 He’d know that ass anywhere.

The perfect roundness stopped him in his tracks the moment he walked into the classroom. Mmm, mmm.

The blue and green plaid skirt crept over the dramatic globes, showing him the pie-slice of panties crawling up the great divide. Her pose could only be described as picture-perfect, worthy of any men’s magazine.

In fact . . . .

He slipped his cell out of his pocket and pressed the camera button. Eyeing the way she fixed her white knee-high stockings, he snapped the shot and then dropped the phone back into his pants. Masturbation material for later.

She hummed, pretending to be in her own little world but he knew better. The clop-clopping of his dress shoes down the hall probably alerted her to his approach, giving her plenty of time to set up this little scene.

He cleared his throat. “I’m guessing there’s a reason for this little visit, Gwen.”

“Mr. Pierce.” She gasped and spun around, her dark pigtails flying across her shoulder to her back as her green eyes remained wide in feigned shock.

He snorted to himself. Her theatrics claimed she hadn't expected anyone to walk in on her, but they both knew better. Still, seeing her play the innocent turned him on. It meant she wanted something.

Palms reaching behind her, she attempted to keep her footing, holding herself upright and jutting her chest forward. Two buttons on the top of her shirt were undone, forcing the third to strain with the job of keeping her generous breasts from spilling past the lacy cups of her bra.

As much as he wanted to gawk openly at the offering, he kept his eyes on hers.

“I was in the cafeteria helping set up for the Parent Teacher Conference when I had a wardrobe malfunction.” Her manicured finger pointed at the buttons of her shirt. One button was gone but it would hardly be enough to bring her into hiding.

“What does a missing button have to do with you coming into my classroom? There had to be at least two bathrooms you could have hidden in on the way here.”

The way her bottom lip pouted made him want to sink his teeth into it and nibble until she whimpered for him to release her.

Damn. He swallowed and shifted his stance, his cock twitching in response to his thoughts. Bad idea. Bad, bad, idea.

“So? I like your classroom. The chances of someone coming all the way down here are slim.”

He perked a brow. “It’s parent/teacher night. I’d say the odds of someone coming down here to talk to me are pretty good. Now if you’ll excuse me?” He walked toward his desk and pulled the chair out from underneath her shoe . . . her very sexy shoe. No way could a four-inch-heel be considered school regulation.

He dusted off the seat where her foot had been and sat, dropping his briefcase beside him. He watched her slide her derriere across the top of his desk and couldn’t help but realize she had come to play . . . hard.

“Are you trying to seduce me into giving you a good report?” he asked, rescuing his pen holder from the edge of the desk before it toppled to the floor.

“Are you saying I have to try?”

Was he that transparent? He swallowed and took extra care in placing his pen cup in his desk drawer while he gathered his thoughts. “You’ve been nothing but a pest in my class, making suggestive statements, disrupting study sessions with colorful stories of weekend parties, and more than once you have undermined my authority by throwing your School Board father in my face.” Loosening his tie, he sat back. The wooden chair creaked as he rocked back and forth, meeting her stare evenly. “Yes. I’m saying you’d have to try hard. But even then, it’s not happening, Gwen.”

The reaction on her face resembled a demonic vampire princess denied the weak mortal human she wanted. He might as well have dared her to try to fuck him.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me, Mr. Pierce.”

“No you haven’t.”

Her narrowed eyes excited him almost as much as the show of ass had. Whatever she had planned, he couldn’t wait.


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